Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 14

It was my first time seeing my own army parade.

I stood on the balcony of the palace; next to me were the extravagant Nier and Lucia. Below was the army dressed in clean and neat military uniforms, marching from the entrance of the city to the plaza out the front of the palace.

Humanity’s army maintained order as always. My factory couldn’t provide them all with a rifle each, but I still had my workers pull overtime shifts to try and provide one gun for every ten men. I couldn’t ask my soldiers to score head shots with every shot against the anthropoids; consequently, firepower needed to be guaranteed. If they can’t stop the anthropoids with one round, they’ll be at great risk once the anthropoids charge over and into the formation in front of them.

While the anthropoids lack technique in combat, they can still take a few lives just charging into crowds and swinging their axes.

Cannons are the best weapon for combatting the anthropoids. I had mom increase the number of cannons that the army stationed at Socina had. Cavalry had no purpose until we reach the flat plains. Only infantry and artillerymen are useful until then.

I looked at the soldiers below, walking over with their heads high and chest’s up proudly. I watched them salute me and listened to them shout together. Nier grabbed my hand gently, while Lucia looked at the soldiers below with tremendous curiosity. It was the first time elves had seen such a mighty and dynamic military parade.

The first team to parade was the main combat force this time. They were stationed at Socina City and are experts at fighting in snowy regions. Their uniforms were totally white, and they wore thick white cloaks. Even their repeated firing guns were painted white as though their guns were frozen. The army comprises of natives of the snowy area; subsequently, they can adapt to the snow environment and are capable of surviving there.

It’s not easy to fight in snowy regions. The ice and snow, itself, is more frightening than the enemy.

The second army was the symbolic elven army. The elven army won’t appear in the battle in the North, but they needed to partake in the parade due to the alliance.

The third army was my guard unit. I added some natives to my guard unit.

My guard unit was small. They were tiny compared to the groups in front. They were only a few rows long, but they received cheers from everyone when they appeared.

I think that it was probably because they had the gold flag representing the royal family.

I think that it was probably because of their neat red and white uniforms as well as their white horses, which were similar to the Valkyries.

I think that it was probably because they all had determined expressions and held weapons different to others.

I think that it was because they are the bravest and most fearless soldiers and the Prince’s guard unit, which is not inferior to the Rosvenor Empire’s Valkyrie squad.

The Empress’s Valkyrie squad was a graceful and majestic military force. Their white battle robes arouse the admiration of everyone as soon as they appear. Thugs quake in fear at their appearance. Just one Valkyrie, alone, is enough to make everyone reconsider their unwarranted thoughts. The Valkyries were a venerable existence that every lord wanted.

This time, I showed my army to all of the high-ranking ministers and nobles here. Gathered here right now in Troy City’s plaza were all of the continents rulers and the web of power and money on this continent. My guards had gone through countless life and death battles, and they finally showed themselves to everyone.

They had gone through just as many life and death battles as the Valkyries. Their courage didn’t pale in comparison to the Valkyries, and they were no less skilled than the Valkyries in combat. Therefore, they deserve to enjoy the respect and admiration every Valkyrie enjoyed.

Philes and Tanya rode at the forefront. They looked odd next to each other, but they oddly looked similar to a friendly pair of sisters. I watched them travel along the road toward me. I raised my hand up high and saluted them for the first time.

Next, the sound of cloth rubbing orderly could be heard. Everybody raised their hand up and saluted me back using the same standard salute. What made me proudest of my guards were their immense discipline and the way they maintained order. I can tell you that I would split hairs with them, and they satisfied my requirements. Lucia exclaimed when she saw them salute me back in complete unison.

But it wasn’t just their salute that was in unison. Even their horses stepped in unison.

They looked at me and shouted out together loudly, “Long live Your Majesty!!”

When the armies in front passed by, they shouted “Long live my Empress”, while the elves shouted, “Long live our Queen.”

Only my guard unit saluted me, because they belonged to only me.

For the armies in the front, Vyvyan and Elizabeth once stood before them, fought alongside them and bled with them, but I didn’t.

For my guards, on the other hand, I was always with them no matter how strong our foe. I was always with them. I never betrayed them or abandoned them. That’s how loyalty works. When you give them your trust and courage, they will give you their loyalty.

The white horses raised their hooves after the orderly sound of friction from cloth. My guards pulled their hands back orderly as well as in unison and rode up to where they should be in the parade.

All of the armies were now completely gathered below my balcony, where the army was always meant to gather. Hence, they maintained order there despite there being a human army, an elven army, my guard unit, high-ranking officials and dignitaries.

I looked down at the soldiers below, and they looked back at me.

My two moms came up from behind me and appeared at the balcony.

I looked at them and cleared my throat gently. I mustered up all my strength to belt as loud as I could toward them, “My soldiers! My courageous soldiers! My brave comrades! It’s war! Yes, it’s war again, another frightening war again. However, the fear is not in us, whether that’s elves or humans. War has been a part of our lives as if it was our daily dinner as we made our way to where we are today. We grew up amidst war. We are not afraid of war. The anthropoids brought war to our lands, so we must take the war back to their lands, their people and their palace! Citizens of Troy City! I know how much you have done for Troy City. This city was named after me. They attacked this place, which means they challenged my dignity. And now, as the commander of the Elven and Human Alliance, I hereby announce that we will definitely win for the honour of elves and humans, for my honour, for you and for every living soul in the South! I definitely will scorch the North! Let this war that they started be their doom! For our alliance!”

“For our alliance!!”

The elves and humans below roared out together in their different languages simultaneously. Their blades that reflected the light was brighter than the sun, causing my eyes to feel irritated. Even nature will back down when faced with our fury.

“Now then, I am giving you your first order as your Grand Commander! Head north! Cross the Grand Canyon!! You are not allowed to retreat! You are not allowed to be cowards! I will be there with you! I won’t be at Troy City! I’ll be right by your sides! Always! I am your Grand Commander, but I am not a weakling! Comrades, stand by me, take my fury and pride, and charge over there!”


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