Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 34

I was lying on the young girl’s thighs.

Frankly, I don’t think this girl has any worldly common sense. Usually, the first thing you do upon saving a man trapped in the snow wouldn’t be slapping his face as much and hard as you could. However, my belly and chest felt very warm. There was something fluffy covering my chest. Wondering what it was, I went to touch the fluffy thing…

“Don’t go touching me there, you creep!!”

I took another slap to my face. Seriously, the slap really hurt. She whipped the fluffy thing on my chest away, thereby exposing my chest to the cold. The young girl fumed as she looked at me. She folded her arms and exclaimed, “Do you not know not to touch a young girl’s tail, you rude human?! You can’t be so impolite even if you did save my life!”

“No, normally, young girls don’t have a tail…”

I put my hand on my forehead. I saw the white ground.

‘It appears that I’m in a stone cave.’

The young girl knelt to one side and vigilantly pulled her tail behind her. She looked at me with her red eyes that were the shape of a crescent moon. I shifted my gaze to her. Her pointy ears twitched. She shifted her line of sight and in a soft voice, said, “Don’t stare at me that way. You’re such an impolite human…”

“No… the main thing is… you’re different to us and those anthropoids… so I’m slightly curious……”

She snorted then folded her arms. She proudly wagged her tail, and then responded, “Of course, I’m the venerated eldest daughter of the leader of the Moon Fox Tribe. Our tribe is different to those anthropoids. Our blood is pure. We’re a prominent tribe in the North. You should salute me in my presence, you impolite human. However, I shall forgive your rudeness, as you saved my life! My name is Ling Yue. Ling. Yue. Remember my name.”

“Is it…?”

I chuckled, and then adjusted my clothes. I looked at her and made a small bow. I then continued, “I am the Prince of the Rosvenor Empire and the elven kingdom, Troy Galadriel Rosvenor. It seems that I am of higher status than you are, so I shall forgive your rudeness…”


Ling Yue, in other words, the long-eared young girl with a tail from the wolf tribe, suddenly stood up before I finished. She looked at me with astonishment. She grabbed my chest with one hand and shouted, “You’re a Galadriel?! The Elven King Galadriel?”

“Calm down…”

I looked at her two sharp fangs on both sides of her lips and pressed my hands down on her shoulders. She smacked the ground with her tail. She was on the verge of tears. She tightly gripped my clothes at my chest and thumped her head on my chest hard. I didn’t know what she was trying to do. I raised both of my hands up high to indicate that I wasn’t intending to do anything to her.

She leaned her small body on my chest and shook violently, “I’ve found you… I’ve found you… Galadriel… Galadriel… I finally… finally…”

She gripped my clothes tightly. Her tears started to course down her face. The tears on her eyelashes had frozen. I looked at her feeling stupefied and asked with puzzlement, “Yes, I am a Galadriel… but what exactly do you want me to do? How do you know the surname of the Elven King? Are there elves over there?”

“Only you Galadriels can save us… Only you… only the Galadriels can. Without you… without you… our… I… father…”

I couldn’t make out what she was saying. Her weeping left her distraught, and her speech was all muddled. I, however, suddenly realised something.

‘How did we manage to communicate without any pressure?’

It wasn’t because of mana, but that we spoke the same language.

‘Why do we speak the same language?’

She cried on my chest while still maintaining her grip on my shirt. She thumped her head on my chest hard and said something that I couldn’t understand at all. I had no idea what she wanted me to do, but I could faintly feel something.

‘She’s a young girl that fled for her life with fierce anthropoids in hot pursuit. Why did she have to flee? What can you derive from a young girl who was arrogant and proud crying so sorrowfully?’

‘It meant that she, perhaps, hopes that I can avenge her.’

She hoped that I could help her return.

I don’t know what exactly happened in the North, but it must be related to mana. It must have something to do with this girl’s tribe and elves. That would explain why this young girl in front of me was so worked up. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but I think she can get me what I want.

“I beg you…”

I pressed my hands on her shoulders, looked at her face and solemnly said, “Don’t cry. Please don’t cry. I’ll listen to you, and I’ll consider your request, but you need to properly tell me what the matter is. Trust me, I’ll help you. I definitely will, I promise. As long as you tell me what’s the matter…”

I extended my hand out to wipe her tears on her face away, but for some reason, my hand grabbed her ear…

‘Ah, the fluffy feeling feels so nice…’


I received another big slap to my face again. And then I got slapped again before I could react.

“You are not to touch my ears, you rude man!!!!”

“Why do you like slapping me across the face so much?!”

The young girl looked at me, feeling angry. Despite her face still having traces of her tears on it, she still looked at me with a furious gaze. She put her hand on her hip then pointed at my face and shouted.

I touched my face. We had only exchanged a few sentences, yet she had slapped me a number of times already. I just had a strong urge to touch her twitching ears and tail she wagged from side to side. Plus, her tail she wagged around was particularly warm and smooth. I really wanted to play with it in my hands.

Just as she went to give me another ear full, her ears suddenly budged. After making a few circles with them, she suddenly went up on her toes and covered my mouth. She whispered, “Shut up! Don’t speak! Somebody is coming! Lots of them, in fact!”


I said shut up!! Aaahh!!”

She suddenly moaned, and then powerlessly leaned onto my chest. I grabbed her tail that wasn’t easy to grab, “Why can’t I speak?! Did you forget that I had others with me?! It must be them searching for me! If we don’t reveal ourselves to them now, we’ll never be saved!”

Although I was slightly angry, her tail felt so nice…

I grabbed her tail out of curiosity and stroked it a few times.

‘How smooth and warm!’

“Ah… Ah…. Don’t… Let go… Hmm…. Mmm… Let go… bastard… let go!”

She squirmed with her body while she softly panted. She gripped my chest tightly as her body trembled with nervousness.

“… Mm.”

She suddenly leaned onto my chest without any resistance. She gripped my clothes with red hot flushes on her face and whispered, “Don’t just go touching my tail… only… only… only my husband can touch it…”

“You have a husband?!”

I immediately let go, because I was shocked.

“Of course I do, you damn creep!! I told you not to touch my tail already! You creep! Bully! Bastard!”

*Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!! Smack!!*


‘So her tail can change her personality now, huh…’

‘Also, how the heck did your five slaps feel as though you practiced them to mastery?!!’


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