Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 24

Elves may lack anything but flowers.

Ling Yue stood up and looked at the flower in my hand with a complex look. She then looked at me, and let out a heavy sigh. She got up from the bed and walked up to me. She gently picked up the flower in my hand and gently stroked the yellow flower petal. Then she walked out of the tent without saying a word to me.

Despite her not saying anything, I still had to show my sincerity.

It was the first time she left her room in a while, and she was full of hostility for me this time, as though she was worried my purpose for entering her tent was to go down on her again… It was a big improvement for her to walk up to my side, and exit the tent with me…

I followed her, but she didn’t concern herself with me. However, I noticed that she walked at a certain pace to accommodate me. She didn’t turn back to look at me, but I understood what she was indicating. We walked with one of us in front of the other in silence. Nonetheless, we didn’t separate at any point. We walked up to the mountain slope at the rear together.

This place was comparable to a small cliff. It was as if a left over section when the large canyon was split. Ling Yue held the flower solemnly, and sat down on the edge of the cliff.

The night breeze gently blew her hair. She looked at the cold wind blowing from the North with sadness in her crescent-moon blood-red eyes. The wind whistled as if it carried with it the dreary and bloody years. The breeze made the yellow flower petals sway gently like her hair.

I stood next to her in silence. A moment after, Ling Yue pat the spot next to her, so I sat down next to her. He then clasped the flower tightly and asked, “Do you like flowers?”

“Do you think I would let you sit next to me if I didn’t?” Ling Yue held the flower up to her nose and sniffed it. She then lowered her head and went on “Thank you. I never said I liked flowers, but you still knew. The climate in the North makes it unsuitable for planting flowers. There are only these small yellow flowers. My father used to bring me back a bouquet of flowers after going to the palace. I really liked them, but I don’t think I ever planted any.”

She lowered her head with a slightly sad expression and stroked the flower in her hand. She continued, “I really like flowers. I can only see so many flowers on this side.”

I looked at the flower in her hand and laughed in a soft voice, “I don’t like flowers, though, especially the one in your hands. I really don’t like it.”

“And yet you gave it to me?!”

“That’s because I didn’t pick it…”

“Return me my moved feelings, then!!”

“No, no. I was the one who came up with the idea despite not being the person to pick it. I can tell what you like.”

I nearly ate another slap. She just softened up a little, yet she instantly became aggressive again. I looked at her slightly sadly and smiled, “Do you know why I don’t like these flowers? It’s not because I’m allergic to them or because I don’t like these things even if they are befitting of a Queen.”

“Why don’t you like them, then?”

She looked at me, somewhat angry. I looked back at her face and smiled. I looked to the North and quietly explained, “Because they’re on the casket of the girl I love. I’m reminded of her voice and face, as well as her small tomb.”

Anger condensed on Ling Yue’s face. She dallied for a moment as she looked at me without knowing what to do.

“How come you love so many girls?”

“… I thought you’d comfort me!”

She looked at me, and then replied softly, “I’m very sorry, but even so, you love far too many girls. However, I want to know how she passed away.”

I looked at her and in a serious tone answered, “Because of betrayal. No, perhaps it was because I was weak, trusted people too easily and incompetent that she died. She died protecting me. She gave me everything she had, and even her life in the end. Ling Yue, how can I not love a woman who gave everything she had for me?”

“… I don’t understand why so many women are willing to give up so much for you. To me, you’re just a promiscuous bastard. At most, you’ve just got an okay-looking face.”

“I don’t think any of my wives are with me because of my appearance…”

“Who knows? I can’t comprehend how you humans and elves think.”

Ling Yue looked toward the North again, seemingly unwilling to say any more. I looked to the North in the direction she looked. I looked at her homeland and softly told her, “Her name is Luna. She was an elf and was also my personal servant, my only personal servant. She was an existence that was the equivalent of Leah. I saved her, and she saved me, too. I love her, and I wanted to be with her forever even if she could only be my personal servant. Alas, she can’t open her eyes again due to my own problem.”


Ling Yue didn’t respond to what I said as though she didn’t hear me.

I wasn’t after some response, though. The only response I’d get is “sorry” or “I’m very sorry” or “Don’t worry, she left with a smile,” pointless things along those lines.

I was content just to have someone listen and understand.

“After she passed away, I never wanted to see these flowers again. She loved the sea of flowers the most when she was alive. I buried her there. I suffer immeasurable misery and pain when I see these flowers. That’s why I told myself that I would never ever let anyone around me suffer this sort of pain.”

Ling Yue jerked her body a little, but she didn’t turn to look at me. If I didn’t see her ear, I wouldn’t have noticed it, either.

“You’re one of them, Ling Yue. I don’t want to let anybody hurt you. Although you’re not my wife, personal servant or whatever, but you stuck by my side and went through so much with me, so I’ve manifested a desire to protect you. That’s why the regret and guilt I felt for those few days you ignored me really grinded at my heart…”

She swung her tail; then I felt a warm and gentle sensation on my back.

I turned my head to see her change her sitting posture. She supported her face with her hand and looked to the North. She looked at the dark North, and then down toward the camp with fire torches lighted. She quietly said, “Just don’t talk about it… Pretend it never happened. I’ve thought to myself for a long time, as well. In short, there’s no way I’ll be your Princess, so you can toss any shards of that idea away. We should just stick to working together. Let’s just pretend it never happened.”

I looked at her and nodded gently. She swung her tail behind gently then pulled it back, exposing our backs to the cold. The cold caused me to sneeze.

“Ling Yue, I really can’t touch your tail again…”


‘Uhm… I’m used to it… I really am used to it…’


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