Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 49

I once destroyed a lake and an entire forest.

I witnessed how terrifying magic was that time. Magic is an imagination process for elves. As long as they can command the elements around them, they’ll be able to get everything around to heed their call. Magic is a lot more convenient than humanity’s machines – to a certain extent. At least that holds true for when it comes to killing.

The entire sky was now red as a flame. It was as though the entire sky was on ablaze. The blue sky had been replaced with a fiery savage smile. The entire world appeared as if it was being burnt by the hellfire. Though the sky was ablaze, the floor was frozen ice. The anthropoids were frozen in the ground. They howled with all of their might, but they were relegated to only being able to look at the flame in the sky and the dominant silhouette similar to that of an angel soaring in the sky.

Vyvyan took in a deep breath. Her blood-red eyes were more dangerous than the flames. She coldly looked at the bodies below as if the anthropoids were fish frozen in a river. She looked at the large black dot and opened her mouth to speak. However, the sound was akin to thunderclap.

“You came from the snow and ice, so let’s make the snow and ice your tomb! This is a gift from us elves. Remember it well, you horde of revolting trash! This land is the forest you destroyed, so let us use your corpses to nourish this land you destroyed!”

Vyvyan waved her hand aggressively, bringing down a gigantic, blazing boulder from the sky and smashing it into the ground. The entire continent quaked as though it was going to be split due to the boulder. Initially, I didn’t quite believe that the north and south of the continent were separated due to the power of magic, but I’m a believer now. I completely understood it now that I was standing here on this quaking continent, watching the flame that resembled a rampaging dragon.

In the face of ultimate mana, recreating a world wouldn’t even be an issue.

The demi-god, Vyvyan, could probably destroy the Earth and heavens.

The painful cries of the anthropoids echoed as if bombs went off in the air. Despite the flames burning horizontally, the ice below still didn’t melt, thereby leaving the anthropoids with no means of escape. After the boulder dropped, a ridiculously strong gust of wind blew, bringing the flames along, creating a fire tornado as a result. From the sky, Mom waved her hand to direct the fire tornado to rampage on the horde of anthropoids.

It was a simple massacre.

There was no pressure for the teams luring the anthropoids out, for the anthropoids would leave their nests and give chase as soon as they saw retreating elves. The elves would then lead them to a vacant area, where Mom would then instantly freeze all of the anthropoids before beginning a killing spree.

Not a single anthropoid got off.

There were no survivors and no corpses that were intact. As a matter a fact, nothing but charcoal remained. Mom didn’t threaten them or show off. She simply demonstrated a reality.  The Galadriels could tear the continent apart.

‘You think we can’t wipe you anthropoids out if given the opportunity?’

The flames and ice vanished as though they never existed. Mommy Vyvyan landed gracefully in front of me, but then powerlessly leaned onto my chest. She cupped my face lightly with her hands and gently panted. Her body temperature rose. I didn’t know what was going on.

They were the after-effects Vyvyan suffers after expending mana. As a result, her dark elf instincts kicked in.

I supported Vyvyan.

‘It’s best not to let the soldiers to the rear see her eyes right now.’

I waved my hand and shouted, “Now, soldiers, clean up the battlefield. Use these burnt corpses to nourish our land to rebuild our forest. They destroyed our forest; let’s make them compensate us with their lives. Lock their souls here so that they can never return.”


The elven soldiers, who were behind us, rushed forward. There was only scorched land left there. Owing to the high temperature, the floor had cracked. A tornado of dark dust blew as if it was carrying up the cries into the distance. I don’t think the elven soldiers knew what to do, either. This land can’t be revived without Mommy Vyvyan repairing it using her mana.

I hugged Mommy Vyvyan and checked to see that there was nobody around. She leaned her head on my shoulder, and then bit deep my neck. A strange ecstatic and sucking sensation came from my neck. Mom was absorbing my mana.

‘It appears that Vyvyan tires out on nights where it isn’t a full moon after using several large-scale spells in succession despite having that night with me.’

If I wasn’t here, she would be stuck in this state for a period of time. Vyvyan still had her rationality intact. All we had to do was avoid letting anyone else see her current state. However, since the soldiers were present, she had to immediately replenish some of her mana to return to her usual state so that she could avoid exposing her blood-red eyes.

The blood-red eyes are a trait of dark elves.

“All right now, Son.”

Vyvyan raised her head up from my neck. She ran her hand over the teeth mark on my neck then looked into my eyes, “There shouldn’t be anything left to worry about here in the elven lands. After this, the anthropoids shouldn’t have what they require to launch attacks again. Next is clearing the anthropoids out of the forest. You can return to Troy City now.”

“No… I can’t help but feel that something is wrong.”

I looked at the scorched Earth and frowned. I explained, “If there are only this many anthropoids, how come the elves on the frontline were locked in a tough battle? I think that this is only a part of the anthropoids. We should’ve lured the anthropoids out from their camp. They don’t have any ambushes, either…”

“You’re saying that there are other anthropoids remaining? Mommy can tell you with absolute certainty that Mommy cannot sense any other anthropoids other than a few minor ones in the forest. These are the only anthropoids in the eastern forest, as well as this group of white deer, who have no homes now, since this horde of anthropoids destroyed the forest. As for why we were stuck in a stalemate, that’s because the general was useless. I’m going to punish him once we get back!”

I hesitated for a moment then replied, “Why…? There are only so many anthropoids, and they’re all brain-dead. I’m certain that the fault doesn’t lie with the general. I think that there’s another reason… Also… the anthropoids chopped down so many trees, yet their camp was shabby. There’s also the fact that it was constructed with stone. So what happened to the wood? Where did all the wood go?”

“That… Maybe they used it to make something…”

Mom silently deliberated the question for a moment. Mom and my expression then changed completely at virtually the same moment.

“Mom, can you sense Troy City from here?!”

“Troy City? That’s too far away.”

Mom shook her head, “Hurry back then, son. Return to Troy City immediately. Bring your men along. If there are few anthropoids here and they chopped down lots of trees, they’re definitely planning to attack the city. It’s very safe here, which means that the place that’s at most risk is your Troy City, then!”

“Yes! I know! I need to rush back now. Mom, I need to head back now.”

Vyvyan nodded, “Before you leave, you can go and search for the White Deer King. I think that the White Deer King would be furious that its home was destroyed. I believe that you can reach an agreement with it now. Mommy won’t be worried about your safety with the speed of the White Deer King on your side.”

“Uhm, got it.”


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