Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 39

“Please wait a moment.”

Freya stood in the middle of the path to block off the group of people walked over.

She narrowed her eyes to look at the man in a formal robe before her and said, “Mr Castell, has your injury healed? It has only been three days. You sure do heal fast.”

Castell wasn’t as dignified as he was back then, and his gaze didn’t contain as much arrogance as it once did. To the contrary, his eyes looked slightly lifeless. He looked down. His formal robe, which previously fit him, was now empty, making him appear similar to a comical scarecrow in the field.

He smiled. The people following behind him were mostly Valkyries, as well as the Empress, herself. Freya looked at the Empress with her eyes narrowed. Elizabeth evidently looked a lot more haggard. The Prince has been unconscious for the last two days and only just woken up. He was currently eating, and Freya was in charge of guarding the door.

Freya didn’t salute Elizabeth when she saw her this time.

“Miss Freya, Her Majesty wishes to see His Majesty. If possible, please go in and notify His Majesty.”

Castell initially waited for Freya to give way, but Freya just stood there and forbade anyone from passing. The Empress didn’t force her way past. Castell had no choice, but to look at Freya and stubbornly try to convince her. Normally it would be the Empress who would tell Freya to get out of the way. However, Freya had no intention of giving way. Luna had just died, so he didn’t dare to come into conflict with the Prince’s people when he’s the Empress’ personal attendant. The Prince’s relationship with the Empress’ was currently extremely tense. When the funeral was held, Freya attended on behalf of the Prince. At the funeral, Freya kicked Alice’s tombstone, and then turned around and left. Now that the Prince had woken up, he was most likely going to do the same thing. If they come into conflict with each other now, the Prince and the Empress’s relationship will be broken for good.

“Ah, I know. However, His Majesty is still unwell, so please forgive him for not accepting visitors.”

Freya coldly glared at Castell then sat her bottom onto the ground before finally lying horizontally – relative to them – to block their path. Castell was stunned by Freya’s tough attitude. Regardless of what the circumstances may be, she was facing the Empress of the empire after all. If she did this in the past, her head would be rolling on the ground already.

‘You dare refuse the Empress? Have you got a death wish?’

Castell clenched his teeth and thundered, “Freya! In front of you is Her Majesty! How dare you act so insolent?! Who gave you the audacity to act so conceited?!”

Freya swept her cold gaze over to the Empress. Elizabeth still had a poker face on. She emotionlessly looked at Freya. Freya snickered then folded her arms and indifferently said, “Kill me, then. Kill me, and you’ll be able to enter the same way your hero killed Luna to enter. The Empress’s personal bodyguard became a hero by killing the Prince’s personal servant, so I guess the Empress considers the Prince a traitor? That would make me, the traitor’s sister an accomplice. All right, then. There is no need for further words, just kill me, and you can enter.”


Castell was so furious that his entire body trembled, but he couldn’t do anything to Freya. The Empress didn’t say anything. If he did something, he really could sever the Empress’s relationship with the Prince. The Prince is bound to be furious at the moment. If he does anything to Freya, the Prince might leave humanity for good, never to return.


The Empress finally spoke out. She looked at Freya, gently sighed and said, “My purpose in coming here this time is to explain Alice’s matter to my son. I must provide you with an appropriate explanation. Can you trust me for once? Go and notify my son. If possible, I’ll explain it to my son.”

Castell had never heard the Empress speak as if she was pleading as she just did. She had never pleaded anyone. It was always others pleading her. Freya looked at the Empress. She decided that it wasn’t a good idea for her to continue with this when she saw how down the Empress looked. After all, it benefited neither side if the Empress and Prince’s relationship crumbled. It didn’t matter if Castell and her never crossed paths for their entire life, but the Empress and Prince were mother and son. She, therefore, decided it was best to notify him.

