Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 48

“Your Highness… you…”

I scrubbed my hair as I looked at Echte who was in front of me with a helpless smile. I asked, “What’s wrong, Echte? Where is Her Highness? Shouldn’t you have woken me up this morning?”

“Her Highness has finished organising the army. She said that you were exhausted, and therefore told us not to wake you. Her Highness is currently waiting for you at the entrance of the Imperial Palace.”

I lingered. I never thought that Mommy Vyvyan would’ve personally headed out with a team so soon. After having her mana replenished, Mom could go and end the stalemate. I could then lead my Earth Dragon Cavalry unit south, to either reinforce the defences of Troy City or directly break the siege.

I felt that there was something important that I couldn’t recall. I couldn’t remember what happened last night, and I think it was Mommy Vyvyan that said something which is stopping me from remembering. My memory is telling me that what Mom said is very important.

I just couldn’t recall what exactly she said.

‘Is it because I was too tired last night, or did Mom delete a part of my memory?’

‘I don’t know.’

I quickly gave up, since I was bound to never remember it regardless of how hard I tried to recall it. I don’t need to remember those sorts of things at the moment, either. I absolutely don’t want to recall doing what I did with Mommy Vyvyan. Let’s just bury it in my memory forever.

‘It was all for Lucia’s sake. I had no choice but to do it for Lucia’s sake…’

I knew the reason for why I did it, but I just couldn’t convince myself. My inner mind kept cursing me for being a weakling and calling me scum.

I had no choice, though. I couldn’t make an enemy out of all the elves for Lucia. Mommy Vyvyan does, indeed, love me, but she can’t betray the entire race just for me. It’s the same as what happened with Mommy Elizabeth and Inard. Problems with the imperial family’s bloodline and mana purity were unacceptable.

It’s an elven tradition that not even Vyvyan could change. The Galadriel tribe was able to hold the throne for so many years without anybody contesting their rule thanks to their mana purity and pure bloodline. It was thanks to Vyvyan’s efforts that I was able to enjoy Lucia’s love for me as a member of the imperial family. Vyvyan, however, is helpless regarding the matter concerning descendants.

My only option is to raise a child with an extremely pure bloodline and superior mana as my successor, while my child with Lucia was our true child.

I shook my head in an attempt to get rid of these things from my mind.

‘I need to focus on dealing with the anthropoids right now. If I keep thinking about it, I’m going to start having weird thoughts for Mommy Vyvyan again.’

I walked to another room. The room was Ling Yue’s room. Of course, it once was Lucia’s room. As we walked over to her room, I asked Echte, who was beside me, “Where is my Earth Dragon Cavalry unit?”

He replied, “Your Earth Dragon Cavalry unit has never been touched. Her Highness said that she had no right to order your team around, so we have always waited for your command.”

“All right, then. Get a messenger to inform them that the entire Earth Dragon Cavalry unit is to follow me to battle. Also, what’s the situation in the Eastern forest at present?”

“It is all right. Our men held back the anthropoids attack. However, after destroying our forest, they moved the trees that chopped down.”

I knocked on the door and frowned at the same time, “Why did they have to chop down trees? Are they going to use it for firewood? Even if that was what they were intending to use it for, they wouldn’t need to destroy the entire forest.”

“I am not sure myself. Nevertheless, the anthropoids do not always act with rational reasons. Perhaps they just want to destroy the forest.”

Ling Yue opened up and looked at me, feeling slightly worried. She hid behind the door and looked behind me. She then quietly asked, “Umm… Umm… Her Highness is not here, is she…?”

I nodded. I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at her, “What’s wrong? Are you scared of her? Mommy Vyvyan is very nice and friendly…”

“Really…? I really can’t see that…”

Ling Yue jolted. She revealed a blatant look of terror. I don’t know what Mommy Vyyvan said or did to her… Mommy Vyvyan, truly, is a very kind and friendly woman, the prerequisite being that you don’t mention something which is harmful to me in her presence…

I reached my hand out while looking at her, “Let’s go, Ling Yue. We now need to take the first step to enacting our agreement now. If you want revenge, you must take this first step. My territory has been invaded by the anthropoids. We need to drive them away first, and then we’ll head north. If you’re not afraid, come with me. I promise to do everything in my power to protect you. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go, you can just wait here for my good news, too.”

Ling Yue looked up at me. Her ears twitched. She said, “Do you consider me a coward? I’m not afraid of those anthropoids! I told you, I want to see the day my goal is achieved. Until then, I’ll always follow you around. I’ll watch every step you take to make my goal a reality. I’ve already gone through life and death, so there’s nothing I’m afraid of anymore… other than Her Highness’ threats…”

Ling Yue grabbed hold of my hand and looked at me resolutely. I held her hand tightly. She lingered for a moment, and then suddenly pulled her hand out with her might. She looked at me with outrage and exclaimed, “Don’t hold a lady’s hand so tightly! That’s very impolite of you! The only person’s hand you would hold so tightly is your wife’s!”

I chuckled. She didn’t react that way when I held her hand when she cried. I’ve already witnessed her gentle side, yet she still goes out of her way to hide it, and show me her shell that I can tell is falsely tough. If Ling Yue could be a bit more upfront with herself, she’d be very cute.

However, she wouldn’t be herself anymore without that tough shell.

She left the palace with me. All of the Imperial Guards in the palace had virtually vanished. I presumed that they were accompanying Her Highness to battle. They’re a unit that exists to protect her, after all. They only serve their purpose by accompanying her. There would be no meaning to guarding a palace without her.

I don’t think they left thinking that they were doomed to die, though, for it was the Elven Queen who was going to battle this time. She’s the elf with the purest magic in the history of elves, a demi-god who knew how to wield her powers splendidly. Right now, she was now in her most exuberant period that they had not yet witnessed before.

It’s going to be a one-sided slaughter.

I stood under the sunlight. In front of me was Vyvyan, who was on horseback. Mom’s eyes were as clear as the blue sky overhead. Her smile was warmer than the beautiful sun. Her soldiers, who were behind her, awaited her command. She looked at me and smiled. She extended one finger out to point at a horse next to her, “Son, you ride this horse. Don’t leave Mommy’s side. You all won’t need to do anything this time, but you must witness how the ruler of elves slaughters these ignorant invaders.”

Mom turned around to face her soldiers. In a loud voice, she declared, “The Galadriels have defended this place for millenniums. My ancestors, my grandpa, my father and my brother all spilt blood for this continent! It’s my turn this time! But that’s not all. I will bring my only child, the only descendant of the Galadriel Tribe along this time. Our tribe is the ruler of elves. You crowned us your soverign, so we will protect you. It is time for I, Vyvyan Galadriel to fulfil my promise! Soldiers, charge to the East and charge toward the enemy. Follow behind me. March! Slay those repulsive wild beasts!!”


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