Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 50

“Very good, very good, your majesty. That is the schedule for tomorrow. You have worked hard.”

And with that from the person in charge of the wedding-rehearsals, it finally came to an end. To be fair, the guy in charge worked really hard too. He put in a lot of effort to satisfy both the human and elf races requests for the wedding. The plan was for me to enter the church first and then make my oath to be with Nier forever. Then I had to head to the plains outside the city and make my oath with Lucia in the sea of flowers. Then we would finally begin the party for the wedding at the sea of flowers.

Normally speaking, there wouldn’t be a sea of flowers in winter. The flowers were all transported here from the south and just set up. Vyvyan set up a boundary area like a greenhouse to ensure that the flowers would last until tomorrow. But I guess they’ll wither after tomorrow. But then again, who can say for sure that they won’t regrow and become a sea of flowers here?

Nier and Lucia looked like they let out a sigh of relief. It looks like they’re pretty tired from today’s rehearsals. I was so tired I was out of it. I had to ride from the church to the flower field and then I had to dance with Lucia in the sea of flowers. Then I had to kiss her lips. The kiss felt lovely the first and second time, but we were fed up by the fifth and sixth time.

I could taste their scents in my mouth. Nier was worse. She virtually got kinky every time we kissed. She kept trying to hug me and rub herself against me. We can’t allow kinky-Nier out on the wedding day or we’ll be done for. I don’t have the time or a place to relieve her.

Freya looked at me while clapping with a smile as she said: “My, my, my, what a splendid wedding. Onii-sama, it looks like having two wives is not all that easy, huh? But you can consider it physical exercise, right?”

“Physical exercise? What part of it is? It’s clearly torture.” I massaged my bum that sat atop my horse as I rode it over and over. I hissed a couple of times from the pain. Vyvyan handed me a cup of tea with a smile and then said: “It’s rough, isn’t it, son? But this is a wonderful wedding. It’s quite nice to reproduce an elven wedding in this snowy place.”

“I agree. Seeing you, I remembered my wedding as well…… But that didn’t count as a wedding ceremony I don’t think. I just danced in the flower-field with your father. We didn’t know how to dance at the time, so it’d be better to say that we were just bouncing around randomly.”

Elizabeth revealed a shy and yet nostalgic smile. She said: “If that’s the case, it would mean that I never had a wedding ceremony. That makes me sad. But I don’t have any regrets being able to see you so happy, son.”

“What’s an old hag talking about weddings for? You have plenty of young guys around you, don’t you? You could have a wedding whenever you want to, can’t you?” Vyvyan rolled her eyes at her. She then wrapped her arms around mine, smiled blissfully and said, “Son, you truly are becoming more and more like onii-sama. Mommy is feeling jealous seeing you get married. Ah, should mommy have a duel with Lucia some time?”

Elizabeth shoved Vyvyan away from me and then violently suggested: “Although there are many things I disagree with you on, I do agree on that. However, if you want to duel someone, pick on someone who can offer competition. I feel like my son is becoming more and more like my husband too. If you feel that way, let’s have a duel.”

Vyvyan glared at her. She then chuckled indifferently and responded: “Fufu, you truly are a woman with nothing but brawn for brains. My son is holding his wedding tomorrow and you want to duel me now? Aren’t you worried about tainting my son’s happiness with your blood?”

“Who are you kidding? Aren’t you annoyed just like I am right now? That’s perfect. Let’s let off some steam. I was just in the mood to pound someone, and it’d be perfect if it was an elf.”

“My two dear moms… could you two be a little considerate of me…….?”

I looked at the two of them hopelessly. It’s my wedding tomorrow and the two of them were still bickering. I don’t know what the two of them got grumpy over after watching my rehearsal. Are they not happy for me as my moms when I’m getting married? The reason for your jealousy is because “you’re becoming more and more like your father”?!

The two of them looked at me and sternly exclaimed at the same time: “You only have one mom!”

I raised my hands up in surrender to indicate I understood. The two of them then realised what the other said. Just as they were about to continue bickering, Lucia and Nier walked up to me with exhausted expressions. Lucia let out a long sigh and then weakly leaned onto my chest. She weakly complained: “I’m so tired. Your highness, why is it so tiring when it’s just a rehearsal……?”

Nier grumpily shoved her and then leaned her head on my chest. She too let out a long sigh and complained: “Yeah…… It’s more tiring than my daily training. My lips have gone numb from kissing……”

I looked at the two of them hopelessly. I smiled awkwardly and said: “It can’t be helped. It’s all for the sake of making sure we don’t embarrass ourselves tomorrow in front of outsiders. But it’s over now so head back and rest well. Tomorrow is the official day. Don’t look tired tomorrow.”

Nier whipped her head up to look and me and firmly said: “Of course I won’t! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time!! I can pull myself together to kiss you tomorrow even if I don’t sleep tonight!”

You just said you’re not sleeping tonight, didn’t you?! You just said you’re not sleeping tonight, didn’t you?! You can, but I can’t! If you don’t let me sleep properly, I’ll be in trouble tomorrow! I’m not as fit as you two! I’m already exhausted from today, and you still want to empty me tonight?

Lucia rubbed her lower abdomen and then in a slightly sad tone said: “Your highness, my stomach still isn’t growing……”

I chuckled helplessly and comforted Lucia: “Lucia, it’s only been over a week. How could it have grown……?”

Nier rubbed her flat lower-abdomen grumpily without saying a word. I had no way of comforting Nier there……

Tonight’s dinner was very simple because Nier was really tired. I didn’t have any desire to continue with work either. They didn’t submit a single report today because they had good judgement. Hence, I let them turn in early today.

Nier went to work as she did every night. She gripped my chest tightly and panted heavily like she wanted to jump up and shake her hips wildly. Her eyes were filled with ecstasy. She drooled whenever she wasn’t paying attention, and I could see her saliva in the air.

I felt Nier’s warmth and wildness. This is something we have to do every night. Nier’s body is very addicting, but will also break you……


Just as we were about to unite our body’s, the door to our room got smashed open. A person’s silhouette flew through the air, shoved Nier who was on top of me aside and then pulled me into their arms. I was so frightened my entire body jerked itself. Heck, I nearly screamed.

“My son… my son… my son…. you’re here. You’re here……. You’re alright. You’re alright. I’m so glad……”


“Your highness?!”

I cried out with shock while Nier roared furiously. Vyvyan hugged me tightly while completely ignoring Nier. She stroked my head and quivered as she said: “Just now, mommy felt you send a rescue signal through your necklace so mommy thought something happened to you……. But it turns out you’re alright…… You’re alright…… I’m so glad. I’m so glad……”


I’m alright because I’m here, but my necklace isn’t here with me!


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