Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 29

“So, centralisation is still required, even in that scenario?”

“No. The fundamental condition that needs to be in place for everyone to be able lead lives with equality is to have a stable country. In order for the country to be stable, there must be someone who acts as the leader. However, I’m not talking about one such as Her Majesty. All of the national policies and government decrees must be approved of by the people, therefore allowing it to be representative of the majority. The leader is not someone who gives out commands, but one that creates proposals for change as per the suggestions off the people. The proposal is then legislated after the people approve of it. Consequently, the leader isn’t an Emperor but a civil servant that represents the people.”

“So the country’s power is not said leader’s power?”

“Correct. In order to avoid selfish behaviours, the country must have power. The country must control necessary goods and resources. This way, merchants won’t be able to hoard goods under special circumstances for their own profits. It makes handling of resources more convenient. Further, decrees can be swiftly carried out even without the elders’ discussion. Now, the country’s administration must not bend the rules and regulations to benefit anyone, regardless of identity or status. They must be governed under the same laws as everyone else and that includes the leader of the country.”

Karana looked at me with an earnest look. She quickly scribbled something down in her notebook. I stopped my speech and picked up my cup of water on the table. I looked at the rays of light between the tall mountains outside. I then looked back at Karana and said, “Karana, you must know that production must reach a certain point before anything I just said can be administered. If not, the people might not be able to enjoy the resources, even if you do manage to acquire them. Hence, the things I said aren’t practical at this point in time. Meanwhile, Her Majesty’s method of ruling is most appropriate… Of course, the elves’ governing system is the closest to what you’re aiming for, but their needs and society aren’t compatible with humanity.”

Karana nodded. She looked at her notebook in front of her and let out a long sigh, “I really, really look forward to seeing this world. It is not a single individual’s country, but a clan’s rule. The people select their representative; they voice their dissatisfactions; the leader does not enjoy special privileges and must serve the people. This world… all of the resources in this world belong to the hard-working people. I think that the leader of such a country would be very happy. We will all eventually become particles of dust, but the people will always speak of our story. We will forever be remembered in the people’s hearts. It is just unfortunate that I will not get to see such a beautiful world. But nevertheless, I am not sad, as I now firmly believe that this world will definitely become that world I envision.”

I looked at her. Despite not getting any sleep for the entire night, instead, recording every word and view I spoke about excitedly, Karana didn’t show any signs of fatigue on her face. To the contrary, she had a red flush on her face that displayed her anticipation and joy for the future. Pursuing a dream without a future is a very painful endeavour. After this one night, however, I transformed her fleeting dream into an actionable plan.

I shined a light into the dark night where there wasn’t so much as a single ray of light. I completely lit up the path in front of her. While I shouldn’t force changes to history and society’s development, I don’t want such a resolute idea ahead of the times to end up down the drain. Karana might not be able to see the world I spoke of, but as long as somebody picks up her notebook, the path forward will be walked.

“Your Majesty… One’s life sure is short…”

The sun shone in from outside. Karana’s purple eyes were particularly bright as the sun came up. She looked at me and softly went on, “However, I got to meet the man I love most and take a big step forward for our dream. It sure is a strange feeling. It feels as though I have completed the task I was born to complete… Perhaps a short life is meaningful, too. God did not provide us with enough time; instead, gave us limitless possibilities… Your Majesty, I am thinking that if I knew that you did not think that I was naïve, childish and would work together with me earlier on, I might have chosen to marry off to Rosvenor back then. Would that have also been a good choice?”

I chuckled and shook my head, “I don’t think so, Karana. If you married someone you don’t love for your dream, that wouldn’t be what you want, right? The happiest thing isn’t witnessing the moment your dream comes true, but our clumsy selves working together with someone who shares your dream. You also want to be able to love the one you work with. That’s what you want, and also the bliss you possess, am I right?”

Karana didn’t respond. Tears started to form in her eyes. She looked out the window without speaking. I titled my head and continued, “Moreover, to be frank, I think that I love my current wives more. After all, I think that Nier is a bit cuter than you are. That’s what I reckon.”

Karana turned her tears into a smile and joked, “I also think that my husband was a bit more masculine than you. After all, he would not say that another woman is cuter in front of me.”

I laughed and stood up. I then responded, “That’s because to me, you’re the ‘another woman’. Life is short, so there are no wrong decisions in life. If you’re happy now, then there’s no need to regret.”

“I agree. I now feel that it was great that I did not marry you, for that was how I got to spend a few years with the man I loved most. Those few years were enough to make me happy.”

Karana stood up and opened her arms. I stood up and gave her a light hug. Our hug was void of any romantic feelings. It was merely a simple hug of encouragement and consolation. As a matter of fact, our bodies didn’t even touch. We just lightly wrapped our arms around each other.

“Ah… Your Majesty…”

I need to make something clear.

For the sake of avoiding rumours, we didn’t close the door when we spoke at night. The door was open so that everybody who passed by could see us speaking at the desk.  That led to… Philes finding out I didn’t return at night, and he also saw us hugging…

Karana let go of me casually and with a smile, said, “I shall not take up your rest time, then, Your Majesty. My wilfulness deprived you of your sleep. For that I am very sorry. Please go and have a good rest now. I will prepare what you need as soon as I can.”

“All right.”

I nodded, and then we smiled as we exchanged eye contact. I turned around to leave and Philes followed behind me. He looked at me with a very odd gaze for a long while, and then remarked, “Your Majesty, I once heard a weird rumour…”

“What rumour?”

“I heard that you used your body to conquer the female lords… It is said that you have sexual relationships with countless lords… I refused to believe it in the past… but… I now feel… mm… that there is some truth to the rumour…”

“What nonsense is this?!! We have a pure relationship! It’s one-hundred percent pure!!”

“Is it…?”

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll call Shusia over tonight…”

“I believe you!! I believe you!! I absolutely believe you!!”


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