Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 54

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Nier took in a big breath. She looked at his majesty who helped Luna dismount at the church’s entrance. Anger seeped into her mind. If this was just another day, she would’ve gone up to Luna and given it to her. Unfortunately, they were at the wedding venue so she had to maintain a smile even if she was angry.

I helped Luna dismount. Luna looked at me nervously and softly said: “Your majesty! I… I did not know today was your wedding…… Why did you not say so sooner…? If I knew…… If I knew……”

“Does rescuing you conflict with getting married? I’m a little late but… I haven’t caused any delays. I think Nier can understand. Luna, you go and rest first. I’ve already asked the head-maid to help the elves settle down. Freya will handle the stuff that comes after.” I scrubbed Luna’s head and then shook out my cape and headed into the church. I don’t have time to get changed now so I have to wear this simple-casual set of clothes I’ve worn countless times for my wedding.

Mm, it seems there’s some blood on my boots too.

Luna looked at the silhouette of his majesty’s back and dazed out. She pressed her hands to her heart gently. The man in front of her was going to get married. He walked toward the church underneath the bright sunlight with a blissful smile. His loved one was there. There were countless people there giving him their blessings. That was where he belonged.

Despite him appearing before her like a hero last night. Despite him appearing before her heroically and suavely countless times. Despite him protecting her and loving her countless times…… He wasn’t her hero and she wasn’t his princess. She never had his love. Though the kiss they shared under the moonlight was sweet, it was just like a dream under the moonlight. She had his scent in her mouth right now, but how much of it came from his love who was as beautiful as an angel?

Her heart ached…… Despite knowing that she wouldn’t have a future with him from the start. Despite knowing that she had no hope right from the start. Despite telling herself not to fall for him, why did he have to be so gentle with her? Why did he make her as important as Miss Lucia and Miss Nier when he clearly didn’t love her…? Wouldn’t he give her false ideas by doing that? Wouldn’t he give her dreams by doing that?

You gave me false and dim hope and despair. You’re so cruel, your majesty…… You don’t like me yet you treat me affectionately over and over again…… You… you… make it hurt so much…… You don’t like me yet you appear like a hero in front of me over and over again when you’re not my hero……

I walked into the church. All of the guests sitting to the left and right got up and applauded. I walked toward Nier on the other side, passing through the applauses, flower petals and wine being poured. The lights behind the exquisitely designed glass in the church then shone over there, putting the spotlight on Nier, thereby making her appear as eye-catching as a goddess.

With a flower bouquet in hand, Nier looked at me from behind her veil in her wedding dress. She looked at me like she was standing on a rainbow like a beautiful angel. Her beauty made everything in the church appear bland. It was like the entire church was colourless with her brightness.

“Now, please face each other. Your majesty, please open Miss Gilliante’s face-veil.”

I gently opened Nier’s face-veil and looked straight into her eyes. She looked back at me with a little tinge of anger in her eyes and she pursed her lips together tightly. I chuckled softly as I looked at her. As I stood in front of her, I softly said: “Don’t be angry, Nier. I was only a little bit late……”

Nier softly replied: “I’m not angry because of that……”

She then leaned in toward me and I kissed her.

The kid wore a large robe that looked smooth. He looked at us with his childish voice that he tried to make sound majestic. He also trembled a little out of fear……

“Next, please kiss under the watch of god. Please kiss the one you love most!”

Nier didn’t want to raise her head. She muttered: “That’s definitely Luna’s scent, isn’t it… your majesty?”

I chuckled and then kissed her lips without saying anything prior and Nier moaned softly. At first, she moved her tongue proudly, not giving in. But then she began to go along with me. She gently leaned her body against mine, pressed her hands on my chest and moaned softly again.

I then let go of her before she started to get kinky. I chuckled quietly as I said: “Now it’s your scent.”

“…… Hmph.”

Nier blushed a little and then revealed a shy smile. The guests seem to be all swept off their feet by Nier’s smile. I heard some people gasp very distinctively. I picked up the ring by the side, gently elevated her left hand and wore the exquisite ring onto her middle finger…… In this world, they say that the middle finger is the finger closest to god since it’s one’s longest finger. As such, we had to wear our wedding ring on our middle finger…… The exquisite diamond went perfectly with Nier’s hand. To be honest, the femineity of Nier’s hands had been grinded away because she wielded her sword so much. However, her hand was warm in mine nonetheless.

Nier grabbed my right hand gently and wore my ring onto my middle finger. She then tippy-toed up and gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead. The guests applauded. I looked down and saw her majesty sitting in the front row wiping her eyes while watching me. She didn’t seem to care about the way I was dressed……

I wanted to give mom a surprise but it looks like I’ll have to show her in private at night. I grabbed hold of Nier’s hands and turned to face the guests.

“God has overseen your marriage. I hope that your happiness will forever be as passionate, that your oath will never be forgotten and that you will hold hands forever, never letting go. Your majesty and princess!”

After she wore the ring on, Nier Gilliante officially changed her name to Nier Galadriel Rosvenor. A Valkyrie officially left the squad and became the princess of the royal family. Decades later, this young girl will probably become the empress of the empire. If the prince meets with misfortune and loses his life, she will be the next empress who rules, and her child will be the only one with royal blood.

The Rosvenor nation’s bloodline almost went extinct once. If it wasn’t for the empress who fought back with her power, there would be no Rosvenor empire here. The Rosvenor empire’s only prince now had a princess, so the Rosvenor empire could finally go on.

Nier turned sideways to face me with a smile and said: “Did you know, your majesty? I was once a young girl too.”


I held her hand tightly as I looked at her.”

“I became a guard, a Valkyrie because I met her majesty. I am very proud and honoured by that. I was able to serve the strongest woman on this continent, to protect her by her side, and to train this continents most fearsome force.”

Nier and I intertwined our fingers. I could feel her warmth in my entire hand.

“But I met you, your majesty. Now I have reverted back into a young girl.” Nier then lowered her head and elaborated, “I am very happy right now. Truly very happy. I am truly very happy to be able to hold the hand of this continent’s smartest, most gentle and kind man in this moment.”

“Nier, do you know when I started to like you?”

“Your majesty……”

“From the moment you came to welcome me home……”

I will never forget the first time I came to humanity. She appeared before me when I was afraid of this unknown world.

From now on, let me hear you say this every day: “Welcome home, your majesty! I, Nier Gilliante have come to welcome you home!”

“Welcome home, your majesty!”

Ah, Nier. I’m home.

Home, is right at your side.



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