The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 09

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My daughter sat beside me with her arms around mine. She looked at me, enraged, and shouted, “Papa, you already have me, yet you keep going off to look for that woman! That woman wanted to kill us! Did you forget that she nearly hurt you?!”

She accompanied her words of anger with intense body gestures.

Her boobs were jiggling like mad because her clothes had vanished when she transformed into her large size. So, she was completely nude right now.

She had anger written all over her face right now, so she wasn’t as alluring as last night.

Leah looked very angry…

I quickly extended my hand out and covered her mouth. I then cautiously checked outside. Veirya had just left so she probably won’t come back again now, right…? But Veirya has excellent hearing. If she returns and we get discovered, things won’t be pretty.

“It was because you weren’t willing to apologise, so I had to go and apologise…”

My mind was filled with nothing but boobs and tits, right now. I just saw Veirya’s voluptuous boobs, with water running down them, leave. Then I saw Leah’s even bigger melons immediately upon arriving back here.

Leah really is a succubus. Her body is different to the warrior Veirya’s body. Her body looked more seductive and tender. The touch of her flesh gave one an intense urge to take a bite of it, while her flushed skin taunted me. Although she was angry right now, I couldn’t get serious no matter what I tried as I looked at her body…

I think I should look at something else. Otherwise, something is going to happen, if I keep looking at Leah like this…

“Papa! Look at Leah!”

Leah clearly was very displeased with me not looking at her, though. She extended her hand out and tapped me on my face with displeasure to force my face back her way. Then she leaned right in, so I could see her white skin jiggling right before me. I almost couldn’t stop myself from reaching my hand out and pushing her down in the horse-carriage.

But she’s my daughter!! Though looking at her mature form almost deleted some of the familial feelings in my heart, I still had a sense of awareness in my heart. I will not commit such a despicable deed!

Leah clasped my face and frowned very grumpily. She said, “Papa, don’t get so close to that woman! Not even if we’re following her now! That woman almost killed us, and she treats you so poorly, Papa! She’s a very cruel woman, no matter how you look at her, Papa! You never know when she might kill you, so don’t go to her! If you want a girl, Leah can be your girl! Papa! Stay only by Leah’s side, okay?”

Leah extended her arms out and then pulled my head into her breasts. My head was once again buried in that very gentle and very warm haven. I once again felt Leah’s scent which made my mind go black and can’t help but get aroused.

Her scent had an odd function. Perhaps it was an innate feature succubi had?

I extended my arms out, pressed them on Leah’s small shoulders and pressed her down onto the horse-carriage.

Leah looked at me, who was pressing down on her, with shock. She softly complained, “Papa, it hurts!”

“I… I’m sorry…”

I let go and panicked a little as I looked at Leah.

‘Just what was I trying to do just now…? Did I just try and do something to Leah…? I can’t. I can’t… I can’t… I can’t do something like that to Leah… But… but… Leah’s body and her scent are seriously too alluring inside the horse carriage… Leah is a succubus, and I’m someone who was tempted by her. If I continue letting Leah stay with me like this, I might end up doing something to Leah. But then Leah doesn’t seem like she would take the initiative to hunt men at present, but if Leah comes to realise after her first time…’

‘Then my relationship…’

‘With Leah…’

‘Would we be able to maintain our father-daughter relationship?’

Though it wouldn’t be a big deal for me to marry Leah or be together with her, I can’t quite accept it. I need to calm myself down.

“So can you promise me, Papa…? Don’t be so close to that woman. She’s dangerous… Papa… that woman… that woman… killed my father in front of me… I’m really scared… I’m scared that you, too, will…” Leah’s voice showed she felt wronged and was hoarse.

She looked at me cautiously and gently grabbed my hand. It looks like she thought I pushed her down because I was mad. Fear and panic flashed in her eyes.

I didn’t do anything wrong but seeing her like this makes my heart ache. I reached out and pulled her into my embrace. I gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead and replied, “All right. I won’t leave you, Leah, I promise. I won’t leave you in the future.”

Leah hugged me tightly and leaned her head on my shoulder gently. Next to my ear she softly said, “So you won’t get close to that woman again, right? … Papa, please always stay by Leah’s side in the future… You will be Leah’s Papa from now on, Leah’s Papa alone, right…?”

“Uhm. I’ll be your Papa, always.” I nodded and then kissed her on her forehead.

She hugged me tightly and tenderly rubbed her face against mine. While still hugging me, we fell over to one side and then Leah pulled the thick cloak over to wrap us up.

Leah glued herself closely to my body. She smiled happily and said, “Let’s sleep now, Papa. Goodnight Papa…”

“Do you honestly think this is a good position?!”

