The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 30

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I didn’t tell Veirya what I had obtained, but Veirya didn’t ask, either. The two of us just went straight back to the hotel.

Since we didn’t look strange in any way, except for Veirya having the scent of wine on her, the guy at the entrance didn’t say anything. He just quietly asked us where we drank and if we could bring some back for him.

I didn’t answer. I pretended I didn’t hear him.

‘It looks like the drinking prohibition in this city is extremely strict. It is indeed a little distressing to not be able to drink any wine in the cold north.’

Veirya wiped her sleeve and then looked at him and replied, “Inside the army camp th-, oop!”

I quickly covered her mouth with my hand and forcefully dragged her upstairs.

Veirya was puzzled, but she went along. When we got to the door to her room, she asked with puzzlement, “What are you doing?”

“Don’t tell anyone there’s wine in the army camp. There’s a drinking ban in this city. Not even the army is permitted to drink heavily. If you tell others about this and they go report it to the chapel, a conflict will arise between the army and the chapel. When that happens, our plan will go down the drain! So don’t tell anyone.”

“Alright.” Veirya nodded then looked at me and added, “Come to my room.”


I looked at Veirya blankly. She looked at me with a serious look and responded, “Must discuss, together, every night.”

“Discuss? Discuss what?”

“Discuss whether I did something wrong that day or not.” Veirya looked and me and went on, “When we were travelling, every night we would discuss whether there was any problem with our strategy for the day and how we were going to fight tomorrow. So, we have to do the same now.”

I understand what Veirya means.

What Veirya must be saying is like the quote “I examine myself on three points every day”. What happened during the day must be weighing on Veirya’s mind. Veirya tried to help a young girl during the day but had, instead, caused her death.

I thought Veirya was the type to not care about others. I think she took the initiative to offer food to prove that she had changed, but unfortunately, her kind gesture didn’t bring about a positive result.

‘Or could it be that Veirya is a pure lolicon? First, it was Leah and then a little girl. Lucia. I’m guessing Lucia is considered a girl by Veirya since she’s flat-chested.’

I gave Veirya a nod.

‘I can’t refuse her in this situation, can I? If I do, she might storm into my room. I can’t let Leah be exposed.’ I felt that there was no other choice, after deliberation.

Veirya opened the door.

I looked inside curiously but had also prepared myself mentally.

Although this was a girl’s room, I wasn’t surprised because it was like nobody had lived in there before. The furniture was still placed there and the blanket hadn’t been used. It didn’t look like even the water kettle had been touched.

Only Veirya’s water kettle or whatever was placed on the table. Nothing else had changed.

This is a woman’s room, yet had no traces of any woman occupying it.’

‘Wait, let me correct myself there. There were no traces of anyone occupying it.’

Every room in this hotel has its own fireplace, but only one central pipeline. Luckily for us, our rooms were on both sides of the pipeline. The room opposite Veirya’s was much colder, though.

Veirya pulled a chair over and gestured for me to sit on it. She then removed her outer coat in front of me and placed it aside, leaving only her undershirt and underpants on…

I looked at her white thighs that could reflect the flames and then looked her. I felt awkward. She tilted her head and asked, “Do you wear your outer coat in your room?”

“No… But… Mm…”

“You’ve seen it, so you’re used to it, I presume.” Veirya didn’t mind me looking at her. She continued by asking, “Today, what did I do wrong?”

“You did lots of wrong things. First of all, you shouldn’t have given that young girl food. Secondly, you shouldn’t have said anything.” I gently touched my head, with my eyes on her, and explained, “Before you help someone, you must consider the consequences that will follow. You’re not giving a beggar by the side of the road food or something here, but basically throwing food into a streak of tigers.”

“When you see a group of people that require help, don’t bother with any of them, unless you can help all of them.”

“Now onto the second point. We might see lots of people do illegal things, in the future. But you cannot be the one to enforce the law if it doesn’t occur in your territory, Veirya. Hence, we must not try to be representatives of justice. Conversely, keeping silent about it would be considered a threat. Therefore, if you see someone do something, you must remain calm and not interfere directly. Once we do get involved, don’t tell anybody about it.”

That’s about it really. Veirya’s experience with handling worldly affairs is about the equivalent of Leah’s, so telling Veirya these things is similar to teaching Leah.

Veirya looked at me seriously and listened intently. She then nodded and replied, “Understood. I will bear it in mind.”

I nodded then stood up and said, “That’s it for today. That’s it, right? There are many things you have to be aware of, as a lord of a territory, which are completely different to being a warrior. A warrior only needs to fight demons. A lord, however, must interact with humans, and interacting with humans is the toughest thing to do in the world.”


Veirya nodded then asked, “What are you doing now? Can you tell me?”

“I just went to find out a little today. I’m not after taking food from the military camp, as re-selling army rations is not a good idea. Veirya, I want to see the current highest-ranking chief at the camp tomorrow. Can you help me get an audience?”

Veirya looked at me and replied, “I don’t know the current chief.”

“You just need to use your name. I don’t think there is even a single soldier who isn’t willing to see you. You’re the warrior who has slain the Demon King, after all. If you are with me, I would be respected by everyone in the camp, too, wouldn’t I? Without you though I can’t get an audience with the person in charge.”

Veirya seemed to think about it for a while. I didn’t know what she was thinking, but after a moment, she nodded and answered, “We’ll go tomorrow.”

“All right.” I nodded and then turned around to pull the door shut.

Veirya didn’t keep me. It looks like she really did just want to discuss things with me and nothing more…

That made me feel slightly disappointed.

I reached my room and then gently pushed the door open.

Leah had transformed and was lying on the bed nude, softly snoring. She didn’t wake up, though. She remained laying on the bed, snoring, in a curled up position.

I carefully removed my outer coat and then crawled into bed quietly. I turned my back to Leah and closed my eyes.

Leah always hugged me to sleep every night.

Leah’s body is seriously too seductive for a grown man. I have to use all of my willpower to control myself or else I really might do something. I can’t do something that is worse than a beast.

Consequently, I got very little rest every night.

But I can finally have a good sleep now…

“Papa… you didn’t think I had fallen asleep, did you…?” A sexy body gently hugged me from behind around my hips tightly.

My body shuddered. My ears were already being licked.

Leah’s soft and skilled tongue gently teased the sensitive nerves in my ears.

My ears were filled with Leah’s sucking and licking sound. It was as though she was licking from inside to outside.

“I can smell wine, Papa. But you don’t have that woman’s scent.”

Leah pulled her tongue back and leaned on me gently from behind.

She smiled and said, “You pass, Papa. Leah is very happy. Papa finally came back. Papa, let’s sleep together. Goodnight Papa. Leah will always be a good girl like this. Leah was a good girl and waited for you here, Papa. Leah didn’t feel lonely! Leah is always a good girl like this!”

“Sorry for making you feel lonely, Leah. Papa will keep you company tomorrow.”

I grabbed hold of Leah’s hands, and she nodded with glee. She then pressed herself firmer onto me…


Her body is even plumper than Veirya’s…

‘All right. I guess I won’t be able to get a good night of sleep, again.’


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