Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 05

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Harvest Season

The sound of the footsteps outside came closer and closer.

I can’t just wait for my death!

I ran outside then checked left and right. There was nothing in this room.

Old Dai leads a simple life. He has no other interests outside of medical studies. There were very few items in this building. Other than a bed, there was only a desk, a bookshelf of medical studies books and a big wooden tub for mixing medicines, which seemed to be filled with hot water.

“What’s wrong, Big Brother Ming? Ah!”

Shit. Su Xiao is still in the room. He’s going to see my hair!

Just as I was able to hide on the beams above, I heard Su Xiao exclaim in shock. He poked his small head out, but then pulled it back. I couldn’t worry about myself alone.

I turned my head around and asked, “Xiao, you all right? Did your injury open up again?”

“No, I’m fine. That’s not it.” Su Xiao’s voice sounded as if it was dyed red. He shyly said, “I, I’m not wearing anything below. My legs are exposed, so I can’t come out.”

His beautifully slender, straight and exquisite legs around my waist, as well as when he murmured in my ears resurfaced in my mind…

But then the footsteps that came closer and closer stamped my fantasy out!

Shit! I wasted time!

I started thinking quickly. In front of me was a desk and a wooden tub filled with water. What shall I choose?

Do you need to ask?!

I quickly ran toward the desk.

The footsteps were at the door now.

The door creaked as it opened.

Two beauties appeared outside at the same time. The one in white, who had a beautiful face, curvaceous and soft hips was Bai Lian.

The one gliding over in a blue robe with huge knockers and a small waist was Boss Shen.

The two of them saw me from far away and entered together. They almost stepped down onto the same spot. My superior and the General Manager in the palace glared at each other hostilely, causing sparks to fly in the air around.

I quickly moulded energy to make myself look a little pale and then leaned on the wooden tub powerlessly.

Neither of them gave way to the other. The two beauties came in like a gale.

When they got half-way, Su Xiao suddenly exclaimed, “Vice-captain! I’m over here!” Shen Yiren called out with her beautiful voice, “Xiao Han! You’re all right? Where did you go? Many major things happened in the palace. Are you all right?” She veered off her original path and went to see Su Xiao.

Bai Lian walked straight over here, instead. It’s only been a day, but I feel like she’s gotten a fair bit thinner. She must be tired after so much happened today, while she had to protect the harem all alone.

I looked up and revealed a weak smile, “General Manager Bai, Long-time no see. Are you well?”

“Of course I am. I heard you got hurt, so I came to see you.”

“Thank you. I’m all right. Imperial Doctor Dai has treated me.”

“That won’t do. Don’t underestimate your opponent. The person you fought was Fu Xiang. Fu Xiang’s Divine Palms shake the martial world. There are very few in the palace who could defeat him today. Don’t go thinking that everything is fine just because Imperial Doctor Dai is a skilled doctor. You must diligently treat it. Let me sum up the important parts about Fu Xiang for you…” Teacher Bai Lian continued with her lecture, but I was frankly snoring already.

However, I then suddenly heard her exclaim, “Eh! Ming Feizhen, y-your hair!”

Shen Yiren immediately ran over when she heard Bai Lian exclaim.

They cried out with surprise at the same time, “Feizhen, your hair!”

I knew it… They found out. It’s hard not too after all.

The two of them looked at me with disbelief. I don’t know why they were so in sync today. They shouted in sync, “Eh?! Your hair is so filthy!”

Boss Shen then frowned and said, “Ming Feizhen, what happened with your hair? Why…”

Boss Shen must be particularly nice to me today because I got hurt badly. She scrubbed my head without complaining about it being dirty.

“Why do you have ink in your hair?”

Uhm… that’s right! It’s ink!

I went to the desk before because I saw a large tub of ink. I poured the ink onto my head to get through the crisis. I got some of it on my face as well as my hair to ensure that I wouldn’t be recognised.

However, ink can’t dye hair, so it could only cover my original hair colour. The ink was still dripping. I don’t know when I’ll be exposed either. Ink is also bad for you. I feel like I’ve been intoxicated with a poison that takes effect gradually. Will I lose my hair?!

“Feizhen, what are you doing?”

“Ming Feizhen, S-say something. You usually have so much to say.”

Yeah, what am I doing? I’m wondering what I’m doing here in this room as well.

I used the tub as support to look up with an expression of a man that wants to cry but has no tears. I looked like I was going to vomit blood, “I- I’m having a bath…”

“You’re having a bath?”

Boss Shen narrowed her eyes like a cat. It was as though she could see through my heart.

Bai Lian folded her arms and went, “Oh really?”

Damn it! What sort of excuse was that?! How would Boss Shen possibly fall for that?!!

“I, I…”

“You’re bathing here?” Boss Shen looked at me with an odd gaze.

Bai Lian couldn’t hold back her anger and added, “You’re bathing with Su Xiao?”

I suddenly remembered that Su Xiao was staring at me with puzzlement from the bed!

I quickly waved my hands and denied it, “No, no, no! I’m bathing alone! You can see that I’m completely filthy from head to toe, right? I’m bathing alone!”

Just as the two of them were on the border of trust and suspicion, Su Xiao poked his head out all of a sudden.

“Eh? That’s my bathtub. Imperial Doctor Dai said it was for me to soak in medicine. I’ve even taken my pants off already.”

His snow-white long legs appeared in my mind again… Fuck! I don’t need to jog my memory again so soon!

