The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 08

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Leah quickly fell asleep, and she didn’t transform into her night-form.

It seems as though it only happens in the middle of the night, I guess. However, I’m glad she hasn’t transformed. I need to head out now. If a guard was to sneak over to try something and discover Leah’s transformation, something might happen.

It was a real struggle to escape Leah’s embrace. Frankly, I want a booby face-wash from transformed-Leah more than little-Leah’s hug… Wait, stop. I don’t have those sorts of feelings for my daughter. Absolutely not. I can’t have them either. I don’t think Leah would say no, but my conscience won’t let me.

After I had left the horse-carriage, I checked my surroundings.

Some of the guards were spread out around the perimeter of the camp as sentries. The others were sitting around the fire chatting away. No one cared about us. That gave me a good opportunity.

I pulled a guard over to ask him for Veirya’s location, and he pointed in a direction.

I went in the direction he indicated. I’ve never wandered the wilderness in darkness before. Despite the moon shining brightly overhead, the area in front of me was still pitch-black. I almost tripped over things multiple times. I began to regret not bringing a fire-torch with.

It was colder than I expected at night. I had used my cloak as a mat inside the horse-carriage so I was only wearing an army overcoat. The cold winds felt like they were cutting my skin. It was freezing to death. I now understand why it was necessary to wear a cloak here. It was to protect you from the wind.

But I soon heard the sound of water. I never thought that the river would still be flowing on such a cold day.

I continued forward and a ribbon-shape ray of light shined gorgeously like the Milky Way in the sky. Perhaps it was because the moon was overly bright, which made the flowing river appear particularly nice.

But where was Veirya?

I walked up to the river and checked the surroundings. I don’t have the sort of visual prowess that allows me to see red footprints or something. If I can’t see Veirya, then there’s nothing I can do.

I continued to walk along the river until I suddenly saw something standing upright by the edge of the river. It didn’t seem to be a rock or anything similar.

It looked more like boots…

Curious, I walked over and crouched down next to them, which was when I realised that there were other things there. Including an under-shirt, an overcoat, a belt, a long-sword and a thick white cloak. I even heard the sound of something hitting the ground… It looks like the individual in question had just removed their last piece of clothing. It was a plain white underwear which was placed on top of the clothes…


‘It looks like…’

‘I’ve found Veirya…’

Just as I was taken by surprise, I heard a loud splash from the river. I looked over in the direction of the sound blankly.

Her pretty body emerged from the water and her long silver hair whipped through the air, emphasising the shape of her face. Silver trails of water, like pearls, coursed down her body. Her curvaceous and firm form shined with glory under the moonlight, revealing every detail of her body. She faced me and then reached her hands behind her back to whip her silver hair which basically put her glorious breasts on full display.

It was different from those situations in manhuas where they force fan-service by covering sensitive spots with the character’s hair. Veirya didn’t even consider it.

Water trickled down her body as she appeared before me. Veirya sure is a soldier. Her lower abdomen didn’t appear smooth because of the way she leaned backwards, which also made the outlines of her muscles visible. However, her small waist made her hips look a lot more pronounced.

Her silver hair gently stuck to her body below her navel.

A trail of water ran across her smooth thighs and down to her knees. I wonder if her body never changes, like her expression.

It was white enough to be considered transparent. However, the silver light reflecting off her body made her look considerably alluring, like a seductive evil female spirit in the river.

The atmosphere in the surroundings virtually got shattered by her beauty. I looked at her and spaced out like, time had slowed down. I could see every trail of water coursing down her body…

For instance…

The trail of water that ran down her inner thighs…

Veirya dangled her headband in her mouth. She tied up her hair, that was completely wet, as she walked over to me. I heard the sound of her body leaving the water. The water coursed down her thighs and calves with perfect lines and down to her feet before stopping where she left cute footprints in the mud.

She looked at me with her head tilted and asked, “You want to wash, too?”


Her question made me scream so loudly my voice changed. I tripped, then fumbled while crawling back onto my feet. I pathetically stepped aside with my eyes covered as I shouted my apology.

However, Veirya didn’t say anything else. She ignored me, picked up her underwear and wore it back on. She then shook her body, picked up her undershirt, put it on and then sat down.

I crouched down and looked at her as I trembled. I was worried she’d chop my head off to protect her reputation.

To be fair, though, you can’t blame me. I didn’t look at her lecherously. I was honestly so blown away by her beauty that I lost any sexual desire I might’ve felt for her. If you saw the goddess of beauty, Venus, wouldn’t your first reaction be one of surprise? You wouldn’t throw yourself at her and lick her, now, would you?

A moment after, she asked, “I want to ask you a question.” She turned her head around to look at me and then patted the spot next to her.

