Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 35

“I told you not to speak!”

“How was I supposed to know that they weren’t my men?!”

Ling Yue and I angrily made eye contact. Truthfully, I wasn’t angry that we were taken away; I was angry, because I was concerned for Karana and company. To be honest, I don’t care too much about Karana’s well-being, but I do care about my Philes and Shusia. I don’t know if they’ll be saved from the snow avalanche.

I, in all honesty, never expected these people to not be Karana and company, but instead, natives of the snowy mountains. They carried guns, bows and arrows on their backs. I thought that they were going to attack us, so I had my gun ready to fire, but they didn’t do anything to us. They just surrounded us, and then requested for us to leave.

Perhaps it was because he noticed our tense expressions, a native turned his head around to say with a smile, “I told you, Your Majesty, we do not intend offend you. We just hope that you can come with us. We have already rescued your friends, so you do not need to worry. We noticed your group when the snow avalanche happened. Fortunately, it was not a serious avalanche. A big snowball dropped down is all. After we saved your friends, Lord Karana said that you had not yet been found, so we led a search for you.”

“Are Karana and the others all right?”

“They are all fine.”

“That’s good.”

I was relieved to hear that. I then looked at them and asked with concern, “What about the anthropoids, then? What happened to them? How many of them are there? We did we get attacked?”

His expression turned grim. He sounded as if he struggled to reply, “It seems… to be a very fierce attack, Your Majesty… The anthropoids are launching a big attack. This is no longer the usual robbery, but an actual assault. We have no idea where they came from. They gathered in in the frozen land. They should be attacking Socina City now…”

“Oh, right! Human! I should inform you!”

Ling Yue grabbed me by my chest and pulled me over. She looked at me and solemnly said, “I never thought that they’d move so fast! Human! You need to hurry and prepare for war! The weather in the North has become too harsh to survive. All of the species in the North are banding together. They want to take over your land! This is just the first unit. There will be a big army attacking after! You need to hurry and prepare! I came to report this to you!!”

“Why didn’t you say so sooner?!”

“It was pointless to bring it up in that cave! Plus, it’s your fault, Galadriel! You made me forget it!”

I pressed a hand on her shoulder and shouted, “I need more information! I need the time they’ll strike, their numbers, the location and their equipment!”

“I don’t know!!”

Ling Yue was in pain, as I used too much strength; therefore, she pressed her hands on my shoulders. I didn’t realise how much strength I used.

‘I have no time and am in no mood to mind these trivial things. I need to know more. If they want to attack Troy City from here, it’ll only take them a few days; meanwhile humanity is completely unprepared for war. Heck, the military was called back South. ‘

‘How is my Troy City going to defend itself?!’

“I said, tell me more! Aren’t you a noble?! Tell me! Tell me…”


Ling Yue pulled her hand back and looked at me coldly. She then said, “Calm down! I came to inform you, not for you to find fault with! I wouldn’t be in such a pathetic state if I knew their plan. Their leader is extremely cautious. He wouldn’t let us, those who oppose war, find out any information. I only know some information. I’ll tell you all I know, but what’s the point of you getting worked up now?! Where’s your army?!”

The native was a bit surprised to see me get slapped in such fashion. However, he quickly interjected when there was a pause between us, “She is right, Your Majesty. You should calm down for now. Our elders have realised the severity of the situation. That is why we want to discuss the upcoming war with you. Socina City is being attacked right now. If we do not hurry, Lord Karana is going to run back there alone.”

“Ah… Yeah… My guards and the military are there, so they should be able to hang on…”

I touched my cheek that Ling Yue slapped. I looked at her and spaced out a little. She looked at me with a frown and muttered under her breath, “Are you actually reliable…?”

“I won’t let the people in my territory get trampled on. I was planning on getting a step ahead, but I’ll just have to defend first now.”

I looked ahead and walked forward. I stepped passed the piled up snow and looked into the distance. I exclaimed, “If this is a war, I won’t take a single step back, because I’m a descendant of the Rosvenor family and the Galadriel tribe!”

“Let’s hurry, then!”

We went around the mountain path and arrived at a large empty space between the mountains. There was a big fire lit up in the centre of the area. A group of natives sat around the fire with their white animal fur draped on their shoulders. Behind them was a fully-equipped militia. Karana, Philes and the others sat around the fire with their cloaks draped over their shoulders. Karana’s anxiety showed in her eyes. She couldn’t ask for anything more than to return. It was her city, after all.

“You’re here, esteemed Prince.”

An elder who was the leader stood up when he saw the two of us. The elders next to him stood up one after another and looked at us. I said, “It’s too late for formalities and drivel. Now, tell me what happened. What did you exactly call me here for? Socina City is currently under attack, so I’m not willing to waste a second.”

The elder laughed in a soft voice. He looked at me and replied, “Your Majesty, you and Her Majesty truly are cut from the same mould. When she faced our pursuers back then, she could not wait to attack the same way you want to go and rescue Socina right now. Her Majesty selflessly protected us back then. She gave us the right to live and freedom. We cannot give her anything, since we are in the snowy mountains, but it seems that we can repay you.”

The elder firmly waved his hand, and then pointed to the fully-equipped soldiers behind to say, “These are the most elite warriors in the mountain fortress nearby. Their bravery and combat skills are without equal. We can bravely fight with the anthropoids in the mountain. Your mother saved us, so allow us to repay you. Your Majesty, these soldiers shall follow your command!”

I looked at them. They’re all natives, but all of them looked as excited and nervous as one another. They looked as though they the battlefield wasn’t a place of death, but a journey to glory.

I looked at them and simply asked, “What do you want?”

They looked at me and responded loudly, “Wine.”

I froze for a moment, and then laughed loudly. I looked at them and swung my arms open. Courage is contagious. If one man steps forth, the thousands upon thousands behind him will also step forward. I was initially slightly afraid and puzzled, for I didn’t know what I had to do next. Now, however, I could feel their courage when I looked at them. In that moment, I suddenly felt that all of the problems had been resolved.

‘No matter what city it is, its warriors are its invincible city walls!’

“All right. We’ve never known each other until now; as a matter of fact, I didn’t even know my mom protected you, but since you’ve chosen to follow me, I shall let you feel proud as my mother did! If you devote your loyalty to me, I shall give you as much glory and wine as you desire!”

“One more thing, Your Majesty.”

I looked at the elder and he pulled a small figure out from behind him. She was clearly just a young girl. She had long-blonde hair and lifeless purple eyes that were similar to when Lucia is bored with nothing to do. She was really small in stature. She was probably around just twelve or thirteen, but the two long swords on her back and cloak that resembled of a wandering swordsman made her back look particular wide.

“This is my daughter. She is the smartest and bravest warrior in our entire tribe. I shall now entrust her to you, Your Majesty. Please make the most of her bravery!”

The elder pushed the young girl over to me. I took a step back and became alert. I developed a grudge against lolis after Alice’s stunt…

“Greetings, Your Majesty. I am Tanya Oradaidife… Since you said that we do not need to be concerned with formalities, shall we go and slaughter those anthropoids now?”

The young girl looked up at me. I caught a tinge of savageness appearing in her purple eyes. She initially had an expressionless look, but when she said, “slaughter those anthropoids,” a savage smile surfaced on her face.


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