Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 45

It’s Safe With the Emperor’s Entourage’s Hu Po Here

“Zhong Ning, come in!” Nan junfei chuckled indifferently as he faced the emperor who sat up and said: “I must introduce you to my brother Zhong Ning. your majesty. He’s ranked fourth in our group, Mystery. His martial arts skills are inferior to mine, but his evilness far exceeds the three of us. While the other three of us do admit to committing evil, we only take on assassination or sabotage jobs from the rich.

My brother, Zhong Ning however, is a rare to come by evil spawn that’s been around for decades. He kills, robs and rapes women. There’s no atrocity he doesn’t commit. He’s bloodthirsty. Our former master and servant relationship would not be complete if I don’t introduce you to such a peculiar individual.”

The emperor sat up but still couldn’t muster up any strength. There wasn’t a single hint of capitulation in his eyes, but he struggled to ask: “Why? Yes, you came from the pugilistic world, but you are just and brave. I took you in without questioning you when you came to offer your services to me back then. I’ve never treated you as a servant despite you entering the palace to work as a servant. I treated you as a hero nonetheless. Nan Junfei, ask yourself, when and where did I wrong you? Why are you betraying me?”

“You didn’t wrong me. Of course you didn’t!” Nan Junfei’s gaze changed. He exclaimed: “You’re a saint. A great emperor that is proficient in literacy and martial arts. You’re an emperor that is superior to the previous emperors, so naturally, you never wronged me. But I became reduced to a eunuch because of you!”

The emperor frowned and replied: “You already did it to yourself when you came to offer your services to me back then, and told me yourself that you wanted to enter the palace as a eunuch. I never forced you to, so how did I force you?”

“Of course you don’t remember. You’re busy with thousands of things every day. How would you have time to remember these minor matters? In your eyes, my life is but a sentence on your documents.”  Nan Junfei glared at the emperor aggressively and then explained in an enraged voice: “Fifteen years ago, I offered my serves to the Nine Rivers Sect. Someone reported to Liu Shan Men that our group was planning to revolt. With just one written decree from you and Liu Shan Men’s Yan Shisan immediately led his men to eradicate our Nine Rivers Sect.

Heh, skilled fighters of the imperial, big shots, huh? A huge sect was eradicated in half a day. All those who resisted were killed. Those captured were subjected to the punishments in the palace. I didn’t castrate myself. I was castrated after I was captured as a prisoner!”

“Nine Rivers Sect… Nine Rivers Sect……” The emperor muttered the name several times and then blurted: “I somewhat remember that incident. There was solid evidence that the Patriarch was planning to revolt back then. Yan Shisan didn’t make a wrong judgement. Why do you……”

Nan Junfei cut him off, shouting: “So what?! If it weren’t for you and Yan Shisan, I wouldn’t have become a eunuch!”

So it turns out Nan Junfei didn’t know the Patriarch of the Nine Rivers Sect was in fact guilty. It was just that he suffered more than he could handle. He didn’t care about reason. He just needed a target to vent his hatred and pain. Life in the palace for over a decade didn’t reduce his hatred. To the contrary, it made him angrier and more averse to accepting the outcome, thus wanting to change his life even more.

Nan Junfei laughed pitifully for himself: “Heh, a hero, huh? If I truly was still a hero, I wouldn’t be here today wearing these clothes and speaking to you here in the palace. Unfortunately, I’m just a eunuch, a eunuch who can only realise his dream of heroism by killing people. What’s the point of the martial arts skills I possess?”

The emperor didn’t respond. Nan Junfei’s gaze turned cold. He snickered and went on: “I hate you and Yan Shisan most in this life. I couldn’t kill him, but I at least got to watch him fall. You were the one who spun this cocoon around for yourself. If he was still by your side you wouldn’t be in this situation now. You have treated me decently all these years, so I did want to make it swift. But you didn’t want the favour. I’ve managed to save myself trouble. Before you experience the pain I suffered, don’t even dream of having a moment to relax.”

He turned around to speak to the person at the door that wouldn’t come in: “Zhong Ning? What’s wrong with you?”

The footsteps at the door had stopped long ago. A silhouette of someone tall was seen outside the door, but the individual wouldn’t enter.

Nan Junfei said: “What are you doing not coming in, Brother Zhong Ning? The old emperor has already seen through my act. There’s no need to act anymore!”

But the silhouette didn’t move like the individual didn’t hear Nan Junfei.

Nan Junfei suddenly started to get suspicious: Today is an important day. Zhong Ning wouldn’t pull a joke like this. Could it be… that it’s not Zhong Ning?!

As his suspicion arose, Nan Junfei raised his vigilance level. He reached his hand out and sealed the emperor’s meridian before tying him up brashly. He was completely different to the careful version of himself when he was helping the emperor before.

Nan Junfei dragged the emperor to the door then carefully asked: “Brother Zhong Ning, is that you?”

The person at the door finally spoke up: “So… the fucking evil bastard Zhong Ning is your sworn brother.”

The voice was strong and clear, the complete opposite of Zhong Ning.

“Who are you?”

Nan Junfei moulded energy to his palm. He waited for him to speak before striking with his palm. He didn’t see the individual raise his hand. Nan Junfei felt his palm collide with a wall of wind which was very tough. Nan Junfei immediately moulded more internal energy, seeking to get the upper hand right away.

Their palms collided with a door in between. Frankly, the door was very tough to be able to withstand both of their palms colliding without getting damaged.

That individual took several steps back after their exchange. Since he didn’t know who the visitor was, Nan Junfei couldn’t let him go. Therefore, he quickly pulled the door open and chased him outside. That individual reversed his direction and struck back with a palm strike. Not having enough time to defend, Nan Junfei was forced to use both palms to intercept his palm, thereby releasing the emperor.

