Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 21

Why did Nara tell me to come to her room all of a sudden… and at night for that matter? I feel unsettled. I came here to find out what this is all about. Though I’m a guy, my looks are a very useful weapon nevertheless…… Of course, they’re specially used to deal with my two moms. Did Nara call me over to catch me in a sexual trap to blackmail me with it?

I initially wanted to turn her down, but Lorana said I had to go. And so here I am standing in front of the archway. I took in a deep breath and then knocked on the door.

Come what may, I’ll shoulder it! Nara is a really pretty female lord after all and she looks just slightly older than me…… Wait, wait, wait, what am I thinking?! There’ll be a massive uproar if Nier and Lucia find out……

“Is that you, your majesty?”

I heard a lazy voice from inside. I gave a plain short response. I then heard footsteps approach the door from inside and then the door opened.

Nara poked her head out, revealing her beautiful face. I was a little disappointed when I saw how she was dressed because she was dressed the same way as in in the morning…… Wait, wait, stop! That’s not what’s important here. That’s not what I’m here for!

She seemed to notice my gaze so she smiled slyly then pulled me into her room by my wrist and slammed the door shut behind her. Her room was decorated in a way that gave off strong vibes of an ethnic-nomadic tribe in the desert. The carpet under my feet was thick and tapestry with odd patterns on them hung on all the walls around. Smoke twirled upwards into the atmosphere from an incense burner. The burner to the side was covered by tapestry. Under the red curtain was a large bed.

This is her room?

But I don’t have the chance to check things out anymore because she had me pressed up against the wall…… Nara wore a sly smile on her face while she had me up against the wall. She reached her finger up to lift my chin and softly asked: “Your majesty, are you perchance… looking forward to something?

“In what way?”

I struggled to see her face. She’s a fair bit shorter than me, but because she lifted my chin up, it wasn’t easy to lower my head. I felt like she was dominating me.

Nara laughed in a soft voice and then removed her finger. She pointed at my eyes and said: “Your majesty, please close your eyes for a moment.”

“What for? This is your room that I am in right now. How can I guarantee my own safety if I close my eyes?”

“Keep your eyes open then.”

Nara looked at me casually and then reached her hand down to her waist and pulled a string, revealing her smooth slender legs which reflected the flames. Before I could scream out, she tossed her shirt aside. The young girl’s beautiful body stood before me all of a sudden. Her diamond-like peaks and flat below suddenly appeared before me like a beautiful flower. The unique scent on her body instantly filled the entire room, overwhelming even the smell of the incense.

“Your majesty, please do not yell. The guards are just outside. If they barge in now and see us in this state, what would they think?”

I had swallowed my attempt to yell. Nara spun around in front of me without a single care. She then softly asked: “Your majesty, are you so surprised to see my body? Do you not have two extremely beautiful wives? Why must you act so innocent about a female’s body then? You do not need to mind it. Your majesty, if I do not do this, I will not be able keep your attention on me during our conversation, will I?”

“Just say what you want! Hurry up and put your clothes back on!!”

“Hehe, you really are innocent your majesty.“

She then pursed her lips into a smile. She didn’t put her clothes back on however. Instead, she sat down on her bed, pointed to the chair by the side and said: “Your majesty, a night rendezvous is always too short, so let us not concern ourselves with minor things like being dressed or undressed. More importantly, I want to talk about the mine. I think you must be concerned about it too, right?”

What do you mean dressed or undressed is a minor matter?! If somebody sees us, no amount of explanations will clear it up! But what she said did catch my attention. I looked at the floor and replied: “Do you know something? Didn’t you say you didn’t believe it during the day?”

“It is only natural for me to deny my belief in the presence of outsiders. Is that not the same for you, your majesty? You did not want to attract any attention here.”

“You mean you sent out a team too?”


She didn’t say anything and only answered me seriously. I looked up. I ignored her body for the meantime due to my curiosity in the mine. I looked at her and asked: “So have you found something? Did you locate the mine?’

“No. Up until now, there is only one clue, which is just ‘a place with shiny gold’. I have no clues. The one thing that the desert does not lack is shiny gold. I have sent several teams out but have found nothing. However, I can confirm its existence. I can say for sure that it exists.”

“Why are you so sure?”

She looked at me seriously and then replied seriously: “Because that person who had the ore definitely did not dig it up by chance. He definitely obtained it from a new mine. Our five nations here acknowledge that fact so that mine definitely exists. However, your majesty, I have personally only searched my territory. My territory. Your majesty, you should know that while our five nations of the desert are on very friendly terms, we will not show mercy when it comes to our territories since we did fight in the past.”

“You mean that the mine is not in your territory?”

“Correct.” She nodded but then shook her head and continued, “But what I mean is that the mine is not in the territory of our five nations, not in my territory or in the other four territories. We lords would definitely be able to search and find out if that mine exists in our territory. However, we have not heard news about it from anyone. What does that go to show? It shows that neither of us has located it.”

“So what do you mean?”

“Your majesty, surely you have seen our map. Our territories are laid like a five-corner star with an area in the centre. None of us fight for that territory in the centre to avoid causing long wars. Since the metal mine is not within our territories, it must be there.”

I narrowed my eyes and asked: “Since you know that, why have you not gone there?”

“As I said, we cannot go there in order to maintain the peace between our five nations. That is why proxy-battles are fought there. It is no-man’s land, so no one will get involved regardless of what happens there. It is the bloodiest colosseum.”

She looked at me and chuckled softly. She went on, “I had originally planned to give up but then you came which is the equivalent of a gift from the heavens for me. One glance and I can tell that your team is no pushover. I shall be upfront, I will do everything I can to help you acquire the ore.”

“What do you stand to gain from it?”

I know full well that there is no free meal in this world. I looked at her. She was no longer a beauty in my eyes but the female lord of a city I was negotiating with, a politician.

“What do I gain? Of course I want something from it. Your majesty, as you now know, that is an area we have no right to occupy. However, you can. You just need to acquire the ore then leave refining to me, and I will be able to enter the area on justified grounds.”

She looked at me and extended her hand out toward me. She sincerely said: “Your majesty, consider my suggestion seriously. This matter pertains to decades and even a century of Karnashun’s fate. I can give up anything for the sake of Karanashun, even if it is my body, soul or life. I will sacrifice anything for Karnashun.”

I looked at her hand and stood up. I walked over to the burner, thought about it silently and then responded: “Nara, let me ask you, what is Karnashun to you?”


“Yeah?” I then turned around with a smile, grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s work together during this time then! I want the mine, you want the land.”


We held hands tightly. Nara giggled very softly and then suddenly threw herself at me like a viper in the desert, wrapping herself around me tightly. Before I could yell out, a gentle knock came from the door. Nara used one hand to cover my mouth and the other to yank the door open…….

“Your majesty, the whole night you… ah……”

Luna’s ice-cold gaze shot over to me……

“Listen to my explanation! Let me explain!! Luna! Luna!”

“What a beautiful night it is, huh, your majesty……? Hehe, I am so happy……”

Luna, don’t go! Don’t go! Listen to my explanation!! It’s not! It’s not what you think! It’s definitely not what you think!!!


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