Bai Lian folded her arms and asked, “Are you really planning to bathe with Su Xiao?”

Shen Yiren frowned and asked, “You… tricked Su Xiao into taking his pants off?”

I must’ve heard fake news! Esteemed ladies, how come you heard something different to what I heard?! Su Xiao took his pants off himself! Wait, fuck! The bigger problem is that Su Xiao is a guy!!

“Why do you have to curse at me?! Su Xiao is a guy! What’s wrong even if we did bathe today?”

As soon as I finished, Su Xiao timidly said, “So you really did want to bathe with me, Big Brother Ming. I see…”

Boss Shen widened her eyes and exclaimed, “You… are not to bathe with Xiao Han! That goes against morals and customs. It must be condemned!”

You’re unreasonable!

I retorted, “It’s just like me bathing with General Manager Bai, what’s there to condemn?”

“You… You dare try to violate me?!” Bai Lian raised her hand up and slapped me, “Damn pervert!”

Where is the justice?!

Bai Lian glared at me alluringly. She laughed, “What? I just hit you. You can’t accept it?” She smiled like a young girl. Her sly mocking smile toyed with my heart.

I couldn’t help but fall into a daze as I looked at her. After hesitating, I replied, “I accept. I submit.”

Boss Shen furiously exclaimed, “Bai Lian! You hit my subordinate in my presence! What are you trying to do?!”

“You insulted me first. You hit Imperial Doctor Li, but I can’t hit an insignificant constable?”

Boss Shen fumed, “Of course not! He’s my subordinate. I dare you to touch him!”

Bai Lian seemed to want to try, but then when she saw my pale face, she decided to just forget it. She angrily folded her arms and kept silent.

“Feizhen, are you still unwell anywhere?”

Seeing my pale look, Boss Shen got worried. She checked my breathing and pulse, “Your breathing is still shallow. You must have some stuff clogged in your chest, right? Your condition is slowly improving, though. That’s the first signs of a severe injury healing.”

Boss Shen revealed a smile, “Imperial Doctor Dai truly does possess miraculous skills. You got hit with seventeen of Fu Xiang’s palm strikes, yet he healed you in less than a day.”

I touched my cheek and laughed, “I don’t think Fu Xiang used all of his strength. Didn’t he have to fight with plenty of people today? If he went all out against me, who’s insignificant, he would be shooting himself in the foot, hahaha.”

“I think that’s the reason as well. How did you come here?”

Su Xiao cheerfully responded from the bed, “It was me! It was me! I brought Big Brother Ming here. I was looking for the Imperial Doctors’ Office, but then after making several wrong turns, we ended up here.”

“I see…” Boss Shen’s expression relaxed.

It looks like my injury troubled her a lot.

I apologetically said, “Boss, sorry… I…”

Boss Shen suddenly made an unexpected gesture before I could finish.

I saw Bai Lian and Su Xiao’s expressions suddenly freeze stiff.

Boss Shen suddenly gave me a hug the same way Su Xiao had hugged me before.

Su Xiao’s expression looked like the world was ending for him. It was as if he was saying, ‘I was first. I was first…’

Bai Lian froze up completely. She revealed a mass of anger in her eyes, ‘This woman! This woman!’

I felt a very soothing feeling at my chest.

I didn’t dare to budge, as I was afraid the blissful feeling would disappear.

Shen Yiren, who was hugging me, suddenly said, “You lied to me.”

My heart stopped beating. I wondered where I revealed something I shouldn’t have.

However, I suddenly felt a slightly warm and wet feeling on my shoulder. This is… I didn’t give a response.

The beauty was sobbing. It informed me of my current situation at the same time, though.

“You said you would be fine. You said you would be back.” Shen Yiren raised her head. She stared at me angrily, “Ming Feizhen, were you trying to get yourself killed? Why did you insist on fighting him?”

“I… I…” I seemingly turned stupid, unable to utter a complete sentence.

“Did you know that I regretted allowing you to continue the fight after you got knocked out of the ring? There wasn’t a single moment I didn’t want to avenge you, but even if I did, you wouldn’t be able to return.”

I felt her concern for me in the warmth on my shoulder. Despite the words coming from her, what she said was very similar to what Su Xiao said. I suddenly realised that I recently found people who would care about me.

I’m different to how I was in the past now.

Shen Yiren looked at me solemnly, “Feizhen, you must personally promise me that you won’t die without my permission.” Her eyes were firm and sincere like Su Xiao’s.

After a while, I nodded slowly and calmly replied, “Uhm, I won’t die. I promise… you all.” I hugged her back before she could reply.

She resisted a little at first, but then she rested her head on my shoulder.

Next to my ear, she said, “This is a one-off only… I’m letting you take advantage of the situation this time, but there won’t be a next time.”

I smiled and replied, “You say that every time, Boss.”

Boss Shen widened her eyes enraged. She grabbed the ink stone on the desk, but then stopped her swing halfway to my face. She giggled. Then we looked at each other and laughed.

I suddenly saw General Manager Bai look at me with the same gaze from behind Boss Shen.

I mouthed, “Thanks.”

General Manager Bai blushed. She was going to conceitedly snort and then look away, but she gave me a small nod after a moment of reluctance.

The defence of the palace ended here.

It had nothing to do with me, but it ended up sweeping me up into it. I can’t say that I was innocent.

But what I thought to be just an arduous job, ended up gaining me more than I imagined.

You can say that this was a very special outcome.


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