Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 55

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It’s by all accords abnormal for the weather to be so warm in winter. Indeed it was because Vyvyan cast magic to manipulate the weather here. However, due to the lack of mana here in humanity, the weather could only be maintained for one day, though that was enough.

It was enough to have the flowers in the sea of flowers sway in the wind and enough for Lucia to stand in the flowers cheerfully.

I saw Luna laugh joyously in the sea of flowers last time and this time, I was going to see Lucia dance in it. Lucia held her dress in the sea of flowers as she danced. Her smile was more beautiful than the flowers under the sunlight. The flowers and breeze followed her dance as though god was watching her dance as well. Her bright smile reflected the sunrays. The flowers paled in comparison to her.

Lucia wasn’t smiling because of the flowers. It was her beautiful smile that caused the flowers to bloom. The sea of flowers only bloomed when she smiled.

Her white wedding dress didn’t reflect the sunrays as Nier’s diamonds did. Her dress that contained mana swayed and the flowers it brushed became more captivating. It was similar to an angel spreading her beauty to things of the world. The fluttering butterflies flew to her after being attracted by her. They circled around their goddess and danced with her.

“Ah, your highness.”

She stopped in the middle of her dance when she saw me. She laughed softly and extended her hand out toward me. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my arms. She panted softly and looked at me with her joyous and excited blushed face. She leaned onto my chest and softly said: “Your highness, I’m really happy right now……”

“Yeah? But our wedding hasn’t ended yet. Are you already happy just like this?”

She looked up at me and clasped my face gently with her hands. She smiled and said: “I feel very blissful just being able to be by your side, your highness. To have your child…… I have only dreamed of something so blissful. We faced many obstacles but we finally succeeded in the end.”

“Weren’t the obstacles we faced for the sake the bliss we feel right now? If we got together smoothly without any hiccups, would we feel this blissful?”

“If there wasn’t that woman then I would be even more blissful……” Lucia poked her tongue and then switched it for a happy smile before saying, “But it’s fine now. I managed to win in the end even though I lost the duel. I got pregnant first. I was the first to have your child. That is enough.”

I stroked her head and then gently kissed her lips. Lucia is much smaller in stature than Nier. She tippy-toed up and leaned into my arms with her two hands pressed onto my chest to feel my heart beat. I had one arm around her slender waist and my other pressed on her back as I enjoyed her fragrance. Lucia’s reaction was different to Nier’s. Nier is extremely proactive while Lucia’s kissing skills are still very immature.

Lucia is immature like that. She’s like a fruit that hasn’t ripened. But Lucia’s innocence, determination and love are what intoxicate me most. Lucia loves me as do I. I initially suspected that my love for Lucia was Troy’s memories he left behind in this body. But when I saw Lucia desperately try to save me, I knew I had fallen for her.

Lucia said it before. She didn’t love me because I was the prince or Troy. She said that she would love another person the same way if he was the one who treated her that way. So I can reasonably assume that Lucia loves me, right? I could hug her to my heart’s content. I could hug this girl that loved me.

“Let’s dance now then, your highness. I’m not good at dancing, but it’s good enough if we can hold hands, right?!”

We released each other’s lips. Lucia wiped her lips and then pulled on my hand. We crossed the warm lands where the sun shined, passed through the flowers and the vacant space. The scent of the flowers seeped into the air as we danced. It shuttled through this moment of bliss and laziness. We confessed our most sincere love for each other in this fake sea of flowers.

The guests weren’t allowed to appear during this time. They weren’t permitted to interrupt until our blissful dance ended. Therefore, all of the guests had to watch their dance from one side. Vyvyan watched her child’s posture and chuckled softly. She spoke to the individual next to her wiping her tears: “I rarely see my child reveal such a blissful smile. That smile was originally only used with me. I suddenly feel a little lonely.”

“Yeah. After he gets married, I won’t be able to frequent his place anymore. He already has his own family and is no longer my son by my side anymore. Not only is he my son, he’s also a father and a husband. The thought of that truly makes me feel very lonely.”

Elizabeth wiped the corner of her eyes. Her tears just wouldn’t stop. They weren’t just tears of joy. Her tears were a combination of happiness and sadness. Elizabeth didn’t get to see what her son looked like as a kid. She hadn’t even spent much time with him. She had to watch him go off and be someone else’s husband and father before she could see her son be her son by her side.

The feeling of emptiness and loneliness virtually tore her heart. Vyvyan was different. Though Vyvyan was a little sad, she felt a feeling of accomplishment having raised him. Elizabeth on the other hand couldn’t. He was still that small infant who snuggled up in her arms in her mind, but her child was now getting married before she knew it. It was as though the child was completely unrelated to her. She didn’t get to feel the sense of accomplishment of raising him, so all she felt was emptiness.

He’s not going to be by her side for much longer.

How much longer can he stay by my side……? I really want to speak out. I really do. I really want to keep him by my side forever. I didn’t get to watch him gradually grow up, but I wanted to see his every change. I can’t though. I’m his mother. A mother can’t stop the monster known as time. I just want to be a qualified mother, but I didn’t even see my son grow up. I owe him far, far too much. What must I do to be worthy of being called “mom”?

“Let’s go. Their dance has ended.”

Vyvyan pulled her and Elizabeth raised her head up in a flustered fashion. She saw Lucia and her son walk over hand-in-hand. He wore a blissful and yet tranquil smile. He came over one step at a time. Her sight was blurry due to her tears and the sunrays. His reflection was that of a man’s silhouette.

Stop, stop, stop, he’s my son. He’s my son. He’s my beloved son.


He walked up to her and called her. Vyvyan stood up but Elizabeth lingered for a moment before quickly standing up. I looked at my two moms, reached my hand out and held their hands. While my identity is somewhat special, I hold both of my moms in the same regard. Although Elizabeth didn’t raise me for long, I could tell that her motherly love reserved for me was no less than that of Vyvyan’s. She’s silly and clumsy but she still did everything to give me her everything.

Motherly-love isn’t something which can be displayed by how much time you spent by one’s side, but if she can give her everything for her child without asking for anything in return, a future or concern for herself, viewing her child as her everything. It doesn’t matter how successful she was or how noble she was because she was just an ordinary mother in front of him. She could give up anything because her child was her everything.

Both of my moms have successfully done that.

Both of them are my moms. There’s no ranking.

I’m a blessed individual, aren’t I? I have two shares of heavy yet blissful motherly-loves. And I really cherish them……


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