Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 47

Mommy Vyvyan truly makes one addicted and gives them the desire to indulge.

Her body was soft, warm and very familiar. Every inch of it made it so nice to be embraced by her. It was so nice that my mind almost blanked out. My initial resistance and sadness completely vanished once Mom hugged me and kissed me. As a matter of fact, I lost all of my conscious thoughts.

We were comparable to animals in heat. Mom clung to me as if she was an octopus. I have no idea how long we were locked in with each other that night, but we only released each other and fell asleep, because we were spent.

Mom’s hand and mine were tightly locked together when I was totally spent. I don’t know what I was thinking. In fact, I didn’t want to remember what I just did. I thought that I’d feel disgusted and depressed after doing the deed, but I was astound to discover that I didn’t react in any particular way.

It was though I just did it with Nier and as if the one I just embraced with was Lucia. It was as though I was with my wife.

“Now, all is well, Son.”

Mom held my hand and gently stroked my face. With a smile, she said, “Just treat it as a dream, Son. Mommy needs your mana. Mommy really needs your mana right now. This child has already absorbed too much of Mommy’s mana. If the anthropoids come at this time, Mommy may not have enough mana to cast spells… Mommy would’ve been able to continue hiding it if the anthropoids didn’t come around, but now, Mommy… can’t hide it anymore…”

“Wait… what… child…?”

“Nothing. Son, sleep for a bit. Get some good rest. Just consider it a dream. Mommy won’t disturb your life or ask you to do anything… Mommy does everything Mommy does for you, because you are Mommy’s son. Mommy can do anything for you as long as you can be happy… Mommy loves you… Honest… Mommy… loves you far too much…”

I blankly looked at Mom’s hand that was stroking my forehead. Mom’s heterochromia eyes that carried a hint of sadness swallowed me into the darkness before I could shout. I had countless questions to ask and countless things to say, but Mom didn’t give me the opportunity.

Mom can erase people’s memories. I don’t know if I’ll be able to remember anything once I’ve woken up…


From her throne, Vyvyan looked down at Echte kneeling on one knee and softly said, “Make the preparations. I shall go to the frontlines tomorrow.”

“That… that…”

Ecthe looked at his queen, feeling dumbfounded. Vyvyan covered one of her eyes and sternly said, “I think that I need to go to the frontlines. The battle on the frontlines has reached a stalemate. We have no need to be entangled with these over-the-hill filthy anthropoids any longer. The lives of our soldiers are a lot more valuable than theirs. I will personally head out tomorrow. I will show them how frightening an elven ruler’s fury is.”

“Is this decision of yours not a bit too reckless…? You see… did you not refuse our General’s request yesterday? For you to suddenly join the frontlines now… is…”

“I already told you. I will go to the frontlines when I judge it to be appropriate, and I believe that I need to go now.”

Vyvyan removed her hand and looked at Echte with one of her blood-red eyes. It was as though she could see through Echte’s entire body. He shivered as if he felt a cold breeze. Any normal person would be frightened after being looked at by eyes filled with a wild nature. Her blood-red eyes were evidently abnormal. They looked as if blood would spill out from them. Or maybe they were eyes that wanted to make others spill blood.

“Then, your health…”

“I’ve always been fine.” Vyvyan flexed her neck then whipped her long blonde hair, “My mana and body are both fine. As a matter of fact, I have more mana than before. My son is here by my side, so naturally, I can’t sit in the rear and watch my son go to war. My son is the Elven Prince. As the Elven Prince, he can’t just sit around in the rear. I will accompany my son. He shall protect this nation. and I shall protect him.”

Echte, while looking at his Queen, lingered for a moment before nodding, “All right, Your Highness. The Imperial Guards shall accompany you at your side.”

“Uhm, also, girl, who’s been standing at the door the entire time, you came here with my son, right?”

Vyvyan’s gaze suddenly shifted to the door. Echte froze up; he looked at Ling Yue standing at the door shaking. He, himself, was surprised. He stood up and in a tense tone, apologised, “I apologise… I apologise, Your Highness… I… I honestly did not notice her…”

“It’s fine. The girl used magic. Her mana is a fair lot superior to yours. It’s, therefore, normal for you to have not detected her. Nonetheless, since my son brought her here, I am not hostile toward her. I’m just a little curious, since she’s stood there for so long.”

Vyvyan looked at her and stood up. Ling Yue’s ears and tail shook with excitement when she looked back at her. She looked at Vyvyan with her own blood-red eyes. In a shaky voice, she called, “G-G-Galadriel?! Your Highness… The elves… the elves’ most outstanding leader… Galadriel…”

Echte looked at her and thundered, “You have no right to mention Her Highness’s surname!”

Ling Yue ignored him. She looked at Vyvyan with excitement in her eyes as she sobbed. She knelt on the ground and sobbed, “I beg you… I beg you… save us… Please… help us… The North… the North cannot hold on any longer. Without the elven spring… the North will definitely be destroyed… It definitely will be destroyed! I beg you… please help us!”

Vyvyan rose and pushed Echte, who had his sword drawn out, of the way. The elven spring is a taboo topic for elves. Nobody is allowed to covet it. What was on Vyvyan’s mind right now wasn’t that, though. She slowly walked up to Ling Yue, and then lifted her chin up with her fingers. She looked at the blood-red crescent moon shaped eyes Ling Yue had. With a smile, Vyvyan said, “Your eyes… are very beautiful.”


Ling Yue didn’t quite get it. She looked at Vyvyan with confusion.

“I think my son would like your pretty eyes, so don’t do something that will lead to being you unable to open them again.”

Vyvyan turned around. With her back facing Ling Yue, she coldly said, “The Galadriel tribe controls the elves’ spring. Only members of the Galadriel family have the right to discuss where it flows to. Anybody who wants to pollute it must be punished. I shall forgive your rudeness this time, for you are a woman at my son’s side; however…”

Vyvyan appeared behind Ling Yue in what appeared to be an instant. Ling Yue froze in place as if a dagger was on her back. Vyvyan gently grabbed Ling Yue’s tail. She giggled softly then continued, “However… you, too, are an anthropoid… Miss… you appeared at my son’s side when the anthropoids attacked us, and you want us elves’ spring water… You are suspicious from every perspective…”

“I… I…”

“I can see what you’re thinking, Miss.”

Vyvyan gently placed Ling Yue’s tail down.

Ling Yue swiftly coiled her tail underneath her, afraid that it would disappear in the next instant.

“Don’t go getting any ideas for my son. Miss, your thoughts are still considered pure, right now. However, if you hold any threatening thoughts for my son, even if just a tinge… I’ll, personally, snap your neck no matter where you are or when…”


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