Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 62

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Secret of Divine Moon Cult. The Plan Failed (Part 3)

On the other side.

“You know me?” Ming Feizhen looked at Lei Muyun, “I used my internal strength to speak to Jia Yunfeng with my voice suppressed, yet you were able to hear us from so far away. It looks like nobody else here possesses an internal strength that can match yours. That’s honestly not bad.”

Lei Muyun didn’t dare to show any impoliteness.

“I was born with good hearing, thus have always been able to hear over great distances. I did not deliberately eavesdrop on your conversation with Master Kuang Tian, Your Excellency. I plead innocence, Your Excellency. May I ask you how you knew about me hiding among the wandering warriors as backup when not even Master Kuang Tian was aware?”

“It wasn’t hard. This is how the League of Assassins has always operated. The assassination team carries out the mission, while they provide backup. I would actually be surprised if they didn’t send out their elites for such a big operation. The warriors got poisoned and had their meridians sealed. Combined with the cold weather, it was natural for them to shiver from the cold. Meanwhile, you were different. You were fine. Your internal strength protected you. You can’t cover that fact.”

“I thank you for the enlightenment. As I am on a mission, I have to greet you in these clothes. I hope you can forgive me for my rudeness, Your Excellency.”

“I have nothing to find fault with you for. Be upfront. It’s much clearer that way.” Ming Feizhen scanned him with his blood-red eyes.

Lei Muyun felt like he was dumped in ice, causing him to start to tremble uncontrollably. He felt a cold sensation through all the bones in his limbs. He was on the verge of freezing into an ice pick.

Lei Muyun thought to himself, ‘So he’s not going to spare me in the end!’ However, he knew that whether they would survive or not depended on his interaction with Ming Feizhen, so he didn’t dare to mould energy in order to resist the cold. He clenched his teeth to resist it. As such, he could be considered a true man.

Ming Feizhen looked at him with admiration, “You should now be the highest ranked member of the League of Assassins’ members here, right? The boss of the League of Assassins has five Grand Leaders, and twelve Vice-leaders, who are you?”

Lei Muyun resisted the cold as he replied, “I, I cannot compare to the leaders. I joined the League of Assassins at a young age and have just turned twenty-two not long ago. After some accomplishments, I now serve as the vice-leader of the Nanjing branch.”

He reported his profile clearly as if he had met his superior.

Ming Feizhen smiled and said, “You are well-mannered, unlike those guys who only marched to their deaths.”

“When I first saw you, I knew that our plan was doomed to fail. As part of the League of Assassins, we stress adapting to the situation. One failure does not mean it will never be a success. They were fools to charge at you, Your Excellency.”

“You’re a sensible one.”

Ming Feizhen’s eyes suddenly changed. Lei Muyun felt the cold air reduce, letting him breathe a sigh of relief to himself, as he understood that he had managed to keep his life intact.

“Don’t give me any nonsense. How many assassins did Mystery bring along for this job?”

“A total of four-hundred and twenty-seven people, Your Excellency.”

The Emperor was astonished by what he heard. It turned out that other than the Orange Prince’s Imperial Guards, Mystery, and the Black Winds Thirteen Wings, there were over four hundred more assassins hiding in the palace. Had the four leaders of Mystery not been separated, they could have started a massacre in the palace if they had led their men in a military type of attack.

“How many of your calibre?”

“No more than one hundred.”

“Heh, they say that the League of Assassins is the only evil organisation still standing after the Divine Moon Cult fell. I’m somewhat convinced now. A single branch here at the capital managed to gather over four hundred assassins for an operation. You people sure have lots of talent.”

“The Divine Moon Cult has deep roots and has existed for centuries. How could you say that only the League of Assassins remains? You are being modest, Your Excellency.”

“Don’t be so modest. My Divine Moon Cult is scattered. If I had to gather members, I might be able to find three, maybe five, but you’d be better off killing me than asking me to find ten. I can’t compare to you guys, hahahahaha. I’m just wondering… how many of you can withstand an attack from me like you, Vice-leader Lei?”

