Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 05

Freya didn’t say that just to frighten me. These two mothers started a long and brutal war back then for a child. Mothers are naturally crazy when it comes to their children, so it’s even crazier when it comes to my two moms, who also have the power of rulers.

In order to avoid the war, I sent both of my moms an invitation, inviting them to Troy City. I’m not doing this out of consideration for the two races, alone. The main reason I’m doing this is for the sake of Troy City. My only capital at current is Troy City. If business in Troy City dies, then the city will be history. As I have no way of planting food crops and feeding myself in the city, I must ensure that the harmony between both sides is maintained in order to ensure the safety and livelihood of my city.

Now I need to wait for my moms arrival. Mommy Vyvyan will be able to get here quickly. She could essentially come here immediately after seeing my letter. Mommy Elizabeth, on the other hand, will take a long time. I have no time for breathers at the moment. The lord of Socina City, Karana, sent an envoy over to confirm our trade agreement.

Karana definitely managed to get her hand on the metal. According to the initial agreement made in the desert, Karana should be providing us the metal at the lowest price while we provide them with our elven dye we manufacture. Of course, we’re the ones who’re going to be determining the price. As the elders in her city were defeated by her, the money of the bankrupt elders now belongs to her. Karana is now at the apex of power. Nobody else in Socina City can question her power any longer.

Our two cities are both getting what we need from each other, one, due to our agreement in the desert, and two, because we have a good impression of each other. Karana doesn’t feel successful; she doesn’t think that I handed her the map as a result of her successful planning. What she feels is gratitude toward me for me handing it to her. Honestly, she’s not wrong there, for if I called for Vyvyan at the time, she would be empty-handed. However, Karana’s humble attitude gave me a particularly good impression of her.

Karana, Nara and I are a very complete chain with common interests. The three of us get what we need from each other and have what we need to use each other. It’s also precisely because the two of them trust me and look forward to my accomplishments that not only were they not affected by the vassal state clean up, but were even rewarded.

Loyalty will be repaid; though, I wasn’t the one that repaid them.

I went with the envoy to the planting area we had finished partitioning. I haven’t seen what the colony’s sugar cane and tobacco plantations were like, but after seeing this neat and orderly planted dye crop, as well as the humans and elves working, I presume that the colony resembles this. However, it appears that the relationship between the elves and humans here isn’t too shabby.

The envoy gave a satisfied nod, “You live up to your reputation, Your Majesty. Troy City is the only place where one could see a human area manufacturing elven goods. As long as we mutually trust each other and are honest with each other, I believe that there will be no issues. I am just a representative, but I dare say that if our Lord Karana was to see such an orderly planting area, she would definitely immediately extend the agreement for a fixed number of years.”

“Don’t you have the right to do that?”

“You give me more credit than I deserve, Your Majesty. I am but an envoy delivering a message to confirm the agreement with you. I checked your planting area, merely because it was conveniently on the way. If you want to discuss that sort of stuff with me, I think you will need to speak to another envoy.”

The envoy smiled and continued, “I am actually here to invite you to Socina City, Your Majesty. This is a personal oral invitation from Lord Karana. We have begun preparations for your reception, as well. Lord Karana said that she had mentioned it to your previously. If you have no business coming up, I hope that you can come to visit us at Karana City as a guest. Lord Karana is looking forward to your visit.”

Karana did, indeed, mention it previously. She did invite me when we met briefly at the guest hall. I also had plans to make a trip there after the hunting event. However, what transpired after that put a wrench in my plan, causing me to put an indefinite delay on the trip until now.

I’m fine with going there now. It’s just that I need to talk to my two moms first. I can’t leave Troy City until that’s settled.

I looked the envoy and replied with a smile, “Thank Lord Karana for the invite, but I do have some other business to attend to for now. Once I have finished up my business, I will definitely head to Socina.”

“I can report to Lord Karana, then. Your Majesty, please make sure to come to our prosperous and grandiose Socina City. We are looking forward to your visit; nevertheless, please inform us ahead of time to allow us to arrange a welcoming ceremony for you. You are our esteemed guest, after all.”

“Thank Lord Karana on my behalf for me.”

The envoy passed on the invitation from Socina City, so I’ll go for sure. I’m not going there just for Karana, either. Karana is just my excuse to go there. I’m slightly interested in this woman who possesses advanced thinking, but of course, what I’m most interested in is the North of the canyon, a continent that’s said be a land of snow.

I want my own nation but I’m fated to not be able to head south as that’s humanity’s territories. The further south I go, the closer to the heart of Mommy Elizabeth’s rule I go, while to the north is the elven forest. If I choose to go there, I’ll be stuck as the Elven King for all my life, not to mention possibly triggering a large-scale war. For those reasons, my only choice is to choose a large unknown place, and that is the north of the large canyon.

The large canyon to the north is unknown territory to the elves due to the extreme cold. The elves have no way of living there. Human explorers, who want to get there, need to cross through the elven territories. At a time when the tension between the elves and humans is at its peak, no human would dare show up in the elven forests.

The only place that would have some connection to the north is the city east of the elven lands, and that is Socina City, which is located in the north. Socina City is built on snowy lands, making it extremely similar to the northern area. Plus, you can look down at the continent in the north from the top of the mountains there.

‘I think that Socina’s people have some knowledge of the North.’

For now, I only know that there are apparently living organisms in the northern continent, and they are the trolls that rob the elves. In other words, it’s inhabitable. Further, I read a few things about the north in the ancient books that the elves have. What I found out was that a very long time ago, before the large canyon even came into existence, the North wasn’t that cold.

A large canyon can’t change the temperature of a region. I believe that something there changed. Changes that are a result of approaching the elves’ territory are ninety percent likely to be related to mana. If the large canyon was the thing that prevented the elves’ spring water to reach the surrounding vicinity, then I can construct a water channel to fix the waterway, allowing the springs to flow again. In any case, I must go and take a look.

This is the only place I’ve found where I can build my empire. So, come what may, I’ll definitely go. I must see what the land north of the large canyon has to offer.


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