Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 38


Just as I got to the door, a small silhouette rushed toward me while I was in a hazy frame of mind, almost colliding into Vyvyan. Vyvyan, who was on high alert, nearly attacked her. Vyvyan is currently very dangerous. Currently, she’s similar to a hedgehog that’s got its spikes poised. She would attack anyone who tried to approach me.

I looked at Freya and weakly asked, “Freya… are you all right?”

Freya looked at me anxiously, and then at Vyvyan. She then replied, “Yes, I am fine. I am so glad to see that you are okay. They discovered me, and I only managed to wake up thanks to a guard.”

“I see… I need to thank that guard properly… then…”

“My son is very weak right now. If there’s any business, let Lucia and Nier handle it.”

Vyvyan hugged me tightly and refused to let go. Freya nodded, but looked concerned when she saw my complexion. She replied, “I shall not disturb you anymore, Your Majesty… Miss Nier… Please explain to me what happened… It was Alice, am I right? I am certain it was her……”

“Don’t mention her in my presence!!”

I shouted so loudly everyone jolted from fright. I looked at Freya with my fists tightly clenched. I yelled at the top of my lungs, “Do not mention her in my presence!! I wanted to kill her! I wanted to kill her! Why didn’t she give me the chance?! I didn’t get to kill her! I had a chance to! I could’ve killed her! Why did Mom kill her first?! I wanted to personally rip her apart! I wanted to rip her limb from limb!! She killed my Luna! I wanted to her to pay with her blood!!”

Freya froze for a moment before softly asking, “Onii-sama… Did Luna…”

“Yes! Yes! That bitch killed my Luna! She killed my only personal servant! I only have one personal servant! I only have one Luna!! I only have one…! What am I supposed to do…? I… I… no longer have Luna… I… I…”

My eyes filled up with tears as if wave after wave formed. My vision, that was unclear, was now even fuzzier. My throat got completely blocked by my pain and resentment to the point that I couldn’t even make a sound when I cried.

“Okay, now, Son… Son… don’t cry… don’t cry… Luna… Luna won’t come back…”

Vyvyan gently wiped my eyes. My vision was all hazy. It felt as if my conscious was fading by the moment, and I eventually fell unconscious after running out of strength…

‘All around is a sea of bright flowers. I can seemingly smell the scent of the flowers. Birds and insects were taking flight and landing. The bright sunrays warmed up the ground, spreading the flower scent and fragrances out. The cool breeze carried infinite gentleness to me as the breeze blew to me.’ ‘Smoke came from the village in the forest. The shrine of God was practically the god’s secluded home inside the bright sea of flowers.’

‘The sea of flowers is honestly so beautiful, so beautiful that being in this world is misplacing it. It’s totally different to this world full of slaughter. There never should’ve been a war here. Misfortunes should never have happened here. This place should’ve been free of schemes. This place is Luna’s home. This should be a pure and beautiful place.’

‘But where is Luna?’

I looked around. Around me was a bright sea of flowers. Everything was the same as before. The the sea of flowers I saw was as beautiful as it was before, too. I could even see a sea of flower petals.

‘But where is the girl that I love, who’s supposed to be dancing in the sea of flowers with a smile? Where is the girl that I love, who’s meant to be here for a breather when she’s tired? Where is the girl that I love, who’s more beautiful than this scene?’

‘Where is my Luna? Where is my Luna who is supposed to be here? This is where Luna’s home is supposed to be. This is where Luna’s home is supposed to be. Luna should be as beautiful as this place. No, she should be even more beautiful than this place.’

‘But where is my Luna?’

‘My Luna… got captured and taken to humanity’s lands, then violated by humans, then abandoned by humans, insulted by humans, and then killed by humans… My Luna, the beautiful flower of my life got utterly destroyed by humans. I watched her get taken from this sea of flowers. I saw her flower petals get plucked off, and I saw her tossed aside. Humans destroyed everything of hers. They destroyed everything nice she had.’

‘They destroyed my Luna.’

‘My Luna. however… never showed them any hostility. As a matter of fact, she died for humanity’s Prince, as well.’

“As that is the case, Son, come back to the elven side… Come back. The schemes here have got nothing to do with you. There’s no need for you to shoulder all of this. None of this has anything to do with you to begin with. Son, if you’re tired, just come back.”

During my foggy moments, I could seemingly hear somebody speak to me. I opened my eyes and gently touched my face, but all I felt was a cold sensation.

I turned my head to see Vyvyan tightly hugging me. Vyvyan’s eyes were also brimming with tears. While she held me in her arms, she sobbed, “Let’s go back… Son… let’s go home… You’ve done enough here… You’ve been hurt by humans enough times here… Son, Mommy’s heart aches for you… Let’s go home… You don’t have to go through so much back home. You don’t need to do anything… Son, let’s go home…”

“Mom… Mom…”

Vyvyan and I gently embraced. She patted me on my back and spoke in her hoarse voice, “It’s enough now, right? Son, it’s enough now, right…? You kindness is meaningless here. Even if you can be kind to others and trust them, it’s meaningless to humans… Humans only want what they want without considering others. You’ve tried hard enough, but still can’t win their acknowledgement. You’ve done enough my son. You’ve done enough…”

I raised my head up to look at Vyvyan and ask, “What… what happened with Luna…?”

Mom looked at me. She stroked my cheek gently then gave me a kiss on my forehead before replying, “That woman held a funeral for her to commemorate her loyalty and gave her a posthumous title of heroine, as well as carving a statue of her. Everyone from the vassal states participated. The King of Castor has been imprisoned. A new administrator will go there to take over the role. The finance minister’s entire family was eradicated with no survivors… It’s just…”

“Just what…?”

“The funeral was for two people.”

Vyvyan looked at me with a reluctant look and softly elaborated, “To commemorate their loyalty, Elizabeth buried both of them. One was Luna who died for you, and the other was… Alice…”

“Is she screwing with me?! Why?! Why does Alice get a funeral when she did that?!! Why?! Why?! She killed my Luna! I didn’t get to kill her! Am I supposed to look at her damn grave when I go to pay my respects to Luna?!”

Shouting caused a deep stinging sensation in my chest. Vyvyan gently stroked my head to calm me down. She softly responded, “That’s why we should go home, Son… Here, even your mom acts on her selfish desires… I, on the other hand, genuinely love you. I can throw away anything for you. I would make an enemy of the entire world for you… As long as it makes you happy and well, then Mommy will do anything… Humanity doesn’t suit you. Son… come with Mommy… You’ve gone through too much already…”

“… Okay.”


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