Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 21

The Queen knew that this day would come when Leah left, so she wasn’t afraid.

She placed her cup with unfinished coffee-coloured liquid inside. She turned around with a smile to look at the elder who was absolutely furious. She said, “What has gotten you so mad, elder? Is it because of the defeat? I think that the defeat is not worth getting angry over. To the contrary, it should…”


The Queen felt her head spin. She never thought the elder would be so strong, despite his old age.

She bled from her mouth. It appeared that her teeth cut into her mouth, while her face that felt as if it was ablaze burnt her tears. Her hazy eyes resembled an old tortoise taking its last intense breaths.

“This is betrayal! This is betrayal! My Queen!!! Did you not know your side betrayed us?!! I had to hit you so seriously, too!! Do you understand now?! Do you understand now?!! This is betrayal! Your personal bodyguard fled! She fled to the South, and she took our map with her! Our map! She has handed the enemy our safety and everything we have, yet you turn a blind eye to this?!”

The Queen gently tidied up her hair.  She scanned the elder, who was huffing and puffing with a totally red face, with her golden eyes. She snickered, “Betrayal? I’ve already experienced enough betrayal, so I don’t care about suffering from it once more. Do you people not know what betrayal means?”

“The previous King asked us to assist you so that you could become a wise ruler. I have yet to enjoy life at this age all because of the nation and you, who has failed in your duty. You still do not understand my efforts despite that. You colluded with the sly Moon Fox Tribe, and you are now ignoring your bodyguard’s betrayal. I must hit you on behalf of the previous King!!”

The Queen didn’t respond. She just snickered with her gaze still fixed on him. She no longer had anything to be afraid of. His reaction told her that Leah had successfully gotten away. She may have caused turbulence, but she could achieve her goal as long as she could reach the South and meet the Galadriels.

Her mother left the land and nation in her hands. She, herself, had never done anything right. That was the only thing she could do to save this continent, and she had done it successfully. Hence, she didn’t disappoint her mother, her tribe and her lover.

She was no longer afraid. She looked at the elder with a cold look and mocked him, “So, what do you want, then? You can lead a team South to capture her. I fully support it. I may always be behind the black veil, but I can see your fear for the Galadriels in your eyes. What’s wrong?  Did our army run into the Galadriels in the South? Was the defeat this time due to the Galadriels?”

“Shut up!! My Queen! Please, shut up if you have any shame and sense of duty! Why have you become such a failure? We were not defeated, and we will not be defeated. This pertains to the survival of the North, yet you are celebrating the fact that our frontlines cannot advance? Have you no gratitude or guilt for the brave soldiers?! Why have you fallen to this degree?! Why?!”

The elder swung his walking stick down on the Queen. She instinctively raised her arm to guard her head. She felt a painful sensation from her arm and a strike to her belly, causing her to almost puke what she just ate.

“Who was the one that killed the Moon Fox Tribe? Who was the one who led this continent to its doom?! Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten, you old fart! The one who destroyed this continent was you, not me!!”

The Queen wanted to shout that out, but she didn’t, as she knew that it would be pointless even if she did. She could only put up with the beating. She was the Queen, yet she had been beat and insulted much more than Leah, who was once a slave. That’s why she had to save Leah. She didn’t save Leah out of responsibility or sympathy, but for the reason that Leah suffered the same fate as her, and she felt pity for her due to that.

“My Queen, my esteemed Queen. If you still have any shame at all, if you still have any sense of responsibility for this continent and if you still have any respect for the previous King, then please use your body to make up for your wrongs! Use your body to repay the lost soldiers. We guarantee that there will not be another failure. We will show the humans, who are in the South preparing to attack us, what war really is!”

‘Has it finally come to this?’

The Queen gently stroked her belly.

The elf acts as the mother’s body, while the Moon Fox Tribe provides the fuel. The elves used their body similarly to the mother spider, mixing their mana with wild beasts to produce eggs in the same way a machine does, which then become a sort of magical creature.

The Moon Fox Tribe used their life as fuel, pouring the mana stored inside their tails into the boiling volcano. They use their mana and the pulse of the volcano to warm up the continent devoid of mana.

That was how the North became what it was today, allowing all of the races to avoid extinction. That was why the two races paid a huge price. As a result, the elves were allowed to become the rulers of the North, while the Moon Fox Tribe became the High Priest Tribe, where both were loved by the people. But nonetheless, everything had changed now.

Their power was taken away, and the elves became puppets, while the Moon Fox Tribe became corpses.

The Queen, herself, had to face it.

“All right.”

She couldn’t resist; she was powerless to resist; she had to depend on another’s strength; she had to rely on the Galadriel tribe that once exiled her family.

The Queen stood up. There wasn’t a single shred of fear in her golden eyes. There was only strong disdain and mockery. The elder lingered for a moment before he walked over. The Queen would be scared to death at the mention of the topic, since being thrown into the cave that was akin a spider web to produce eggs was no joyful experience. It was tormenting.

Now, however, she wasn’t afraid. Her gaze resembled that of a funny clown who was doing its best to get the audience to laugh.

The Queen looked at the elder in front of her and with a ridiculing smile. asked, “What are you waiting for? Am I supposed to navigate my way there by myself? Let me also remind you that I no longer care. I stopped caring about my life as a puppet and your toy, but what about you people? Can you resist against the Galadriel tribe from the South? You instigated the war. Have you considered how to face the North after you’re defeated?”

“We cannot be defeated! We cannot be defeated! We are fighting for our homeland! We are fighting for our survival!”

The Queen snorted. She then began to walk and without turning around, retorted, “No, you’re just fighting for your ambition and sickening desires! I wish you a death more painful than the pain I’m suffering right now when it’s time for you to die! Enjoy your current life. I’ll soon be walking to hell with you!”


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