Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 13

“My Queen, please do not doubt this war due to this minor setback. They only defeated our scouts. That is only a minor loss. Our noble mother can recreate them in a single night.”

“He is right, My Queen. Please do not mind this minor loss.”

The truth was she didn’t care about any of that.

The young girl sat properly in the throne behind the black veil. She watched the people on the other side of the black veil put on a show that nobody believed. She had lost her power as a Queen a long time ago. She was just a puppet that these people used as an excuse to do as they pleased. She was no Queen…

The only race loyal to her, which was the Moon Fox race, was massacred as a result of her negligence…

Perhaps I shouldn’t have become a Queen, she thought. She really wanted to leave. She really hoped she could run away. If she had to die, she wanted to die outside.

The sky here was too dark. The view of the snowy mountains outside the window always looked the same. Snow forever fell from the sky. She had no chance to leave. She could only look down from the balcony at the scenery below that hadn’t changed in ages. Everything here was freezing cold, with no breath of life.

Sometimes, she felt that death was a better option for her.

But she couldn’t do it. She honestly couldn’t do it. She still had a friend. She still had a friend she couldn’t let go of here. If nobody cared about her, she’d be fine with doing away with her life, but she still had a good friend, who was someone she cared for, and thus, she couldn’t just die for her friend’s sake.

“However, the people in the South will want to attack us.”

“That’s fine. They have nowhere to enter our North from. Even if they do, only the humans can enter. The elves can’t enter such a cold area. Also, did the elves and humans not fight a war against each other a decade ago? It’s impossible for them to ally with each other. We will not face any strong offenses. On the other hand, our main force can prepare to head south now.”

“You’re right. Further, it appears that the South isn’t all that powerful. Our scout team easily attacked their city and massacred the people there. The elves and humans are no match for us. We will drown them in our sea of fury. We will definitely drown them in our sea of fury.”

“Yes. Let us continue with our preparations, then.”

This sort of boring conversation they had for countless times now ended there.

They kept claiming that they were doing it to realise their Queen’s dream as well as theirs. They claimed that they desperately want to return home, but this was not the idea of returning home she had in mind. She knew nothing about this war nor did she want it. She was the same race as the Galadriel tribe in the South. She wanted to return home. She just simply wanted to return home to the land that her ancestors missed and yearned for.

“My Queen.”

The loyal knight gave her Queen a deep bow. Inside this castle, the only one to respect her, the only one to consider her the Queen and the one person she most proud of was also the person who saved her. Her knight tried so hard and was so small, but she saved her.

“My Queen, the people in the South withstood the group’s first attack. It appears the Galadriel tribe in the South and humanity is very strong. I believe that they will attack the North. I am certain of it.”

The knight looked at the Queen she was hugging. She softly said, “This group angered the most fearsome enemy. For us, this will be a complete annihilation. I believe that we may not be able to defend against the fury of the South this time, for your tribe was once exiled.”

“Yes, yes. I know, I know.” The Queen let go of her knight and looked into her eyes. She sincerely said, “You are mine. You are my knight and my most beloved. They are not here to destroy us this time. For me, this is a chance for us to be rescued. No, it’s a chance for us to attain salvation!”

“My Queen!”

The knight blushed. Her Queen’s confession made her tremble. She held her Queen’s hand tightly. She looked at her Queen passionately and excitedly replied, “My Queen, tell me, as long as it is for you, I am willing to do anything. I love you; my life is yours. I am willing to do anything for your happiness. Anything!”

“I know, I know.” The Queen held her knight’s hand tightly and gently bit her ear. In the empty conference hall, she whispered into her knight’s ear, “My knight, my love, I have a dangerous mission for you. Go to the South; you need to find the Galadriels or the person in charge of this war. Find him and pass my thoughts on to him. Tell him about my situation, and ask him to come and rescue me!”

The knight looked at her Queen. Her Queen’s eyes were filed with eagerness and excitement. The Queen no longer wanted to be seen as a Queen, but a Princess waiting in a tall tower to be rescued by her Prince.

She was but a knight. She couldn’t rescue the Princess. She had to go and find the Princess’ Prince. Only he could save the Princess and let her see the endless blue sky outside.

“I understand, My Queen.”

The Queen pressed her hand on her knight’s shoulder in a particularly serious fashion. In a somewhat excited tone, she said, “It might not be easy for you to leave the palace, as they won’t let anyone around me leave, especially after what happened with the Moon Fox Tribe, so you must be cautious when you leave. You might be pursued. The road to the South is long and arduous, but I believe in you. I truly believe in you, my knight. You can do it. You can definitely do it! You definitely can! You definitely can!”

The knight hugged her Queen and responded just as solemnly, “I know, I know, My Queen.”


Troy City experienced two glorious days inside the city. There were more people in the city than when it was built thanks to all of the high-ranking ministers and dignitaries coming and going. However, I didn’t agree to anyone’s request, because they were not my vassals. I cannot give them what they want from me.

I only need my people. The army from Socina was already gathered outside the city. There were two more armies, in addition to the one that came from nearby. I have three armies with me to attack the North this time. I also have my guard unit, as well as my Tanya and company. You can say that we’re packing serious military power this time.

“Your Majesty, you need to parade the army tomorrow, so you should rest well today.”



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