Lei Muyun felt bitter upon hearing the question. One move? He’d be frozen stiff if Ming Feizhen didn’t purposely spare him before, when he had stared at him.

Mystery had been defeated, while Lei Muyun was the only one of his level remaining. Even if they had more men, they still wouldn’t be able to match him.

Beads of sweat rolled down Lei Muyun’s forehead, “You are revered in the martial world, Your Excellency. Furthermore, I heard that you had once met with our boss. I do not think you would make things hard for us lowly juniors.”


Lei Muyun couldn’t help but feel frightened after hearing Ming Feizhen snort. He knew that the boss of the League of Assassins, who is also one of the Ultimate Ten Gods, once met with Lord San Shen. However, their conversation was kept secret due to both individuals being representatives of major sects. Nobody knew what the atmosphere during their meeting was like. Lei Muyun was just praying that they got along since they were both overlords of organisations among the unorthodox sects. However, it looked like he made a wrong bet.

But then he heard Ming Feizhen say, “I do indeed have a friendship with your boss. You’re quite the quick-witted one.”

Lei Muyun was finally able to calm down a little after hearing that.

“But even if I don’t do anything about you, what would you be able to gain? Do you think I’m the only one who saw through your pretence?”

“You need not worry, Your Excellency. While I dare not claim my disguise to be perfect, I do have some skills.”

“If so, why were you surrounded by Long Zaitian, Tang Ye and Tie Hanyi?” Lei Muyun’s expression suddenly changed as soon as he realised that Ming Feizhen spoke the truth.

“It’s not that they didn’t see through you, but that they didn’t expose you. They were just trying to see whose side you were on. Luckily for you, you didn’t look down on them.”

Ming Feizhen went on, “The imperial guards are currently regrouping and are searching all over the palace for the emperor. While there is a group here already, nobody can return to report in to the rest, so I bet they’ll send another group here soon. There are tens of thousands of imperial guards inside the imperial palace. I wonder how many arrows you few hundred assassins can withstand. Oh right, one of the four head-captains seems to be dead over there. Are you all ready to fight to the death?”

Lei Muyun didn’t panic or react with shock, as he had been considering various consequences ever since Ming Feizhen appeared. He was already aware of what Ming Feizhen mentioned. He was a veteran of the pugilistic world, so he understood what Ming Feizhen really meant.

“I would like to ask you to enlighten me, Your Excellency.”

“It is simple, in my opinion. While the teams in the League of Assassins look like they’re all coordinated, they actually each act on their own. They accept jobs and you take care of backing up teams. This incident was caused by Mystery and the Black Winds Thirteen Wings. It has nothing to do with you guys really, so why would you get yourselves involved? As I told you, I was just passing by and took action because I saw my enemy. If you don’t find trouble with me, I’ll leave you be.”

Being a vice-leader, Lei Muyun had lots of information on the pugilistic world. He knew that Lord San Shen of the Divine Moon Cult was always a free soul, and even disliked getting involved with the sect matters. After hearing his conversation with Jia Yunfeng, he knew that they were acquainted in the past, so he was ninety-percent trusting of him now.

“You mean…”

“Leave, however you got here.”


Lei Muyun understood that this was his last chance, so he quickly turned his head around. Without saying a word, he used a hand gesture to get the assassins with him to leave.

Ming Feizhen watched them leave, allowing him to finally put down his last concern.

What’s more frightening in this operation isn’t Mystery and the Black Winds Thirteen Wings, but the League of Assassins who contributed a fair bit. Only the organisation itself would have the ability to challenge the emperor’s power like this. As Lei Muyun said, there were still hundreds of assassins not afraid of death remaining. They’re elites at hiding themselves. It wouldn’t be easy to kill them all, even if Ming Feizhen himself wanted to.

This was the best outcome. Both sides didn’t have to continue spilling blood.

Ming Feizhen then turned around to help Princess Hongzhuang up.

Princess Hongzhuang immediately went red in the face when he touched her with his large hand. She wanted to push him away, but for some reason had no strength in her.

