Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 01

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White Hair

I ran through the night toward a dark place.

Lei Muyun didn’t lie. He really did pull all of the assassins from the League of Assassins out of the palace. I’m not sure if there are remnants, but I don’t think it’s likely. That is because I spoke to him as Lord San Shen, while he spoke to me as a Vice-leader.

If dealt with inappropriately, it would be a problem between the two organisations. Lei Muyun isn’t in a position where he’d be able to carry the responsibility for that.

I saw plenty of the Imperial Guards moving about along the way. I heard them say that the Orange Prince had indeed been captured alive at the Flying Fish Pavilion. The Forbidden City was now safe.

However, the crisis wasn’t over, yet… My crisis wasn’t over, yet.

Let’s put all that aside for now. First things first, I need to deal with my white hair!

Speaking of which, some may still be unaware, so I’ll sincerely inform you once.

My hair is white.

My hair was originally white.

Uhm, that’s right. I’m the so-called young man with white hair.

I remember that I had black hair when I was young until I started training Yijin Jing, I was severely wounded, and puked blood. After I recovered, I’d get severely wounded and puke blood again. After several repeats, I gradually stopped puking blood and my body began to become tougher.

I remember that was around when I mastered sixty to seventy percent of it. That’s when my hair colour began to change. After training for another half a year, my hair turned half-black and half-white.

At the time, my Shifu had two drinks then looked at me with a drowsy look and laughed, “That’s normal. The monks who mastered Yijin Jing are all old men. Old men have white hair. Didn’t you see the old men with white hair when I take you to Shaolin every year? You got it! That’s the white hair I’m talking about. Keep training!”

I foolishly thought that was true and continued training. After I had mastered Taiji Divine Art, my hair finally turned all white. I’d also occasionally check myself out in the mirror.

It was only until many years later that I discovered monks… had no hair, to begin with!! What fucking old monk with white hair?! They’re old monks with white beards!!

After my hair turned white, all of the disciples would come to check out my new hair colour every day. A few girls at Mount Daluo seemed to quite like it so they, too, often hung around me.

As a result, my ill senior uncle would always poke his head into my room. He would jealously remark, “Why don’t you go to heaven and be a god if you’re so tough?”

Shiyi would always bully me at the time. She drew on my hair with a brush, and the ink that got in my hair wouldn’t wash off for days. My scalp would get itchy too.

Sigh… I wonder how she is now. I wonder if she would be consoled to know that I drove off the assassins from the League of Assassins today.

Okay, enough with the drivel. Let’s get back on topic.

Princess Hongzhuang beat the living daylights out of Chen Yun and company at the laundry. The others were captured.

I couldn’t steal makeup from the Harem because Princess Hongzhuang wouldn’t let up on me. Thus, I resorted to using a mask and Bone Manipulation Arts to alter my appearance and forced myself to wear a black robe.

That wasn’t enough, though. The chance of being recognised was still significant enough for me to be worried. I didn’t know how many people I’d meet in the end, but there was no way I could let the emperor recognise me. Therefore, I had to change my hair after much deliberation.

My black hair… is dyed using black dye.

I had water and shampoo back at the laundry I took refuge at. I was in a rush and didn’t have many options.

I couldn’t confirm where the emperor was, either so I had to resort to washing the dye off, thereby reverting my hair back to its true colour. I then wore the bronze mask and dressed up similarly to how I dressed when I was Lord San Shen.

I undid my hair so that I looked a little wild, which was more like how I looked back then.

Once done with my disguise, I headed to the Imperial Study.

I washed off the black dye back there when I was pressed for time. Now I need to find a bottle of dye, but how am I going to do that?!

I only trust the old man in the capital, when it comes to dyes. His name has now become a stamp of credibility. Though, every bottle is so expensive that I want to kill myself – not to mention that I have long hair, so I need more than one bottle – the result is very good.

The dye lasts for five months, but I only got three months out of it this time. I lost two months… Ah, for God’s sake! I’m not washing out my hair dye next time even if the emperor’s entire family dies!

I discreetly returned to the Medicine Courtyard. I told Imperial Doctor Dai and Su Xiao to wait for me here, but when I arrived, I was shocked.

Severely injured warriors of the imperial court were lying about all around the originally quiet and peaceful medicine warehouse.

There were doctors running around, getting their subordinates and students to help out, shouting and whispering.

It was a scene of panic. It resembled a medical tent on a battlefield.

When I took a closer look, I confirmed that the people lying here were indeed all warriors. Not a single imperial guard got in.

It looks like they’re using the medicine warehouse as a temporary place to treat the warriors.

That’s a good idea. There’s plenty of medicine at the medicine warehouse. Next to it was the Medicine Courtyard. They also had fresh herbs.

This was also the number one doctor in the capital Imperial Doctor Dai’s residence of seclusion. He enjoys concocting drugs and whatnot, as well as trying to treat difficult to treat conditions. He also had premium drugs.

Let’s not forget that he alone is worth over ten doctors.

I don’t know who came up with this idea, but hey, that was quite smart.

“Imperial Doctor Li, are all of the warriors of the imperial court here? All of these warriors here made significant contributions to quelling today’s rebellion, so their treatments are not to be delayed.”

A voice that sounded clear yet somewhat indifferent, gentle yet somewhat tired, attracted my attention. The voice was very gentle like that of a girl, but I knew that she wasn’t.

Imperial Doctor Li replied, “That is my duty. We have you to thank for suggesting this brilliant idea. Otherwise, I would not have thought of using this second medicine warehouse as a viable option.”

I poked my head out to look. It was indeed the unparalleled gentle beauty, General Manager Bai, who was speaking to an old doctor, who maintained a scholar’s demeanour.

“This is what I should do as the head of the imperial Doctors.”

General Manager Bai responded like she was slightly impatient.

I presume she brought the injured personnel here since she knew that the truly skilled number-one imperial doctor was actually inside.

She listened to them, while absentminded herself, and gave them a smile.

She always was a charming person, and her face was beautiful. Her smile captivated the old doctor completely.

She always gave me the cold shoulder, but she’s pretty good at dealing with people, isn’t she?

Stop, stop, stop! This is no time to be checking out a gir…I mean ,a eunuch. The urgent matter at hand is to find stuff to change my hair colour back.

General Manager Bai then reluctantly asked, “These are all the wounded… right? Have you seen a guy called Ming Feizhen?”

She wanted to ask more, but she held herself back.


I suddenly stopped in my tracks.

Did she just mention me?

“He’s a constable. He’s quite tall.”

General Manager Bai went red in the face when she made her inquiry, causing Imperial Doctor Li to look at her with an odd look. Her cold handsome face turned a little red. She followed up, “I… I am his friend.”

Oh shit! I managed to form a noble friendship here! Long live friendship! Wait for me, General Manager Bai. I’ll be back right away after dying my hair.

“Who’s inquiring about Ming Feizhen?”


Boss Shen walked out from the medicine warehouse with wide strides and light steps, but she looked like she was wobbling. She looked at Bai Lian outside the door with a surprised expression. Confusion surfaced in her eyes.

“You’re… Feizhen’s friend?”

Bai Lian’s eyes swept over toward Shen Yiren. She saw her captivating appearance, white crane neck, and big round knockers. She suddenly narrowed her eyes. She gave off an intense, dangerous feeling.

Her ample peach-like lips then moved. She repeated two words, “Feizhen?”

I suddenly felt like my hair colour was no longer a big problem…


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