I quivered as I walked over and sat down next to her.

She looked at me. It seemed like she didn’t care how I looked at her. She sat with an upright posture that couldn’t be straighter. She looked at the water flowing in front of her and asked, “I want to know how to form a good relationship with that girl.”

“Are you talking about Leah?”

‘Come to think of it, I think I can understand what Veirya means, since she’s been trying to be friendly towards her. However, Leah never accepted her friendly gestures, due to the traumatic experience she left on her during their first encounter.’

Veirya nodded gently and explained, “I don’t know how to make friends with people… Though she was indeed the Demon King’s daughter, and I unarguably wanted to kill her… After Her Majesty gave her to me, I wanted to be on friendly terms with her, too. Lucia was right. She was just a cute child. But it doesn’t look like she wants to be friendly with me.”

“… Leah was shocked after all.”

‘I’m fine with talking with you, but could you please get dressed properly? That scene back there was enough for someone to have a bloody nose, but with you wearing your clothes whilst still wet, I can see through it and it’s even more seductive.’

I tried to shorten my response as much as possible because I really didn’t know where to look. I would feel worse if I looked at her while speaking, But then… I feel it’s impolite not to look at her while speaking.

She nodded gently.

I looked under my feet and said, “I’m very sorry about what Leah did today. You did it out of good will, yet she reacted like that. She didn’t dare to apologise, but I must apologise. I’m very grateful that you spent all night modifying her clothes.”

She looked at me and then stood up. She picked up her clothes and while slowly getting dressed said, “I want to be friendly with her. I, too, want to live like an ordinary person, now that the demon race is no more. I really like that cute girl. Oh yeah, aren’t you my slave? I shall now give you your first command as your master. You must get us to be friends.”

I looked at Veirya stunned. She didn’t look like she was joking.

‘Alright, let’s say that she was joking. I can’t tell if she is because she’s expressionless. Honestly, I almost forgot that I was a spoil of war, or rather, her spoil of war, due to the way she treated Leah and I. Veirya, who had a military background, didn’t seem the least bit interested in me. If I was Queen Sisi’s slave, I’d be a dog by now, I bet.’

She looked at me with puzzlement. I presume her frown was due to her displeasure when she repeated herself, “You must.”

Only then did I return to my senses. I nodded, and replied, “I’ll try my best.”

“You can’t reply like that. You must reply ‘understood’.”

‘Here I was thinking I could answer “no”. It looks like I don’t even get the chance to.’

I looked at Veirya and said, “In that case, I hope you continue being nice to Leah. Leah most likely won’t change her opinion of you in a short time-frame. However, she’s a reasonable girl, so she’ll come to understand.”


Veirya nodded and then turned around to walk toward the camp. She walked very quickly.

I was wrestling with whether to chase her or not, but in the end, I didn’t have the guts to walk next to her, so I followed behind her to the camp. I looked at Veirya in front of me. I can’t look straight at her after seeing her incomparably mesmerising body back there…

She didn’t seem to care at all…

When we reached the camp, I stood at the edge of the horse-carriage and climbed in.

Veirya slowly walked off.

My body was currently being locked tightly by something. I felt a very imposing feeling coming from overhead, and I felt like I was seriously going to suffocate. Something got stuffed into my mouth so that I couldn’t make a sound…

I panicked as I struggled to break free with my limbs, but I saw Leah’s enraged eyes immediately afterwards.

“Papa! Why did you leave me to go find that woman?!” That’s when I realised that I was being hugged by Leah in her night-form.

Leah sat in the W-sitting position in the horse-carriage. She locked my head in between her legs and pressed her breasts down on my face. She sniffed me gently then angrily exclaimed, “You have that woman’s scent on you!! What did you two do?! What did you two do?!! Papa!! Give me an explanation!!”

“Hey!!” Veirya’s voice came from outside.

I was so frightened I quickly sat up. From outside she asked, “Did something happen in there? Why can I hear you kicking around?”

I got up and stuck my face outside with a helpless smile. “No, nothing.” I answered.

Leah then pressed herself against me from behind. With her body pressed against mine, Leah’s hands gently wrapped themselves around my lower back. She reached her hand under my under-shirt and gently pinched my rod. With the stimulation on my back and at my front, I almost moaned.

“Your voice is really strange. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yes… Hnng… Mm…. Really… I’m fine…”


*W-sitting position. You’ll be able to imagine this for sure if you watch moe stuff. It’s where you sit on your bottom with your knees out in front of you but flexed, so that your feet is behind you. From a birds-eye view, imagine the two top left and right corners of the letter “W” as feet, the two bottom points as the knees, the middle point at the top being the head with your glutes right under.



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