Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 23

“I can’t get pregnant!! What are you thinking, you creep! I’m not your Princess! What right do you have to be asking me to get pregnant?!! You pervert! Bully! Bastard!”

“I was worried! I was worried you were pregnant!!”

I pulled myself away after getting slapped several times. I looked at Ling Yue, whose fur was standing up, and explained myself.

It was very easy for me to impregnate living beings who possessed mana on full-moon nights. The more superior their mana, the easier it was for them to have children, while the more inferior their mana, the harder it was for them to become pregnant. It was one of the mechanisms by which elves controlled the quality of their bloodline.

I was very worried Ling Yue got pregnant as a result of that night, but it didn’t sound as though she’ll get pregnant.

“I can send the mana to my tail if I don’t want to get pregnant, so how could I get pregnant?! I will never give birth to your child! No! Way!”

My question must’ve aggravated her dignity. But then, every woman would likely lose it if I asked that question. Ling Yue whipped her tail angrily. It looked as though her tail formed a large circle, because her fur was standing up. Her fangs were reveale;. I could see that she wanted to rip into my throat.

“I apologise. I shouldn’t have been so rude… I was mainly worried… If you did get pregnant… then I really would have to acknowledge you as my Princess…”


“I won’t become your Princess! Never!”

And so, I was kicked out of Ling Yue’s room for a second time.

Ling Yue refused to see me ever since what happened last time, which made me feel bad. I, consequently, had no choice but to think of another way to get in her graces, not for anything in particular, but probably due to a sense of responsibility. I did do “that” to her after all.

Fortunately, she looked full of vigour, so I think she should be fine.

I sighed. When I turned to leave, I met with Philes weird gaze.

“Why are you looking at me with that look?”

“Nothing, Your Majesty. I was just thinking when Miss Ling Yue would become a Princess, too. Will it be after we conquer the North? Did you plan on using the entire North to ask for her hand in marriage?”

“I have no such intentions! I don’t have romantic feelings for her!”

I honestly don’t have any feelings for Ling Yue at the moment. First of all, I didn’t understand her, and she didn’t have feelings for me. The two of us were just friends and two individuals working together for personal gains. Secondly, I had Nier and Lucia already. I was very satisfied, and I didn’t have any plans to look for an additional princess.

Of course, the most important thing was that… the two of them would never accept a third woman…

Ling Yue truly was pretty, and she had a perfect body; she was tall and has a furry tail. Not only was she pretty, but also cute. If I was my former self, I would definitely be infatuated her, but things were different now. I had two wives who are in no capacity inferior to her other than being less a tail.

Philes looked at me with a complex gaze, “It is all right, Your Majesty. We are all used to your personal life being an absolute mess. We will not tell the Princess. However, people do like to see a hero with a lover, especially if she is beautiful.”

“Hey! Hey! Hey!! Is that any way to speak of me?! What do you mean my personal life is an absolute mess?!! I’m loyal in love, so how did I become some terrifying creature when you guys speak of me?!”

“Do you not have any feelings for her? You see, you helped Lord Nara. You spent a night with her before helping her. And then you helped Miss Karana after you spent a night with her.  Who would believe you if you said nothing happened between you and such beautiful women…? You may be unaware, but they say that if one wants to do anything through you, they must have a girl spend a night with you…”

I broke out in a cold sweat.

‘Where did this rumour come from? I did spend a night in Karana and Nara’s rooms, but we were talking business! There were no romantic feelings involved! It was purely business! I didn’t even close the door when I was with Karana! How did these rumours come to be?!’

‘If Lucia and Nier hear this rumour…’

‘Actually, it would be dangerous if it reached Mommy Elizabeth, too…’

“That is why everybody agrees that your personal life is absolutely messy. However, there is nothing wrong with you liking women so much as the Prince. You would not be worthy of being an Emperor if you did not like anything, after all.”

Philes then patted me on my shoulder and softly added, “But, do not worry, Your Majesty. Please rest assured…”

“Ling Yue won’t do anything to me.”

“I was talking about your Princess! Miss Nier told us that if you had another woman… then you can forget getting off the bed…”

My body shivered with terror…

Nier was not joking…

“I won’t, I won’t. I don’t have any ideas about Ling Yue. Let’s put my business aside for now. Philes, how are the preparations for the thing I wanted coming along?”

“They have already been prepared, Your Majesty. The previous direction and bridge are ready, and the ranks have been reformed a long time ago. You seem to be waiting for something, since you have not given any command.”

“Ah, I’m waiting for the weapon that’s compulsory for attacking the enemy, but it appears that we still need some time, as it needs to be transported here after being made.”

I looked in the direction of Troy City and anxiously rubbed my hands together. I continued, “I’m starting to feel rushed now. Without it, we’ll only be able to stare at the palace once we arrive below it. I believe what Ling Yue said. If we attack rashly, we’ll suffer a lot of unnecessary casualties.”

“Are you talking about the huge cannon you asked for? To be frank, Your Majesty, without a technician to personally watch over it, it might not be possible to blow the city wall apart even if you do produce it. Is it really a good idea for us to be wasting away the way we currently are for something uncertain? Our men’s morale has started to drop slightly.”

“No, who said I was making a cannon to blow up their city walls?” I revealed a mysterious smile, “I have other plans for the cannon. With that said, you are right, too. I don’t want to drag this out, either. I’ll ask Big Sis about the progress of the cannon, and then we can think about when to march. Philes, pass down the order to boost the morale of our men. Their morale should, at least, be high before marching.”

“Understood, Your Majesty.” Philes nodded then got ready to leave. He then suddenly turned around to look at me and whispered, “I noticed Miss Ling Yue stare at the flower garden and space out last time. I think she must like flowers. If you want to make up with her, flowers are probably the best present!”


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