The princess shyly said, “So you were…”

“Ah, yeah, a minor bodyguard for that sect.” Ming Feizhen touched his white hair and then laughed, “I’m just a deputy. A deputy. Nothing worth mentioning.”

“You are the lord of a sect, so how do you have such a glib tongue?” The princess chuckled at his joke, finding him amusing. Her injury had improved a fair bit, but she was still pale. Her smile was like flowers in bloom. The sight almost caused Ming Feizhen’s eyes to pop out from behind his mask.

He didn’t want to talk about the past though, so he quickly and respectfully addressed the emperor and the others.

“I shall take my leave now. You can all slowly release your meridians with your internal strength. With the princess here, I need not worry.”

Hearing that he was going to leave, the princess suddenly felt sad. But then when she remembered his identity, she thought,

“He is a survivor of the Demon Sect after all. It would be dangerous for him to stay here, so why would he?”

The emperor, on the other hand, let out a big sigh of relief, “I cannot move around, so please see yourself out.”

When Ming Feizhen noticed the Emperor’s uncomfortable sitting posture, he realised that his legs had gone numb from sitting for too long.

“I can release your meridian, Your Majesty.”

“No need!”

The emperor waved one hand, “My men can help me with that, you need not concern yourself. You are from the Divine Moon Cult. We walk different paths, so we should not cross paths. Please be on your way.”

“All right then.”

Ming Feizhen gave the emperor a palm-and-fist salute and went to leave.

However, he noticed the princess’s eyebrows pulled tightly together. He couldn’t help but smile. He swiftly appeared next to her pretty ear.

The Emperor was infuriated with the scene.

‘What is he doing?! I’m right here damn it! You’re flirting with my daughter now?!’

In a quiet voice, Ming Feizhen said, “You need not worry, Your Highness. I did not kill him.”


Princess Hongzhuang didn’t expect him to talk about that, so she looked at him with her eyes wide.

The Emperor didn’t know what happened, but seeing his daughter’s joyful, surprised look really got on his nerve.

He asked Long Zaitian, “Minister Long, what do you think he’s saying to the princess?”

“He probably wants to elope with her.”

Long Zaitian had been trying to resist the pain in his bladder the entire time, even moulding energy to help. He was in a crucial moment right now and the emperor’s question nearly made him lose control of it.

The emperor anxiously said, “Really?! I can’t let her go! Minister Long, You’ve led a team before. You must stop the princess. Do not let them leave.”

Long Zaitian wrestled with his bladder that was about to burst. He clenched his teeth and forced a smile, “Your Majesty, I am trying right now…”

Meanwhile, Ming Feizhen was having a great time next to the princess’s ear, “You are a student of Emei, Your Highness, so you follow Buddhist teachings. Even if the other party has committed heinous crimes, you do not kill. Do not worry, Your Highness, I did not kill them. I do not like killing either.”

“Really? Hongzhuang thanks you for your virtue then.” Princess Hongzhuang then looked at the lord of a sect. She was astounded to know he had spared people who had offended him for her sake. She was touched, “Lord, wh-why for my sake alone did you…”

Ming Feizhen chuckled somewhat awkwardly and replied, “Erm, I saw something I shouldn’t have and I felt guilty about it. I forgot all about it.”


Ming Feizhen changed his tone to sound deeper…

“Cough, cough, this old man… Zhong Ning.”


“Thank you for your reception at the harem, Your Highness.” Ming Feizhen swiftly turned around and left, “Take your time, Your Highness, I shall be taking my leave now.”

All that was left was a trail of dust and he was gone. A second after, she heard his footsteps on the roof in the northeast direction. She was amazed to know that he had gone so far already.

Princess Hongzhuang spaced out as she looked at the empty spot. Her face turned more and more red, so red you’d think her fragrant sweat could be used as a dye.

She then suddenly felt like she got tricked and teased.

“You lied to me!!”

The emperor saw his daughter throw a fit. He didn’t know what it was about, but he was happy, nonetheless.

