Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 43

I looked at them and gave them a nod long after daybreak. We then left the snowy mountain and returned to the camp safely despite the dangers.

“Your Majesty, there will be no problems as long as you can do it. Based off of our observations, your plan is feasible, and the results will be incredibly favourable.”

I nodded, “I’m pleased to hear that. I initially had another plan, but I don’t need to wait anymore, since this one will work. Right now, time is more precious than anything to me. I don’t know when the anthropoids will take action. I’ll destroy them before they can.”

“There will be no problems, Your Majesty.”

The two of them gave me a nod, and then left. I was in a big rush. It was just as I said. Time was the most precious thing to me right now, not just because of the looming threat of the anthropoids over there, but, most importantly, the pressure my moms gave me.

Mommy Vyvyan, who was furious, wanted to combine the North and South, and then destroy the entire north. I was absolutely sure that Vyvyan, who was stroking my throat with a face full of tears, was absolutely serious when she said that. I was more important than the North was to her. I got hurt in the North, so she was absolutely serious about massacring the entire North despite me telling her that the elves in the North had nothing to do with it. Nothing I said could deter her.

Elizabeth, who was enraged, wanted to personally go to the North and lead the army to exterminate every anthropoid in the North. I was absolutely certain that she could do it and definitely do it better than I could.

Neither of my moms were willing to let me return to the North to continue the expedition, especially after receiving the letter the strategists sent me, notifying me of the dire predicament. They both wept as they touched my throat. They said that I was their only child and mentioned how they loved me.

Vyvyan looked at me with her teary eyes. She placed my hand on her belly, “If you want, Mommy can help you capture the North, but you’re Mommy’s only child. What are you going to do about Nier and Lucia’s children if something happens to you?! Don’t tell me you forgot about them! Not even Mommy wants to see that!! Mommy has gone through it once all ready. Your father did the exact same thing back then. Don’t leave Mommy here, too… Don’t leave Mommy, too…”

Elizabeth clasped my face. In a serious and anxious tone, she exclaimed, “That’s right, Son. You’ve all ready done great. Honestly. You never undertook military training, and Mommy has never taught you either. Your previous decisions were all correct, so that’s enough. You don’t need to experience anymore warfare. You don’t need to experience anymore death. Let Mommy take over. Mommy will help you capture the North and kill all of those anthropoids. Then Mommy will give you the North. Mommy will go on your behalf! You getting hurt hurts Mommy more than Mommy personally getting hurt!”

I had no counter for what my moms said. Plus, I had no way of refusing them. They both could do what they said. It wasn’t easy for me to capture the North, but it wasn’t hard for them to capture and destroy the North. If all that mattered to me was the end result, then, indeed, I should’ve let them take over.

But that wouldn’t do. I couldn’t do that. I wasn’t after just the end result. I didn’t need an occupied North. I needed a North that I captured. I had to capture the North myself in order for the people in the North to submit to me. Only that way could I establish my own nation that was different to that of the elves and humanity. I had to, personally, capture the North.

I wanted to reject my moms, but I never expected them to be so assertive this time. The two of them wouldn’t agree to let me continue the campaign against the North no matter how I hugged, kissed, cried and acted scared or cute. Thinking back, they got free hugs and kisses, and yet, still refused to let me go.

Perhaps the North wasn’t the same as the South from their standpoint. I was under their protection while I was in the south, but I was on a real battlefield in the North. They had no way of protecting me there, and they, who experienced war, would never allow me to remain on the battlefield alone.

Although my moms gave me the position of commander, they didn’t want for me to go the North. They only let me go, for they felt that the anthropoids no longer had any fighting power. Now that they knew the North was ready to fight to the death, they were unwilling to let me go there.

‘With nowhere left to turn, I swore to them that I would get into the hinterland in the north within five days, which meant that I wouldn’t be in too much danger thereafter. Only then did they reluctantly allow for me to return and continue the campaign. However, they requested that I eliminate the anthropoids in front that were threatening us, as soon as possible. They said that they would only allow me to continue north if my safety could be guaranteed. Otherwise, I wasn’t permitted to return.

If Elizabeth and Vyvyan unite, there’d be nothing they couldn’t do. It would be as easy as the click of a finger for the strongest women of the continent to lock a single person up. I couldn’t even escape Vyvyan, alone, let alone adding Elizabeth to the equation.

They wore very stern expressions when they threatened me. They weren’t joking! They were dead serious. I really would be locked up if I resisted.

As a result, I was now in a major rush. I had to defeat those anthropoids, I meant, kill them within five days. It sounded as if it was an impossible mission, at least, it would be impossible if we didn’t have everything in our favour. Moreover, I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to present itself, as I had no time.

The enemy we were facing was low anthropoids spawned from the ground that weren’t afraid of death, weird wolf cavalry soldiers and a huge bird race soaring through the sky. Humanity hadn’t invented planes yet. The elves couldn’t withstand weather the North, so I had to rely on the strength of men to annihilate the horde of anthropoids. The problem was that man was seemingly too weak to kill the anthropoids.

My plan didn’t depend on the courage or determination of soldiers, though. I said it before. Courage is a consumable. I couldn’t waste it on pointless things. I needed to ensure it was utilised at the right time. I could annihilate this horde of anthropoids, and it wouldn’t require the determination of humanity.

What I was going to do was use what nature has accumulated for centuries. Ling Yue inspired this. Or rather, she gave me the inspiration for this…

“Your Majesty…”

“Ah, Ling Yue. Don’t worry. See? Aren’t I standing before you safe and sound?”

“That’s not what I’m here for. I wanted to let you know that Miss Leah has come. I’m not worried about you, so please stop deluding yourself.”


Ling Yue sure knew how to hurt peoples’ feelings sometimes. I knew she was joking, because I saw her wagging her tail with joy. Seeing her expressionless face made me giggle.

‘It’s hard to look proud when your tail is acting, like that.’


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