Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 06

Nier locked my neck and panted as she said, “Dear, I want to go out together with you, too.”

This is Nier’s kinky state. I pulled my somewhat sore hand back and asked, “Tomorrow?”

“Yes. I looked at your schedule for tomorrow and it doesn’t look as though you have any jobs, right…? Her Majesty and Her Highness will soon be here. I want to spend some time outside with you before then. You went with that elf, Lucia, but you didn’t come with me. I’m very unhappy.”

Nier jerked, and then timidly leaned onto my chest. She then looked at me with red flushes on her face.

Nier curled up on my chest and wore a disturbing smile as she licked her fingers bit by bit.

‘I don’t know why Nier has this special preference. Is it due to a side effect of a drug…?’

“All right. Let’s go out tomorrow, then… But, if you want to go out, stop here for tonight. Otherwise, I won’t want to go anywhere tomorrow.”

I watched Nier’s hands lustfully move around, and then watched her glue herself to me, so I gave her the warning. Nier reacted with a shocked expression. She then looked at me with an expression which evidently showed that she was in a dilemma as she looked back and forth between my face and her hand…

‘Hey, hey, hey, do you need to deliberate this for that long?! Do you want to go out with me, or do it with me?’

“That’s fine. Worst comes to worst, I’ll carry you tomorrow! In short, I want to do both! So, Dear, please open your legs!”

After pondering it for a long time, Nier dove her head back into the blanket, giving me no time to be shocked or explain. I feel that I’m not her husband in front of her. Others beg their wives to do it, while I can’t even get a break…

‘I surrender. It’s better if I just obey.’

Nier, actually, held back. I was in a relatively good state when I woke up the next day. At least, I wasn’t as spent when I woke up the next day. After helping me get dressed, we went down stairs for breakfast. My two wives had eventually gotten used to looking after me after Luna’s departure. Although I don’t really want for them to look after me, nobody else can touch my room and breakfast.

I think that only my two moms can handle it in the future… I believe that Mommy Vyvyan won’t mind while Mommy Elizabeth would be elated. However, I bet Mommy Elizabeth will order one of her people to clean my room, and then brag to me as if she actually helped me tidy my room…

Nier hugged my arm at breakfast and looked at me with a gentle expression. Her eyes of affection caused me to feel a little unsettled. Nier’s eyes were lifeless three months ago, so it was a strong contrast when I see her gentle expression. Lucia, who sat on my left hand side, looked at Nier with disgust. She asked, “Why are you looking at His Highness with such a disgusting expression?”

“Hmph. I’m going out with His Majesty today.”

Lucia nodded and looked at Nier nonchalantly. She calmly responded, “Heh, you just wanted to go out with His Highness, because you saw me going out with him. I went out with His Highness to play every day in the afternoon when we were at Duargana. I’m used to it. I don’t think you’ve ever gone out to play with His Highness though, huh?”

Nier snickered, “His Majesty went out with me while we were at the Royal Capital, too.”

“You went with him as his bodyguard though, didn’t you?”

Lucia shot her a glare. Nier froze stiff in place. She looked at me with a blank look, but I gave no response. I just wanted to be an innocent audience member. Lucia laughed, and then teased her, “I went with His Highness as his fiancée, so I was walking side by side with him. We ate together, shopped together and went for tea together. You, on the other hand, followed behind him, huh?”

“I… I… We shopped, too! His Majesty gave me gifts, too!”

‘Are you talking about the candy?’

“Oh well, you’re quite pitiful. You never got to experience dating, after all, huh? As the woman who has been in love with His Highness for over ten years, I won’t get jealous of you… Uhm… I won’t…”

‘I can taste your jealousy in my soup, girl…’

However, Lucia did look at Nier with a proud expression, whereas Nier could only clench her teeth as she didn’t have a counterargument. Before we got married, Nier always followed behind me when we went out. She wasn’t even willing to take a bite of squid. But nonetheless, we didn’t really go out to play after getting married, either.

That’s why Nier is very angry right now…

“I don’t care what it takes! I must do everything Lucia did yesterday!”

Nier locked my arms in hers. She grumpily looked at the street in front of us and exclaimed, “It’s just eating, shopping and drinking! I want to do all that, too! Otherwise, Lucia will mock me with those things again!”

I chuckled then lowered my head to kiss Nier’s forehead. I replied, “Lucia has been with me for over ten years. There’s no need to mind that, is there? I can still stay by your side for a long time, so I can do those things with you for a dozen years, too. There’s, therefore, no need for you to mind those things. If you want to go out with me in the future, just let me know. I’ll definitely go out with you.”

Nier looked up at me with hot flushes on her cheeks. She leaned her head on my chest and softly said, “How nice would it have been if I had already fallen for you at that time… I really don’t want to think back on that time… At the time, I, honestly, treated you… too hostilely.”

I hugged her as I laughed, “But I already really liked you back then.”

“… Aaahh… I really don’t want to remember it…”

Nier flirtatiously snuggled up on my chest. She then looked at up me and asked, “Your Majesty, do you like me as I am now…? I must’ve changed a lot compared to my past-self, right…? Do you like me as I am now?”

“I like every version of you. I just hope that you can control yourself a little…”

Nier revealed a mischievous smile. She gently knocked on my chest, and then explained, “It’s all your fault, isn’t it? Weren’t you the one who gave me such a naughty order back then? Rubbing and whatnot… And, since you saved me, don’t stop half way. Your Majesty, I will not spare you!”


“Of course not!”

Nier spun around as she left my chest in a pleased and suave fashion. She then grabbed my arm and smiled, “Let’s go, Dear. I couldn’t love you for a dozen or so years as she did in the past, but I can continue loving you until forever. My prince, I will always love you.”

“Uhm, I know. I’ll love you, too. I couldn’t walk with you in your past, but I’ll walk the future with you. I spent over ten years with Lucia in the Imperial Capital. I’ll love you for my whole life. Of course… Lucia has to be included…”

“Your Majesty, don’t bring up that woman when we’re outside!”

“Okay, okay, okay…”

I felt a painful sensation in my back. I scrubbed Nier’s head with a smile. She pouted, and then suddenly hugged me from the front. She bent down at her waist, thereby frightening me. My first reaction was, “We can’t do this on the streets”.

“What’s wrong?”

“Come on up, Your Majesty. I promised you that I’d carry you today!”

“Ah… I was joking…”

“No! I already said that I would. If you have the energy, then that means we’ll be able to do it even more times tonight!”

“No! No! Don’t!!”

Congratulations on your achievement…

You managed to get your pregnant wife to carry you through the streets…


*In Chinese one way to express “jealous” is with the 醋 character meaning vinegar. So when Troy responded, he actually said (Lit. Translation) “Your vinegar is making my soup go sour…” I boldly assumed that you don’t say “I’m vinegar” to express jealousy in English, so I reworded it.


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