“Oh hey, there’s a chance to turn it around!”

Long Zaitian applauded the Emperor, “Nice, Your Majesty, nice!”

Princess Hongzhuang recalled the scene of that Zhong Ning appearing just before. As she put the two of them together, their appearance was similar.

So the one who peeked at me changing was him!

“Lord San Shen! You perverted bastard! Get back here!!!” Just as Princess Hongzhuang took a stride to give chase, a shadow zipped over swiftly and stood before her, blocking her path.

“Please stop, Your Highness!”

It was Long Zaitian who had just released his meridians with his internal strength. His sudden appearance gave the princess a fright. Princess Hongzhuang gave him a kick up the centre, scoring right at his lower abdomen.

When Long Zaitian leapt over, he shouted while letting his qi out. He also didn’t keep his groin protected. The kick felt like fire and thunder hitting him at once. There’s one line from Zhao Mengfu’s poems that describes it perfectly: Every time I come to the spring to wash off the dirt on me, it is like I am filled with ice and snow, making me feel as though I have escaped the mundane world

When he visited the springs, his pants got wet before he could enjoy the ice and snow! Long Zaitian began to make a waterfall with a whitish-yellow colour. A joyous feeling of relief, like the dry Earth finally getting water from the rain, like the water couldn’t be contained any longer and burst onto the Earth filled him.

The liquid ran down his pants and a foul smell started to fill his surroundings.

Princess Hongzhuang pinched her nose and frowned. She immediately recognised the stench, so she immediately backed off a few steps.


The emperor, however, was very relieved. While Long Zaitian is uncouth, he is quite smart. He can’t touch the princess nor can he get physical with her. That wasn’t a graceful move, but giving her a fright to distract her from Lord San Shen wasn’t bad. Not bad at all.

“Not bad, Minister Long! I’m very relieved!”

The Emperor didn’t sound angry, so Long Zaitian started waving his hands and feet again. One cannot control their piss in the pugilistic world. But once one pisses, one must finish their piss. Thus, the waterfall continued to pour down his pants.

However, the Emperor then realised something was wrong.


After seeing the shiny trail of yellow water swerve like a snake slithering on the ground, while a faint foul stench from it seeped into the air, the emperor suddenly figured out what it was!

The emperor had been through many ordeals, but today, he revealed his most terrified expression ever.

“Long Zaitian!! Long Zaitian!!! Long Zaitian!!!!!!!!! Uwaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!”

“Hmm? Your Majesty? Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Be careful, there is urine!!!”

The emperor’s cries echoed throughout the palace, with his last cry being the loudest.

“Long Zaitian! I’m going to behead you!!!!!”

The Orange Prince’s revolt finally came to a close.

The Emperor has seven sons.

The six dragons shall seal the nation, and the Orange Prince was the first to revolt. He suddenly launched a revolt, catching the entire palace completely off guard, and almost succeeded with the assistance of the League of Assassins.

However, thanks to the Qilin Guards’ Vice-Captain Long Zaitian’s brilliant skills to adapt to the situation, the warriors were first caught in a crisis while he went undercover. With the combined effort of him and Liu Shan Men’s vice-captain’s two-pronged tactic, they were able to apprehend the Orange Prince. He then rescued Vice-captain Shen from Fu Xiang’s grasp. Then he put on an excellent display at the imperial study, protecting the emperor and princess from harm.

He truly made significant accomplishments.

This battle will be recorded in the books of history forever. The name Long Zaitian will forever spread to later generations.

However, there was another version that circulated around in the world. It was difficult to distinguish which version was authentic, with real and fake elements in them. But as for results, that one explained it better and provided a more clear explanation for why Vice-captain Long had been demoted three ranks after such great merits.

And so the books of history record: The Orange Prince angered the traitorous true dragon. Vice-captain Long drowned his army. Between victory and defeat, rest in piss.

So filthy~


*The phrase “One cannot control their piss when in the pugilistic world” is a play on the phrase “One does not have their own free will in the pugilistic world”


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