Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 22

“Your Excellency, are we going to continue with this war?”

Eight individuals sat together in the conference hall, but there was no longer anybody behind the black veil. The Queen should’ve currently been in the cave that was akin to a spider web, producing countless eggs. Despite these anthropoids looking down on the fallen elven race, they had no choice but to depend on the elves. The elves were the only ones who could give birth to countless anthropoid soldiers, after all.

The elder touched the ruby jewel on his walking stick, and then smashed it on the ground hard. He smashed it so hard it could virtually crack the smooth floor. He looked at the individual who spoke and raged, “Of course. Do we have a way out? If we did, we could think about things, but we don’t. It’s all because of you werewolves letting that girl Ling Yue slip away. She’s the Moon Fox Tribe’s most outstanding descendant who even has elven blood in her. We could’ve used her as a seedbed to maintain the warmth in the North!”

The anthropoid flashed his yellow fangs and thundered, “Exterminating the Moon Fox Tribe was your idea, Birdman. We never wanted to kill them. We needed them to keep the land warm. You were the ones who got bloodthirsty and wanted to kill all of them, and you let one get away! Because of you, we have no way of backing down now! We must continue with this war!”

“We haven’t lost yet. We can overlook the losses we have suffered; they were just scouts. We still have what it takes to fight.”

The elder had no response. Indeed, the issue with the matter did lie with the Winged Race. He never thought his own tribesmen would go against his order and kill the foxes. Perhaps it was because the winged races and the foxes had personalities that clashed.

He returned the discussion back to the war topic.

“That is not how it is, Elder.”

An individual with white hair from the other side came over. He looked at the elder and spoke in a graceful tone, “We never expected the elves and humans to unite. According to our intel, they were supposed to be on bad terms, and only maintained the most basic form of peace for reasons unknown to us. We truly never expected that they would unite when the war commenced.”

“That’s right. That’s why the humans manage to counterattack us. Otherwise, the elves wouldn’t be a threat to us. The elves can’t set foot in the North, so all we have to do to bring them down is attack them continuously… That was how it was meant to go!  You damned Birdmen caused the situation to become what it is now! You exterminated the foxes, and you failed to predict that the humans and elves would unite. That’s the reason we’re stuck in a dilemma!”

The werewolf was very furious. Or rather, werewolves were easily infuriated.

The Panther shook his head and softly responded, “Now is not the time to be finding fault with each other, esteemed Werewolf Elder. While we are complaining here, the humans are doing their best to prepare for battle. We need to prepare for battle, as well. Esteemed elders, it is a pity that we have lost the opportunity to launch a pre-emptive strike, but we must regain our composure before deciding on our next step. We no longer have what it takes to launch a large-scale attack now.”


“Please admit it, Esteemed Winged Race Elder.”

The Panther loudly cut off the elder and looked at him with a reprimanding gaze. The Panther, who carried himself with courtesy, displayed surprising leadership skills despite the elder being older than him. Everybody looked at him, and he seemed to enjoy it, “The humans are not afraid of the cold. They have already sealed all of our entrances. We cannot have our main force fight in the narrow place. We do not have the strength to launch an attack now, but that does not mean we have lost the war. Everyone, please look at the location where it is best suited for a large army to mobilise north from the South. Only the spot directly north of the elven land that leads through here, leads to a flat gathering spot that is not large. Further ahead is a natural canyon. That is the best place for us to put up a defence. The humans will definitely invade from here. We just need to attack them before they can establish stable footing and push them off the canyon. If they move too quickly, we can defend the valley, preventing them from entering the large plains in the rear. Please forgive me for being blunt, but if the human army manages to enter the large plains and gain stable footing, then I am very sorry, but we really will have lost this war.”

“We can’t lose!”

The Panther looked at the three other elders and cleared his throat. He then solemnly said, “No, we might; however, as long as we complete those tasks successfully, we will not lose. This is not a joke or ploy to mobilise your armies away from their posts so that we can invade you. Everything I have said is out of consideration for this continent and our future. We are too slow right now, for we are all vigilant of each other and refusing to move. While we were sitting on our laurels, the humans have established a sturdy fortress and a camp. We have lost the ability to attack. If we cannot cut down enough of the humans’ forces, it will be impossible for us to attack the South again. If we continue to drag this on, we will end up killing ourselves. We now have only two options, and that is to either defeat the human army or capture Ling Yue back.”

The three elders went silent as they looked at the map in front of them.

Though they were reluctant to admit it, the Panther was right. However, they didn’t have to do everything that was right, as the four tribes weren’t doing everything for the continent. If they were willing to forego their own tribe’s traditions, forget their past and return a favour with ingratitude, do you think said tribes would feel any sense of duty to the continent?

No way.

Each of the four tribes had their own zones where they had jurisdiction rights. They controlled the food, the mines and their own armies. While they were the Northern army in name, they were each tribe’s private defence force, in actuality.

How come no armies appeared at the valley or stopped the human army from setting up camp during this battle? That was because not one of them dared to leave their zone defenceless.

What were they to do if another tribe took advantage of the situation to invade their zone? They all knew what sort of character each and every one of them had, so how could they trust each other?

“Everyone, it is not time for us to be finding fault with each other. If we lose the North, we will be left with nothing. Do you think the humans will spare us once they get here? We will lose everything. Should we not unite to fight the humans at this point in time? We can still fight; we have not yet lost. We…”

They all stood up and left before the Panther could finish, leaving him alone.

They didn’t have to do everything that was correct. They just needed to have someone do it.

Leaving him behind alone meant, “It’s in your hands. We’re done with it.”

That’s right. Everything… was done.


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