Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 20

‘Something today made me relatively happy. And that was my Moms’ arrival at the Royal Capital.’                 

‘Elizabeth and Vyvyan arrived in the Royal Capital today. I think it’s Vyvyan’s first time here in humanity’s Hilles City, so I did everything I could to ensure that the city could give Mommy Vyvyan a good impression. Well, I didn’t make any detailed preparations. since I don’t think Vyvyan is very keen on resplendent things. She just needed to see humanity’s prosperity.’           

‘I only realised how unnecessary my preparations were when I was making the preparations. I was going to get people to gather on their route to welcome them, but when I said the Empress was returning to the Royal Capital tomorrow. The people excitedly began preparing things to welcome her without me telling them what to do. The hotels on both sides of the streets with rooms with windows raised their prices up as high as the cost of a small house.’

‘Some even made camp on both sides of the streets, so that they would be in the front row to see Her Majesty tomorrow. In reality, they weren’t going to get to see her because she was hidden by the black curtains on both sides of her horse carriage. But despite that, the people were literally going to fight for a spot as madmen would.’

‘Some of them got dressed in their most luxurious clothes to await the Empress’s arrival.’                 

‘A team of Valkyries patrolled the streets every hour in order to ensure that there were no congestions. I went once, as well, and saw the streets filled with denizens there to welcome the Empress. I felt a little sour and envious. I know how much mom did for this empire and how much she gave up for it, but not every Emperor is valued and respected this way. The people are the monarch’s asset. However, the monarch also needs to have the trust of the people to exist. The Empress hadn’t set out to war in a decade, but the Empress was still the noble and great Empress they knew in their hearts.’

“What’s wrong, Onii-sama? Your expression looks a little weird.”

I smiled helplessly then looked at the people sleeping on both sides of the street and softly replied, “Perhaps it’s because I mind Her Majesty’s monarch status. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to be treated by the people the same way one day. If not, then Her Majesty abdicating the throne will bring me endless troubles. My ability to lead is still far inferior compared to Her Majesty’s. What must I do to be able to be as good as Mom?”

Freya chuckled, and then answered, “You need to understand that Her Majesty is comparable to the messiah of the world in the eyes of the people of Rosvenor Empire. She alone held up Rosvenor City when it was on its last legs and on the brink of destruction. She virtually never lost a battle with foreign nations and transformed Rosvenor City, an agriculture focused city barely getting by into an empire that expands half of the continent. Everyone naturally admires and respects such power. You are not different. If Her Majesty was the messiah, then it is very difficult for you to have another opportunity to accomplish more than Her Majesty. As long as you can maintain the empire she established and rejuvenate the internal politics and economy, then you will be considered a great Emperor.”

“I honestly don’t want to be resigned to that…”

“What are you not willing to accept? You must understand that Her Majesty was not treated in this fashion back then. Back then, she smashed her own throne. At the time, every day was filled with tension. Her Majesty’s battles to revive the nation were not relaxing by any means. If it is Her Majesty’s status that you are envious off, you are engaging in a most pointless endeavour.”

Freya sternly looked at me and elaborated, “Sacrifices and gains are directly proportional. That is why Her Majesty has her current status. Since you do not have that sort of opportunity, you should set your mind at rest and be an Emperor that maintains.”

“Uhm, you’re right.”

I nodded. I tugged on the reins of my battle steed and looked to the entrance of the Royal Capital.

‘Where would my moms be right now? They should be where the fertile lands are now, right? They’ll arrive tomorrow morning. I do miss my moms. I’m not sure how others see them, but I know that they’re just ordinary moms in front of me… Okay, let me correct that. With the way they occasionally turn creepy, I can’t fairly say that they’re normal moms. This time, Mommy Elizabeth has firmly made up her mind to abdicate the throne and return home as a mother to raise her child, while Mommy Vyvyan said her body was getting old… Yeah, my foot she is. She just wants to keep me… She doesn’t want to be the Queen.’        

‘In that case, I’ve suddenly got two burdens to carry all of a sudden. My two moms will become more normal mothers too as a result, especially Mommy Elizabeth. If she was a cold-blooded killer, who’d kill without batting an eye at the start, she’s now a gentle mom.’

‘But maybe Mom chose to abdicate the throne since gentleness and a monarch aren’t a good combination.’

‘That’s enough.’            

“Your Majesty, we will be able to arrive at the Royal Capital tomorrow.”

“Ah, all right.”

Alice looked at Vyvyan ,who was sitting opposite Elizabeth playing chess with her, with a slightly hostile look. Normally, the one playing chess with Her Majesty would be Alice. Vyvyan didn’t mind, though. Basically, the human Valkyries on this side are somewhat hostile to Vyvyan, not that she minded, though.

Vyvyan didn’t bring her guard unit. Not a single elven Imperial Guard was present. That was how confident Vyvyan was with herself when it came to facing attacks at any given moment. Elizabeth herself didn’t have any intentions of harming Vyvyan, either, as they have both come to an agreement on a few things for their child, and that was since they could accept each other being at his side, why not continue that way?

However, the two of them avoided the fact that humans wouldn’t accept elves and vice versa. The war a decade ago has put a wall between the two races. That said, the two monarchs both had their own agendas for the war, so the both of them deliberately tried to forget the war.

“I feel that your people are hostile to me.”

“What, do you mind it?”

Vyvyan made her next move and then replied, “No, I don’t. It’s just that if your Valkyries and I come into conflict with each other in the city, my son would be made a joke of, wouldn’t he? Further, do you think it’s a good idea to have your Valkyries guard my son? Didn’t I tell you that I feel that your people are trying to harm my son?”

“They won’t.” Elizabeth waved her hand and absent-mindedly explained, “The Valkyries are my most trusted squad. How could they harm my son? Plus, it makes perfect sense for me to have my most trusted squad protect my most beloved son. So of course I would trust the Valkyries with the task.”

“Unfortunately, your Valkyries only obey your orders. My son will, consequently, have to suffer during this time, huh?”

“He just needs to provide the guests with a reception. The Valkyries don’t have anything they can do, either.”

“Hey Elizabeth, to me it feels as though you’ve recently fallen in love again.” Vyvyan placed her chess piece down. She then frowned at Elizabeth and asked, “You always have this issue when you fall in love. Your mood will be randomly good, you randomly be confident and you randomly trust everyone. Don’t you notice it? You’re completely different to how you normally are. Your face is radiant as though you’re in love again, too. What happened to you?”

Elizabeth touched her face. She looked a little dazed, but then she switched it for an ambiguous smile. She replied, “Fallen in love? I do, actually, feel that way, because my son is becoming more and more similar to my husband. Standing next to him makes me feel that I’m standing next to my husband…”


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