Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 44

“Your Majesty, I am very sorry about your bodyguard Philes. Miss Tanya told me what happened on my way here.”

Leah’s uniform was torn and tattered again.

She appeared to have gone through a lot again. I didn’t know what she did after she left, but it would’ve just been fighting, running and climbing in the mountains. She was being hunted by the anthropoids, after all. However, the determination and conviction in her eyes was as strong and full as always. Someone who has someone they love won’t have a change of heart, due to circumstances.

“Uhm, I know,” I nodded. I then entered the tent with her, walking side by side. I looked at her and continued, “You must’ve suffered a lot. Have a meal and wash up. But, before that, tell me what you came here for. I don’t think you came here to relax after the anthropoids gathered.”

“Uhm. I thought you would be heartbroken for a while, but you do not look sad at all right now.”

Leah looked at me with confusion. It seemed that elves didn’t know how to cheer people up. Elves were a species who live in their own world, after all.

I smiled. and then touched my sword at my waist, “Of course I’m upset and sad, but what is the point in wallowing in those emotions? That would only take away time from getting my revenge. The time I could spend wallowing should be used to get revenge.”

Leah nodded, “It appears I was worried for nothing. I was worried that you would retreat to the South because of Philes death, since…”

“I won’t retreat. That’s never going to happen, one, because I made a promise to you and two, I made a promise to Ling Yue. Am I some young master living his life just for the sake of living and running away when the going gets tough to you?” I asked, with a shake of my head. “Perhaps my mom gave you that illusion, but that’s not me.”

Leah smiled with reassurance, “I am reassured, then. Your Majesty, I somewhat suspected you at the start, but I do not need to worry now.”

I looked at her and asked, “Is there any business, then? If you came here to check on my sincerity without having done anything, that’d be sort of rude.”

Leah sat down to one side. She replied, “Of course not. I guess you could say that I came here this time to refresh your confidence. Do you feel a little hopeless against the anthropoid army at the moment? There is no need for you to feel that way, because while they look powerful, their rear is actually very weak.”

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at her, “Oh? I don’t know what your situation in the rear is. Does something give you the confidence to say that, or is that a lie to comfort me?”

“No, it is not, Your Majesty. I would never lie to you about this, as it has to do with your soldiers, your name and the future of the North. I would never do such a thing. What I am telling you are confirmed facts. You are not an anthropoid nor have you lived in the palace of the anthropoids, so you do not know how divided the tribes are. It is impossible for them to unite.”

I shook my head, “I have indeed heard about how divided the tribes are.”

“But you do not know how divided they are. They continue to be as divided, even now. Did you think that Marvel’s sacrifice moved them? Wrong. They just saw a winning idea. Therefore, they want a share now. They will not give up everything as Marvel did.”


“I wanted to ask if the crows from the winged race are causing you stress. If you need, I can get their race to leave the battle. I am not suggesting this thoughtlessly. The winged race is the smartest among all of the races, but also the most shameless tribe. What they want is definitely not victory, but more benefits.”

I asked, “Is that possible?”

Leah nodded, “Yes. If you trust me, let me go. I guarantee that the winged race will become very weak in the coming battle, because their attention was not on the battlefield from a long time ago. Their attention is on the rear. I cannot return now, but I am certain my Queen knows what to do.”

I nodded, “I’ll leave it with you, then.”


I wasn’t confident that she would succeed, but Leah’s strong confidence was evidence that there was hope. They would be the biggest threat to us if we didn’t start high altitude operations, so things would be easier for us if we could deplete their strength by instigating internal conflict.


Current time at Marvel’s home in the North.

“My good sister, don’t be too sad. Marvel died for the entire North. Nobody will forget his contribution. Everybody will remember his deed, same with the imperial family. You are an elf and my good sister. I will give you what you deserve for your loyalty. Do you see the Moon Fox Tribe’s territory? Their mine will be yours from now on. The panthers are also the imperial family’s esteemed guests, so you can enter and leave the palace without notice. You may also come in armed.”

“That… that…”

“You deserve it.”

The Queen pressed her hand on the elf’s hand. She then looked at her with a smile. She took out the pen and paper at the side, “This is the imperial family’s warrant. Nobody will question you. This is what General Marvel exchanged his life and loyalty for. He earned this, so it’s all right.”

The Queen glared daggers behind her. Behind her was her current guard, or rather, someone the elder sent to keep surveillance on her. He would report everything to the elder.

‘But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Let him report everything to his heart’s content.’

Nobody actually had control over that piece of land belonging to the Moon Fox Tribe, because the four tribes were unwilling to cross the other tribes. Further, they had no acceptable excuse to own it. The stones produced from there weren’t a rare stone or anything, so nobody wanted to offend another tribe for it. Things were different now, nonetheless.

The panthers now owned the territory of the Moon Fox Tribe, and had been granted privileges that surpassed those given to the other tribes. The other tribes would perceive the panther tribe as the next Moon Fox Tribe. The most terrifying part was that the panthers were now a symbol of the hero. Consequently, if the panthers gained power, the other three tribes would lose power, as the panthers would have all the power and authority.

“My Queen…”

The elf looked at the Queen with a face full of tears. The Queen pitifully touched her belly, “This is the child of a hero. Please make sure to tell him how brave his father was. Let this war end with countless heroes like him… However, I don’t think everybody can be as valiant…”


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