“But the blanket is only so big…” Leah looked at me with puppy-eyes, as if wronged again and responded, “Papa, why are you not willing to be close to Leah at night? Did Leah do something wrong? Why don’t you want to be close to Leah at night, Papa? … You won’t look at Leah… and you won’t hug Leah… You’re not like that during the day…”

I sighed hopelessly and explained, “I don’t hate you Leah and you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just… it’s just… Leah… never let anyone see your current appearence… other than Papa. Never let anyone see how you look at night, understand?”

Leah nodded as if she understood something. She then used her hands to push her huge melons upwards and curiously asked, “Is it because of these? Leah becomes big at night…”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Because of them!”

“What about you then, Papa? Are people not to see you at night too?”

“Me? Why me?”

“Because don’t you have something that gets big at night, too? Hmm… like right now… mm… it always pokes Leah’s tummy… Papa… what exactly is this?”

“Don’t touch!! Don’t touch it!! Leah! Don’t touch it!”

Leah removed her hand from my lower abdomen reluctantly, but she was a lot happier after hearing that I didn’t hate her.

She hugged my head happily as she plastered herself to me. She kissed my forehead and then said, “All right Papa, goodnight again. Leah wants to sleep with you until daytime this time. If you try to sneak out again, Leah will come out and look for you!”

“Okay, okay, Papa won’t go this time.”

Of course, that night was so harsh for me… Leah’s sleeping posture was no good.

Before she slept, she had wrapped the both of us with the blanket so we were basically glued together. Leah rubbed her leg up and down my leg and waist. I had a little reaction. I don’t know if it was just my imagination or not, but… I felt like my skin got a little wet…

I resisted my urges and didn’t cross the line with Leah, though. After I had gone through that arduous mental battle, the sun soon came up and Leah reverted back to her child form.

Sounds from outside started up again. The sun had just started to come up and the soldiers were already preparing to continue the journey.

I gently shook Leah awake and then helped her get dressed in a not-so-proficient fashion. I then shook my cloak out and got off the horse carriage.

‘I must say that the mornings in the north are so cold I could die.’

The fire was lit up again and the familiar scent rose into the air, once again. Leah happily sniffled with her small nose and looked in that direction with excitement.

A familiar footstep sound came our way. Leah paused for a moment and then hid behind me.

Veirya walked past us. She had her wooden bowl and towel in hand. She looked at us and gave a small nod. Then she shifted her gaze to Leah behind me.

It was different this time, however, as Leah wasn’t hiding behind me and trembling out of fear. She instead looked at Veirya and bit down tightly on her lip with ‘I’m angry’ written all over her face.

I’m surprised she dared to give Veirya that attitude. Veirya seemed a little stunned herself, for a moment.

She looked at me before continuing toward the fire. She threw the towel she had in her hand into the boiling water. She then reached out to take the towel out, completely ignoring the boiling water. She wrung it out before wiping her pretty face.

I really question if Veirya is human. She took a bath in the freezing river last night and now she wiped her face with a towel she dipped in boiling water. Can she not feel temperatures?

Veirya looked at us and then held the hand with the towel out to me.

I looked at the towel with steam coming out of it. I really didn’t have the courage to take it… But Veirya suddenly pulled me over and pasted it to my face…

I had prepared myself to wail, but it wasn’t as hot as I thought it was. Rather, it was warm and very soothing.

I could suddenly smell Veirya’s faint scent. Veirya wiped my face roughly. It felt like she was virtually going to twist my nose off.

“Done.” Veirya than nodded with satisfaction.

I caught the towel that she dropped and turned my head to look at Leah.

Leah angrily huffed and puffed as she looked at the two of us. I smiled helplessly and reached my hand out intending to wipe her face with the towel. However, Leah instinctively slapped my hand away. With my quick hands and eyes, I managed to catch her hand, though, and I wiped her face.

‘Girls have to pay attention to their appearance whatever the case.’


Leah looked at me angrily. I smiled helplessly and stroked her head. I softly said, “It’s better to keep your pretty face clean, Leah. Papa doesn’t have a towel yet. There won’t be a next time.”

“… Hmph!”

Leah reluctantly accepted it and didn’t say anything.

We then sat by the fire, and everyone ate the same food. This time, however, Veirya and I had come to an agreement. We shared the last portion evenly. It was divided between Leah and Veirya.

Veirya doesn’t seem to get full no matter what… I really don’t get this woman.

“We’ll arrive at noon today.” Veirya then stood up to look at the people around. She then expressed her gratitude, “Thank you for guarding us on the way here. I wish you a safe return.”

The soldiers stood up, pressed their left hand to their chest and respectfully responded, “It is our honour.”

Veirya looked at the soldiers and said, “We’ll be fine by ourselves for the remainder of the trip. You can all return to report to Her Majesty now.”

The soldiers exchanged looks with each other. Maybe they felt that Veirya wouldn’t be in any danger so they nodded…

‘Wait!! Have you asked for my opinion?! The three of us are continuing alone now?! What are we going to do about Leah?! What is Veirya trying to do?!’


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