Freya stood up and entered the room behind her. Not long after, she came out and indifferently said, “His Majesty said he needs to rest and won’t see Her Majesty. His Majesty is still unwell. After he recuperates, we will leave the Royal Capital and return to Troy City. After that, we will return to the Elven Imperial Capital, Duargana.”

“What do you mean by that?! The incident had nothing to do with Her Majesty. Are you threatening Her Majesty with your departure?!”

Freya coldly countered, “No, Mr. Castell. Please do not put His Majesty on such a high pedestal, or else, one of the girls behind you will launch another attack on His Majesty in the middle of the night again. Who’s going to block them off this time? You or me? Or will it be the pregnant Lucia and Nier?”

Standing at the door, she looked at the Empress and said, “I’m just stating facts. His Majesty has already decided to return to the elven capital. I’m not threatening you. I’m simply stating the facts. Thank you for looking after His Majesty during this time. That will be all.”


The Empress pressed her hand onto Freya’s shoulder and aggressively threw her aside. She hammer fisted the door violently and shouted, “Son… Son! Son!! You can hear me, right?! You can hear me, right?! Mommy was in the wrong this time. Mommy’s personal bodyguard killed your personal servant. That’s Mommy’s fault. But… But… Luna did it to protect you. Alice eliminated a few traitors, as well… Mommy understands your feelings for Luna, but Alice has accompanied Mommy as Mommy’s personal bodyguard for over ten years… Your heart aches, because you lost Luna, but Mommy is hurting, too, because Mommy lost Alice. Mommy knows that you want to get revenge, but who is Mommy going to get revenge against? Mommy personally beheaded Mommy’s most trusted bodyguard that saved mommy’s life before. Mommy… Mommy… Mommy… could die from the pain…”

Maybe Vyvyan had casted some magic on the door. Despite the Empress’s efforts, the door wouldn’t budge. The Empress gave up. She leaned on the door with her bodyguard and loudly wailed. Her body powerlessly slid down the door and onto the ground as she leaned on the door and loudly wept.

“Please… please… Son… please… forgive Mommy…. Please feel for Mommy… You’re Mommy’s last family member… Mommy only has you…. Mommy no longer has Mommy’s personal bodyguard. Mommy almost lost Mommy’s personal attendant… Mommy is scared…. Mommy is scared of a palace where there is only Mommy, alone… Please… Please, Son… Don’t leave mommy. Don’t go… Don’t go… Please… My son… please… forgive Mommy! It was Mommy’s fault. It was Mommy’s fault. Mommy will do anything…. Just please don’t go…”

The Empress knelt at the door and hammered the door weakly while wailing painfully. Her tears coursed down her face. The corridor was silent. The only sound in the corridor was the Empress’s wails and the sound of her hammering the door.

Castell looked at her black hair sprawled out on the ground in a daze. The Empress was truly afraid. It was the first time that he had seen her afraid. She was so afraid that her body quivered. She was afraid that the Prince would up and leave the next instant. She leaned onto the door with all her weight. Perhaps she was using her body to stop her son from leaving.

The door gently opened. The Empress looked inside with a blank look. The room was empty. Nobody was inside.

Vyvyan wields magic. While she can’t teleport around in the Royal Capital, it’s but a simple matter for her to teleport to Troy City or Duargana.

“That’s how it is.”

Freya, who was standing at the door, made a small bow. She snickered, “Goodbye, Your Majesty. I am His Majesty’s sister and his strategist. As the Princesses have left, there is no reason for me to stay. Goodbye.”

The Empress didn’t stop her.

She stayed kneeling on the ground with her head down and hair sprawled out as she cried. Her silhouette made her appear as though she aged in an instant.

Castell softly sighed. He then waved his hand and said, “You can all leave. I shall keep Her Majesty company, myself.”


The Valkyries nodded. and then turned to leave. Castell sat down next to the Empress. He looked at the empty room in front of them and softly said, “Your Majesty… this place truly still is a cage……”


*As you may have noticed, Freya used contractions in her speech as she dropped the formal tone here


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