Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 12

I think Troy City feels honoured, because the grandest event in millenniums on this continent could be witnessed here. You could see humanity’s Empress and the Elven Queen both here at the same time for an event.

Virtually all of the high ranking officials that ran the continent were gathered at Troy City’s plaza. They were comparable to a humungous spider web that held the entire continent together.

The high-ranking officials and dignitaries coming and going were all extremely excited. To be invited here, was proof that their ruler held them in high regard. The attack of the anthropoids from the North swept up the entire continent as if a rampaging tornado of war came through. These people who lived for money immediately knew what they had to do. And that was, to prepare for war.

They had to prepare for a war similar to those a decade ago and numerous decades ago. No matter how humanity’s history changed, no matter how many rulers have come and gone, war always existed. This war was a chance to restart their wealth and power, so it was natural for these people, who move for money and power, to not let such an opportunity slip.

Moreover, the invitation this time was obviously very important, for there were two people at the table that was situated in the centre of the plaza. Furthermore, the people invited here this time weren’t just their own kind. All of the high-ranking elven and human vassals were seated together. They looked at each other tensely and vigilantly, afraid that the other party would pull out a weapon from underneath the table. The two races sat together both peacefully and tensely. However, all of them, both humans and elves, went silent the next instant, because their rulers arrived.

“Your Majesty!!!”

“Your Highness!!!”

The people on both sides stood up, faced their ruler and bowed to salute them in their different voices.

Two of the greatest rulers of the continent walked over from the left and right. One of them was dressed in an extravagant emerald dress. Her ornaments on her, swayed in accordance with her graceful steps.  She had small ornaments on her ears. Her crystal clear eyes contained a dignified and elegant aura. Her pink ample lips curved up into a smile.

On the other side was another woman in the military uniform of a highly competent individual. Her black boots carried her meteoric steps. There wasn’t a speck of dust or blemish on her boots.  They reflected the sunlight and the cold. She had all sorts of emblems hanging off her well-ironed military uniform. The ruby on her commander’s sabre at her waist was particularly shiny. There was no smile beneath her black eyes. She looked dominant and had the discipline of a soldier on her face. Her long black hair swayed as she walked.

The woman with long blonde hair looked at her calmly. The two rulers exchanged cold eye contact with each other, totally ignoring everyone else below. I looked at the awkward atmosphere between them and let out a heavy sigh from behind. I whispered to Freya next to me, “I think that the two of them are just going to continue staring each other down if I don’t go up…”

“I don’t think they will. Your Majesty, they are two mothers fighting for you in front of you, but they are very rational rulers before their vassals and people.”

Elizabeth made her move before Freya could finish. She drew her sword at her waist. The cold metal reflected the faces of the two. Vyvyan extended her hand out and grabbed Elizabeth’s blade. The blade cut the Queen’s palm, causing blood to spill slowly from the cut. She then let her blood run down into a jar in front of her.

“I shall spill the blood of low-lives.”

Elizabeth pulled her sword back, and then grabbed her blade the same way. She recited a choppy phrase. I assumed that was humanity’s ancient language.

“I shall spill the blood of low-lives.”

Vvyan watched her blood mix together with Elizabeth’s then recited it in the elven language.

The two didn’t bother with the wound in their palms. They used their blood, still spilling out, to fill the jar in front of them. Their cuts then healed, as though they never got cut afterwards. They scooped out two full cups of wine from the jar. The mixture of wine and blood ran down the sides of the cup. The two exchanged glances. They then held their cups for a clink before downing the wine mixed with each other’s blood in one go.

“I, Elizabeth Rosvenor, Empress of humanity’s Rosvenor Empire hereby declare!”

“I, Vyvyan Galadriel, Queen off of Duargana Kingdom hereby declare!”

The people below finally understood what happened. They looked at the two rulers facing their people and the people of the other race as they conducted the ceremony. The people of both races exchanged eye glances with astonishment. They realised a war might break out; however, they were wrong. The war had already broken out, but they never imagined that the two races who engaged in a bloody war a decade ago would suddenly form an alliance now.

“The elven and human military alliance is hereby established! On behalf of humanity, I hereby announce that humans and elves should come together to face our common enemy. We shall retaliate against the filthy race that attacked us! Elves and humans have ruled this continent for millenniums. We have been friendly with each other and fought with each other, but we must come together when we have a common enemy. We still have the common sense to band together! On behalf of humanity, I announce that humanity will never betray our elven comrades or pursue selfish ends, until our common enemy has fallen. We shall give our everything for this alliance!”

“All living beings in the South should band together. This is a declaration of war from the people we exiled. We shall band together for our land, our past and our future! Elves can no longer maintain independence in the North. We must retaliate. We must completely wipe out the source of trouble attacking us. On behalf of the elves, I hereby declare that we elves shall never betray our human comrades or pursue selfish ends, until our common enemy has fallen. We shall give our everything for this alliance!”

The two rulers encouraged their ministers and vassals to cheer loudly.

“Long live Your Majesty!!”

“For our Queen!!”

The elves and humans below bowed and shouted loudly, declaring their loyalty for their Queen and Empress.

Nobody opposed them. The elven and human alliance was thereby established! The two races finally stood together to defeat their powerful enemy in the North.

Troy City witnessed all of it.

After that event, two statues were erected in the plaza of Troy City. Said statues captured the moment the empress and queen both reached their hands out toward the blade.

It was also the moment that the two races stood together.

“Now, I hereby announce that the individual who shall act as the Grand Commander of all units for this campaign against the North for the Elven-Human Alliance, will be my son, who I am most proud of, the hero of the Defence of Troy City and commander, Troy Galadriel Rosvenor!!”


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