Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 35

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“Onii-sama, the Earth Dragons you asked for have arrived at the city entrance. They were not brought into the city to ensure safety in the streets. Please head outside of the city. It is cold outside so you must wear more clothing.” Freya woke me up the next day when it still wasn’t very bright outside…

To be honest, the scene with Nier and I right now isn’t suitable for children. But Freya has gotten used to it now so she didn’t say anything.

I massaged my head and sat up. I pulled Nier, who was lying on my chest, off and carefully lay her aside. I then covered Nier up completely with the blanket so that she wouldn’t catch a cold.

I didn’t drink much alcohol last night. Freya, on the other hand, was plastered. She nearly got into a tussle with Nier.

If it wasn’t for Lucia desperately dragging Freya away, Nier, who was absolutely fuming, would’ve drawn her sword.

Not only did Freya cling to me and refuse to let go, she even mocked Nier and Lucia, who had no comebacks at all.

Freya resembled my main wife instead of them.

“Good morning, Freya. Looks like you’re sober now.”

“Please do not mention what happened, Onii-sama. Let us both forget last night, thank you very much, Onii-sama. Let us not mention last night’s incident again.” Freya cut me off resolutely and looked at me with pleading eyes.

‘It looks like she really doesn’t want me to bring up last night’s incident again…’

For the serious and strict Freya before me right now, last night was a shameful memory. A very shameful memory.

I smiled helplessly and said, “I actually thought the Freya last night was really cute…”

“Oh?” Freya didn’t react with surprise as I thought she would.

Instead, she looked at me with an interested expression. She smiled mischievously and then clung to my arm. She then immediately reached for my sensitive spot, causing me to jerk my body away from fright.

Behind me was a sleeping Nier. Nier doesn’t really sleep deep. She possessed very strong vigilance, as a Valkyrie. She only slept deeply when I was by her side.

‘If I called her now, I could guarantee she’ll wake up for sure. And if Nier woke up to this scene, she’d hack me to death, wouldn’t she…?’


“Is this what you meant by cute, Onii-sama? Did you want me to become a normal, stupid sister, who clings to her brother and keeps calling him ‘Onii-chan’? Or… do you like experiencing this sort of forbidden love? I personally don’t mind.” Freya giggled mischievously as she clung to my arm. She continued, “Of course, if you want me to be like that, I can transform into that type of sister, you know? But then, who will you rely on, Onii-sama? When you are able to stand on your own, I will naturally become that sort of sister. When that time comes, you can do anything you want…”

“Don’t do this… Freya…”

Freya and Luna have something in common, and that is that they’re both very skilled in teasing people.

I clenched my teeth tightly. My legs started to shake a little.

Freya giggled and then hopped to a side. She then made a small bow and said, “Let us go then, Onii-sama. Please forget what happened last night. Otherwise, there will be a punishment~.”

Before I could reply, Nier gently snorted.

‘Man, I was so frightened I nearly got down on my knees. Did Freya plan this?! She hopped off as soon as Nier opened her eyes!’

“Dear… where are you going?” Nier rubbed her eyes and sat up causing the blanket on her to slip off.

I looked at Nier’s nude body. I was still feeling it since Freya had just teased me… I swiftly turned around, picked up my cape and replied, “Nothing. I’m going to go and receive some goods. Keep sleeping, Nier. I’ll be back soon for breakfast.”

“Alright then, dear. Stay safe.” Nier nodded and then lied back down. She must not be feeling so well after drinking last night.

Freya, who stood to the side, chucked like a devil.

The sight of her chuckling made my hairs stand up. I warned myself not to try and tease Freya in the future, no matter what.

My plan is to have two armies.

One of them is the human guards who are learning swordsmanship and archery under Nier’s tutelage.

The other one I want is a heavily armoured elven cavalry unit.

Though elves aren’t skilled equestrians, I didn’t intend to transform them into a heavily-armoured cavalry unit. The elves have a better option, and that is Earth Dragons.

I remember the ferocity of the Earth Dragons charging at us back then like it was yesterday.

‘I don’t know where I got the courage and fire from to not turn tail back then. Normally speaking, seeing a horde of Earth Dragons charging at you causing even the Earth to tremble would cause one to flee. That’s just an instinctive reaction.’

Hence why I wanted a cavalry unit which rides Earth Dragons. Why choose elves? Because Earth Dragons were magical creatures. I thought that it was more appropriate to give magical creatures to elves than humans. As you couldn’t pierce Earth Dragons with blades, we just needed to create armour which can guard against ballistae. The Earth Dragons would charge the enemies and open a path.

The human cavalry, equipped with guns that can fire repeatedly and long-swords, would then charge into the space opened. They would scatter the enemy groups with firepower, before chasing them down with their swords to slaughter them.

Now that was a perfect tactic. Of course, if I had cannons as well, that would be even better. It was just that we couldn’t form a cannon unit in our small city. I still didn’t have Mom’s level of power so I couldn’t form an army.

The elven imperial guards Mommy Vyvyan brought over were outstanding soldiers. As long as they could ride Earth Dragons and trained a little more, they’d have combat power.

Moreover, the Earth Dragon cavalry unit wouldn’t need to get into close-quarters combat with their enemies. They just needed to keep charging into their enemies over and over. Those who truly needed to train are those in the unit that needed to charge into and slay the enemy army.

I walked up to the side of the Earth Dragons.

Honestly, the Earth Dragons have left me with a trauma. I don’t know if it’s Troy’s fear or not, but when I looked into their eyes, my body trembled on its own.

These herbivorous creatures, which look docile, were very frightening when they went wild.

However, Freya didn’t even react. She instead scanned the horde of Earth Dragons with interest and asked me if she could touch them.

“Your Majesty, the Earth Dragons you asked for are all here.” The head merchant wiped his forehead of sweat.

‘It looks like it was very tough for him to transport the Earth Dragons.’ I nodded.

‘This group of Earth Dragons shouldn’t be bad, right…? I can’t tell. But judging from their physiques and gazes, they don’t look bad. They should be tough Earth Dragons, right?’

‘An Earth Dragon can run much faster than a horse. They’re like a rhinoceros. Would you not be afraid if a horde of rhinoceros charged at you, and you only a short-sword in hand? It’s a bit of a waste for there to be only one rider per Earth Dragon. Let’s see if I can use a set-up like that used with armoured elephants. That would allow another elf to toss magical potions at the enemies or fire arrows at the enemies.’

“Very good. Thank you. This is your payment. Keep it safe.”

I handed him a bag of gold coins. Once he counted them to ensure it was the correct amount, he gave a deep bow and then rode his horse off.

The guards standing around the Earth Dragons didn’t know what to do.

However, I don’t intend to train the Earth Dragon cavalry unit here, because elves can’t stay in humanity’s lands for too long. I need Mommy Vyvyan to transport this group of Earth Dragons to the elven lands.

‘If they train here… uhm… That means I need to go and see Mommy Vyvyan… Uhm… After Mommy Vyvyan made a suggestion that could destroy all morals in the world… I’m somewhat scared of her…’

‘But the most dangerous part is… tonight is a full-moon night…’


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