Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 40

“Royal Capital!”

Philes looked at me with a blank look. Vyvyan placed me onto the bed and hushed him. His cute face showed his disbelief. He looked at Vyvyan and whispered, “Umm… Your Highness, what happened…? Do we need to rally up the unit……?”

“Well, there’s no problem with you rallying up the army, but your group may not be able to defeat Elizabeth.”

Vyvyan said that in a faint voice then left the room with him and gently shut the door. Nier and Lucia looked at Vyvyan. After hesitating for a moment, Lucia asked, “Your Highness, what are we returning to Troy City for?”

“This is my son’s home. We have to sort some things out before we can return to the elven Imperial Capital.” Vyvyan provided a simple explanation then looked at Nier and said, “Nier, though you are neither my child nor an elf, you are one of the girls my son loves most. After we return to the elven Imperial Capital, you may never be able to return to humanity’s lands. Are you sure you want to come?”

Nier nodded and resolutely replied, “I am okay with it. I will follow my husband wherever he goes. It does not matter where we go as long as I can be with him. I do not mind where we go or how life is.”

“All right. I’ll go back and make some preparations.”

Vyvyan then stroked Nier’s. She softly laughed, “You girls should spend some more time by my son’s side these days. He doesn’t have a personal servant anymore, as well, so those jobs will fall on your shoulders for now. Mom really wants to stay, but Mom has to make a trip back to prepare things for after his return.”

“We understand.”

The two girls nodded. Vyvyan looked at them feeling consoled, and then vanished in an instant right in front of their eyes. The two girls looked at each other. After a moment of silence, Nier said, “I think that we should stick to the old routine with you accompanying him during the day and me at night.”

“Uhm……” Lucia nodded. She then looked at Nier and timidly thanked her, “Thanks.”

“Hmm?” Nier froze up for a second. She looked at Lucia and fumbled, as she didn’t know what to do. She asked, “Thanks for what?”

“Thank you for protecting me that night. If you weren’t there, I would most likely have got knocked flying.” Lucia shyly continued, “I’m only going to thank you this once. Don’t make me thank you a second time… I’m only grateful to you for that. I’m not saying that I acknowledge you.”

Nier laughed in a soft tone while looking at Lucia. She then grabbed a light hold of Lucia’s hand. Lucia froze up. She looked up at Nier. Nier tilted her head and said, “It’s fine. I don’t intend to like you, either. I only saved you, because you’re pregnant with my husband’s child.”

The two of them giggled. Nier then gently pulled Lucia into her arms. Nier gently stroked her back and whispered, “Luna is no longer with us… from now on… from now on… there will be some things I can’t speak about to anyone… Luna was my one and only friend. Once we’re in the elven lands, I really… will be friendless.”

“… Don’t worry. You’ll have new friends, Nier.”

Lucia patted Nier on her back, and then the two of them let go of each other. Lucia continued, “His Highness must be heartbroken now… Let’s do our best to distract him and help him direct his attention elsewhere. I don’t think His Highness will end the incident with Luna.”


Nier nodded. She then looked toward the South and sighed. She lamented, “How is this going to end…? He probably won’t have a personal servant in the future, will he…?”


When I woke up again, my surroundings were dark. It appeared to be night time. The pattern on the ceiling of the room emitted a feeling that put me feel at ease.

This is Troy City.

I turned my head. Lucia was tightly holding my right hand. She was curled up next to me, hugging my right arm and holding my hand. On my left was someone sitting at the window reading a book as the sun remained visible on the horizon for its last moments.


She noticed me wake up, so she quickly shut the book. Her long red hair swayed. Lorana looked at me. She gently touched me on my forehead. She lowered her voice and remarked, “You’re up, Your Highness.”


I nodded.

“But it looks like something happened to you over there.”

Lorana scratched her head and fiddled with her hair. She used to have short hair but started growing her hair out at some point. Perhaps that indicated that she was no longer willing to run around and preferred to settle down at one location permanently. I looked at her and nodded before telling her everything that happened.

“So that’s what happened. No wonder why you fled back here.”

“I didn’t flee! It’s that I don’t want to be there! For as long as Alice’s tombstone stands, I shall never return back there!! I’m seriously mad, and I seriously don’t want to go back there!  Why? Why the hell? Why the hell don’t I even get a chance to avenge Luna when she died that way?! That’s not to mention that Alice died with a smile! My personal servant died! My personal servant died! I couldn’t kill a single person! I didn’t get to kill a single person! Alice is dead. That fat fuck’s entire family is dead, and that Castor Bitch is dead, too! What the fuck about me?! What about me?! What am I supposed to do?! Why did it end this way?! If I could have killed at least one of them, I would be able to face Luna’s grave, but why can’t I do anything?!”

Lorana listened to me roar in a muffled voice. I tightly clenched my fist.

‘I wouldn’t care even if my fingernails stabbed into my flesh. I could kill with my hatred. I seriously feel so wronged that I could die. If I could avenge her, I wouldn’t complain, but I can’t kill a single one of them!’

‘I feel so damned wronged. The injustice makes me sick.’

“Do you feel that Elizabeth was in the wrong in relation to this incident?”

“Not previously, but why did she give Alice a tombstone? She killed my Luna! She deserved to die! I was already pissed that Mommy Elizabeth didn’t let me kill her, so why would she go and erect a tombstone for her, too?!

“That will depend on how you look at this. Are you looking at it from a political standpoint or as a simple mother and son quarrel? Regardless of how you look at it, though, you can’t change one thing, and that is that Elizabeth is your mother. You have no way of denying that.”

“I don’t intend to do anything to Mommy Elizabeth. I just don’t want to see Alice’s tombstone when I visit Luna to pay my respect. Luna’s grave should be located in a more beautiful place. I will not allow Luna to stay next to that fucking retard forever! I want to personally put Luna to rest!”

‘I know of a better place to put Luna to rest. Luna should be with flowers, not with a maniac.’

“Regardless, Elizabeth is your mother. Frankly, Elizabeth is very afraid of loneliness. If you don’t have any resentment toward Elizabeth, then you should go back as soon as possible to see her. She’s very pitiful, as well. She’s lost her personal bodyguard. If she loses even her son, she’ll be too pitiful.”


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