Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 30

Karana didn’t make me wait for long. After just one day, she brought a tall stack of books before me. There were new and old books. The old ones were so old that I was afraid gently touching it would reduce it to dust.

“This is all of the information I found related to the North. After examining the information, I have found out that there are lots of species in the North, including trolls and anthropoids, all of which have their own societies, which come in different shapes and forms. Further, they continue to fight each other in the North. The North is mainly flat land and has rivers which can be clearly spotted. However, they should all be frozen by now.”

I nodded and asked, “Do you have a map, then?”

“I have found a total of three maps.”

Karana carefully picked up the three maps. Two of them were very old while one was very new. Well, not particularly new. I took the two maps. The pen marks made on them were virtually indiscernible now. I spread the three maps out, and then asked, “The entrances and exits on these three maps are huge. Is it due to the land changing or are they drawing mistakes?”

Karana smiled helplessly and replied, “Your Majesty, I truthfully have no way of being sure about that, as I have never been there. These maps were all drawn by adventurers. They were drawn centuries apart from each other. Nobody knows for certain if changes happened there or if the maps are inaccurate.”

“I can’t use these three maps to send my men to their deaths. I’m going to a place swarming with danger. Going there without a map is no different to marching to our deaths. I need to send scouts there to redraw the maps. I don’t need these three maps.”

Karana nodded then took the maps back. She responded, “Indeed, you are correct. You will have to slowly look through the rest afterwards. However, I cannot allow you to take them away, because they are things my husband left behind for me. Do you have any other plans for the next few days, Your Majesty?”

I looked at her and responded seriously, “No. Oh, right, I also want to personally make a trip to one of the routes that lead to the mountain paths in the North.”

Karana hesitated for a moment. She then frowned, “Why do you want to go to such a perilous place? Your Majesty, please forgive my bluntness, but that is no place for a holiday. It is actually a very dangerous place. I am not saying that you will definitely be attacked by anthropoids, but due to the weather on snowy mountain paths. That is your biggest foe. You guard unit will not be able to remain on the snowy mountains for long with their equipment. You may truly find yourself in danger if you try to.”

“Wasn’t that the same with the desert?”

Karana mercilessly replied, “You prepared for a long time before going to the desert, did you not? You would not have had those strange large animals pulling your carriages, otherwise. Moreover, you brought a large volume of ammunition, supplies and weapons, right? Have you prepared anything this time, though? Is your only preparation is your guard unit? Further, your guard unit does not look as though they have prepared the correct attire. I strongly advise against going to the mountain paths. It, truly, is very dangerous on the snowy mountains…”

“Of course, I know that it’s dangerous, but not going just because it’s dangerous isn’t my style.”

I chuckled, “I’m going to have to trouble you to help out with my men’s attire, Karana. Although I’m not afraid of danger, I do have a brain. Leave the survival and safety arrangements in the snowy mountains to me.”

“You mean that you want me to come with you?”

The corner of Karana’s lips curled up into a small smile. She then said, “Normally speaking, I should refuse, for the reason that it would be wise to refuse to partake in something this risky, where there is clearly nothing to be gained, and to the contrary, is dangerous.”

“I believe you will agree, though.”

“Let me put it this way… I do not know why but when I see your expression, I end up believing that you can do many things that are considered impossible. I shall go with you. However, I must inform you to, one, not bring too many men as the paths in the mountains are very narrow; thus, bringing too many men would affect our speed. Moreover, we will all die in the snow if something happens and the path is blocked. Two, your men’s primary weapons are guns, correct? Do not fire your guns in the snowy mountains, as we will be doomed if it causes an avalanche. Lastly, bring as little luggage as possible, and everyone should bring a few rocks.”


“Heating them up, and then putting them in your clothes will keep you warm for a long time.” Karana gave a simple explanation, and then added, “I shall arrange for men to be our guides. Your Majesty, you must follow our instructions in the mountains. Do not act on your own accord, understood?”


“All right, then. I shall satisfy your wish, if that is your wish.” Karana giggled softly, “But I absolutely refuse to go to that side with you. If you wish to cross through the mountains and over to the North, please do so on your own.”

“I don’t want to cross over, either. I just want to confirm one path I can use, that’s all.” I stroked my chin to think to myself for a bit before saying, “I initially thought that I’d be able to obtain a map from you so that I could return and make preparations to expand in the North. I never expected I’d have to wait for so long before I could get a start.”

Karana made a small bow. She then said, “Although it may take a bit longer, I believe that your goal is easier to achieve than mine. I shall now go and prepare. You should inform your men, as well. Choose your elites, bring along food, firewood and also clothes.”


“Let us head out tomorrow, then. I estimate that we will need to travel for some time. It is very cold and dangerous on the snowy mountains, but the scenery is very captivating.”

Karana giggled then turned around to leave. I sat on my chair and looked at the books before me. I sighed, and then carefully picked one up to begin to read through it…

‘Ah, fuck!! I can’t read Socina’s texts!’


“Miss! Hurry! Hurry!! You will be safe once you get over there! You just need to get over there!”

“Th-there are still pursuers behind us! They’re catching up! They’re catching up!!”

“Miss, you go on ahead. You people protect her well. Don’t turn around no matter what happens. Just run. Now hurry, hurry to that side. When you see the humans there, inform them of what happened here! You must survive! You must! Miss, promise me! Promise! Our tribe’s bloodline and the safety in the North rests in your hands now! You must survive! You must survive!”

“I… I…”

“Don’t cry, Miss, don’t cry. Do not worry about us. Turn around and run now. If you cannot return with glory then do not return. We are dying for you, our tribe and the safety of all of the souls in the North. As long as we live in your heart, we will never die! Now go! Go!!”

“I swear! I swear that I will not let your deaths be in vain! I will not let my father’s death be in vain! I will definitely bring back hope! I promise!”

“It’s all in your hands… Miss… Now… hurry and run!”


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