Their walls of qi clashed and exploded in the air. The explosion of their clash blew the snowflakes around away. The two were outrageously strong.

The individual seemed to have planned the attack out for a long time. With both of Nan Junfei’s arms extended, he manoeuvred himself quickly, putting himself between Nan Junfei and the emperor, successfully separating them. The emperor recognised the individual from his back. He said to himself: With him here, my safety is guaranteed!

Nan Junfei realised he fell for the tactic when he lost his hostage. He retreated a step then shouted: “Who are you?!”

The individual faintly asked: “Eunuch Nan, after becoming the lap-dog of the League of Assassins’ have you forgotten who I am too?”

The man before his eyes was dressed in brilliant black clothing. He was tall and had a straight posture. His eyes looked refined and his internal energy was evidently profound. He had bulging muscles like every inch of his muscles had explosive power.

Nan Junfei took a proper look at his features and automatically blurted a name without thinking: “Hu Po! It’s you!”

Hu Po is the current seventh ranked warrior on Liu Shan’s Elites’ rankings. He was the special ranked member of the emperor’s security detail whose post was to guard the emperor.

Nan Junfei was shocked. If Hu Po is here, where’s Zhong Ning?

Hu Po didn’t say any more to Nan Junfei, instead with his back facing him, he apologised to the emperor: “Your majesty, I apologise for my tardiness. Please allow me to unseal your meridian first.” He reported his intention before easily undoing the seal.

The emperor’s body was already limp to begin with so he dropped to the ground as soon as his meridian was released. Fortunately, Hu Po caught him so he didn’t make an embarrassment of himself. With joy, the emperor said: “My efforts to stall for time were worth it in the end. You’re finally here, Hu Po.”

Hu Po nodded and respectfully apologised again: “I apologise for being late. Please forgive me, your majesty.”

The emperor waved it off with his hand and replied: “I had you leave, so you’re not at fault. Now that you’re here, let’s see how this scoundrel runs!” He then glared at Nan Junfei and calmly said: “This man committed treason, is ungrateful and is undeserving of mercy. I permit you to kill him.”

It’s usually forbidden for anyone to use weapons let alone fight outside the imperial study. Without the emperor’s orders, nobody was permitted to fight. But once he gave the order, Nan Junfei’s chances of survival got slimmer and slimmer.

Nan Junfei looked at the two of them speak. Like he was standing on their corpse already he thundered: “If that bastard didn’t resort to trickery, you wouldn’t have been able to snatch that tyrant back from me!”

Hu Po ignored Nan Junfei the entire time which was an indication that he looked down on him.

Now that Nan Junfei cursed at the emperor, Hu Po’s gazed turned cold as he turned around to say: “Take that back.”

“Take it back? Go ask the king of hell to take it back!”

Nan Junfei took out a rocket from his shirt and shot it up into the sky where it vanished instantly. That’s the League of Assassins’ special contact method. They never use it until the situation is dire.

Nan Junfei chuckled brutally and mocked: “Be pleased with yourself as much as you can, because my people will be here any moment now!”


I had to go through some effort to shake them off.

When I found out she was the second princess, I ran for dear life without stopping.

Putting aside that she’s an incredible fighter herself, she even called for reinforcements. I fled for as long as it takes to boil a pot of tea. My number of pursuers increased several folds as I ran. My constable uniform is like a death-magnet. Being sighted meant death, causing me to give up on my plan and run out of the harem.

And now I’m at god-knows where.

I hid in a pile of stinky clothes and silently waited for my pursuers to pass by for some good distance. I waited for a long time. I waited until I could honestly no longer stand the stench before leaving the pile and running for dear life.

Aaahh! I stink!

What the hell is this place?!

I looked up and saw the word: Laundry.

It looks like this is where clothes are washed in the palace. Did I run here without knowing it…? I lowered my head to sniff myself. I can’t do this. I need to find somewhere to wash myself.

“Who goes there?!”

The shout scared me. I thought I got busted. But then when I saw the individual, my worry vanished.

He was dressed in black and he wore a blue-fang mask. No matter how I look at it, he looks more suspicious than me.

He suddenly flashed out from a corner and pointed his sword at me. I’ve seen this clothing style plenty of times today. If I’m correct, all of the Black Winds Thirteen Wings and the orange prince’s private military dressed like this.

What, is this guy passing by too? Where’s he off to?

I looked at him again. He looks really familiar. He’s with the Black Winds Thirteen Wings if I’m correct……

The man with the mask scanned me from head to toe and back up. He then nodded as though he had figured out my identity. I could virtually see the bloodthirsty smile he wore behind his mask.

“Hmm, you from Liu Shan Men? My sword hasn’t tasted any blood today. You offered yourself up to me so I have to kill.”

“Who are……”

“The name is Chen Yun.” Chen Yun smiled savagely and added: “Remember it. That’s the name of the man who’s going to take your life.”

Ooohh! The leader of the Black Winds Thirteen Wings, Chen Yun. I see~.

Why is he here? Is he running away like me?

But whatever.

I stared at his clothes and mask before putting on my thinking hat.

“Uhm.” I scanned him for a bit, causing him to feel uncomfortable before smiling and asking: “Bro, you wanna strip?”

Chen Yun seemed to be disgusted. He asked with disdain: “What did you say?”

“The name is Zhong Ning.” I grinned and copied his tone and line exactly as I added: “Remember it. That’s the name of the man who’s going to hang you on the wall butt-naked.”


*The rocket Nan Junfei shot wasn’t the massive modern day rocket. There are many variations such as the type that’s like a party popper where you pull the string and it shoots a flare into the air.


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