Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 04

“Welcome back, Onii-sama.”

When Lucia and I returned to the palace, we were welcomed by Freya and an unhappy Nier. I waited for a moment, but that familiar “welcome back, Your Majesty”, never came.

‘How many more times do I need to remind myself? Luna is no longer with me. Luna really is gone. Life has gradually settled down now just as when Luna was still around. How am I meant to tell if Luna is here or not, like this? If life just continues this way, how am I to tell myself that Luna is no longer here? How can I get myself to remember Luna’s cruel death?’

Freya looked at me. She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Onii-sama, are you all right? Why does it feel as though you are always spacing out? If you have not been well, I suggest delaying the return to the elven lands for your succession by a few days. After all, your workload will only increase after your succession. Further, I do not understand the elven operations. As such, only Her Highness can help you when the time comes.”

“No, I’m all right. I’m just spacing out a bit. Also, I haven’t made up my mind about the succession……Oh right, where’s Mommy Vyvyan? How come I haven’t seen her since this morning? Is she not at Troy City? Or has she gone back already?”

I shook my head as I suddenly remembered Vyvyan. Vyvyan was still here last night, but I haven’t heard from her since this morning.

‘Could she have returned to Duargana?’

Freya looked at me and replied, “Your Highness has gone back already… At least, I would assume so. At any rate, she is not at Troy City at present, so I presume she has gone back.”

I nodded and replied, “Okay. I’ll wait at Troy City in the meantime then. And while I’m at it, I’ll have a good think to decide if I want to go back to become the elven king or not.”

“Your Majesty, if you are tired, you can go back.” Freya looked at me with a serious look and continued, “I will definitely follow you to the elven side. I do not have any family in humanity’s lands, myself. You are my only family; therefore, I will follow you no matter where you go.”

I scrubbed Freya’s head with a smile and explained, “Thank you, Freya. It’s just that if I go back now, it won’t be a vacation, but a permanent move. I’ll have to stay in the forests forever.”

Freya squinted similarly to a kitten then smiled, “It sounds as though a decent life.”

I turned to give Nier a gentle hug and next to her ear, asked, “How are you, Nier? Is everything all right?”

Nier glared at me while complaining unhappily next to my ear, “If I was in a better mood, I’d be even better. The current diagnosis is for me to manage my mood well. But then, my husband was outside enjoying the company of another woman while I was getting a check-up. Tell me, how am I supposed to be in a good mood?”

From my side, Lucia proudly said, “I’m His Highness’ wife, too. It’s normal for a wife to go out and have fun with her husband. The only reason he would not be keeping you company is that he no longer loves you.”

She sounded glorious as a victorious pigeon in a fight.

Nier clenched her teeth. She then hugged me tightly and fumed, “Your Majesty, come to your senses. Tonight, I’ll make sure that you don’t have the strength to leave the palace tomorrow morning.”

“Please give me a one day break…”

Nier was serious. I absolutely believe that. And based on the serious character of a Valkyrie, Nier was absolutely going to do that. I really might not be able to leave the palace tomorrow…

‘Did that doctor lie to me? What happened to “as long as Nier gets pregnant?” Why don’t I detect Nier reverting back at all? Or are you telling me that Nier has gotten used to it, and that this has become her instinct and isn’t an effect of drugs? But either way, neither is good news for me.’

“Onii-sama, there is an occurrence that I am not sure if I should mention it to you or not. It is about the empire’s activities, I would say. And I am certain it is Her Majesty’s order. We are at Troy City, which is located at the border of the elven and human territories. At current, the number of human merchants coming to Troy City has decreased…”

Freya looked at me as though she was in a dilemma. She explained, “The amount of business we have had here recently is only four-fifths of what we usually get. Although it is common for there to be fluctuations in business, Troy City is currently gradually improving and the ruler is present. As such, the opposite should hold true. Why would it be decreasing? I think that there is only one reasonable explanation, and that it is military activity.”

“Military activity?”

“Yes. If the military is coming here, then that signals that the situation here will become unpredictable. An unpredictable and unstable situation will shake our economic foundation.”

Freya then shook her head, “Furthermore, according to my observations, the military in our vicinity has begun to mobilise. They are currently spreading out along the border. That is a clear indication that there is, without question, something wrong nearby. Of course, I believe that they are not aiming to attack Troy City. Her Majesty would not attack us. Consequently, the only possible direction they are headed is the elven lands. Considering the fact that you may succeed the Elven King’s throne, I think that Her Majesty might be trying to deter Her Highness from pushing that agenda… However, I am absolutely certain that Her Highness is not afraid. It is very probable that a second war the same as the one a decade ago may break out next.”

I shook my head fast and replied, “That’s impossible. That’s impossible. If my moms want to fight, how would they ignore my feelings? I’m no longer the same me a decade ago. I couldn’t possibly watch humanity and elves clash regardless of who’s starting it. The two of them will think of its effect on me. They definitely won’t fight.”

“No. The agreement they reached as a result of the war a decade ago was for you to switch your place of stay between the two places on a monthly basis. If you do become the Elven King, it would be impossible for you to travel back and forth between the two sides, as you would, naturally, need to live in the Imperial Capital. Do you think that Her Majesty would agree to that? The war for you will definitely break out this time. Even if it does not, the human and elven armies will be on guard here at the border. A single spark will trigger a huge explosion. You are the safety pin between the two of them. I think that you must invite Her Majesty and Her Highness here to talk it over.”

Freya went on sternly, “You got hurt here in humanity’s lands and lost Luna. There is no way Her Highness is not angry. At the same time, Her Majesty will not allow you to leave. If this conflict of interest cannot be resolved, a war is inevitable. Thus, you must take up the responsibility. Only you can get the two of them to withdraw their armies. The future of the two empires lies with you now…”

“I understand now. I will get my moms to come here and talk it over with them. I’ll make sure to do that. I would rather watch the two of them fight it out themselves than watch the two races engaged in a war. It appears that I am destined to never become the King of either side, or else there will be no way of resolving this conflict.”

“That is correct. However, Your Majesty, this world is very large. The world is not restricted to just this region. I believe that as long as you want to, you will definitely be able to have your own empire. You definitely will!!”


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