Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 29

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“Your Highness… do you feel that Miss Lucia’s clothes do not look good?” The designer held her clothes and looked at me as though she wanted to weep but couldn’t shed a tear.

Tonight is the most formal banquet. You could consider it the official announcement before our wedding.

Nier is the star tonight. She will be announcing her identity as my wife, the princess, to the nobles tonight.

‘I reckon this news will spread to the entire continent real quickly.’

But I’m currently in Lucia’s room. I was not going to let Lucia wear these clothes, no matter what.

If you’re asking why I can tell you that it’s not because it looks ugly. To be fair, it would be very becoming of Lucia. The colour and size all fit her very well. The small components and ornaments would really accentuate Lucia’s cuteness and playfulness…

In short, it’s a perfect fit and deserves the compliment ‘there’s a reason the empress liked this designer…’

But I just couldn’t accept one thing, and that is that was designed to pull her belly in slightly.

‘I can’t allow Lucia to wear this. Nier can, but not Lucia. Lucia is pregnant. I can’t let her wear such dangerous clothing! No way!’

“I think it’s alright, Your Highness. There’s nothing wrong with it when I wear it.” Lucia was currently in just her white pantyhose and under-shirt…

‘Why does her under-shirt look like erotic sleepwear? Or is this some sort of vintage style?’

I hugged Lucia and tenderly explained, “No, it’s not about whether or not it’s comfortable. You might be fine, but I’m worried seeing you in it.”

“You’re too worried, Your Highness. It’s fine. I think it’s fine. I believe that our child isn’t so weak. Moreover, our child is protected by Her Highness’ mana, so I should be fine in this. My tummy hasn’t started to protrude yet, either.”


“And… and if you don’t hurry, we won’t make it. If I have to change it now, I’ll have to go nude. Your Highness, if you are going to be by my side, I want to show off my most beautiful side… because… I’m your wife…” Lucia pressed her head into my chest and moved it around with a blissful smile as she spoke.

I held her tightly in my arms and sniffed the clear scent of the forest and plants in her hair. I kissed her on her forehead and then said, “Alright then. But if you feel uncomfortable, you must tell me. Don’t force yourself. Leave right away if you’re not feeling well and don’t worry about a thing.”


‘Lucia is very obedient now. Perhaps it’s because she’s in a great mood after becoming pregnant, as well as being considerate of our child. Lucia can’t be all bouncy and lively now because she’s pregnant. Her eyes don’t look sleepy now either. As a matter of fact, she now often curls up and falls asleep on my thigh. She’s become clingier after getting pregnant as well.’

I stepped outside while Lucia got changed. Just as I opened the door, I saw Nier standing to the side waiting.

She had both hands in front of her. She was dressed in a light-purple dress. She stood erect gracefully like a purple rose.

She didn’t wear simple, faint makeup this time. She wore beautiful and formal makeup. Nier’s hair was done up in a bun and positioned high up, revealing her white marble-like neck. Her rosy cheeks and lips would give anyone a strong urge to kiss them.

But she didn’t wear a happy expression. Instead, she looked into my eyes with an obvious hint of sadness.

Nier made a small bow while looking at me and then said, “Your Majesty… please prepare yourself…”

I noticed that her eyes were slightly red. I tilted my head and asked, “What’s wrong, Nier? You don’t look too happy. You’re the star today. Could it be that you’re not happy about something in regards to being with me? Or is it something else?”

“No…” Nier gently shook her head and then walked up to me. She grabbed ahold of my hands and gently leaned her head on my chest. She took in a deep breath and, with a shaky, soft voice said, “Sorry… Your Majesty… Sorry… Please do not abandon me… I will try hard… I will definitely try hard…”

“I won’t abandon you, Nier. Haven’t I told you many times already? I won’t abandon you or Lucia no matter what happens.” I embraced her. I clasped her face gently and wiped away her tears. I went on, “Don’t cry, Nier. Your makeup will be spoiled, otherwise. It would be a pity to spoil such a beautiful look.”

“… Uhm.” Nier took in a deep breath through her nose. She then grabbed me tightly and softly added, “Your Majesty, I will work hard. I definitely will… Please look forward to it. I will be able to do anything that woman can, so please do not give me the cold shoulder because of this…”

“Nier, what exactly are you worried about?”

“Because… because… child…” Nier touched her flat tummy and softly said, “We’ve already done so much and yet I haven’t gotten pregnant… Your Majesty… am I not trying hard enough…?”

“Oh, you’ve definitely tried hard enough! You’re already trying very, very hard!! You don’t need to try any harder!”

‘If you try any harder, I’m going to die! I’m not joking! You’re already trying very hard. Name me one night you didn’t fall asleep after being completely satisfied. I suspect you’re still not pregnant because you don’t slow down or rest! So don’t try any harder. I think we should now enter a buffer period!’

“I will take some drugs. I will eat appropriately. I will definitely carry your child. I’ll eat anything, regardless of what it is.” Nier’s eyes were full of determination, the same sort of determination she had when she was serving the empress with her life.

I pulled her into my arms, stroked her head and said, “You don’t need to, Nier. You don’t have to do this. Don’t ruin your health with drugs with questionable origins. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get pregnant. The ones I love are you two, not the children you will give birth to. I will not love one of you more than the other for any reason. Let’s take it slowly. You’ll definitely have a child.”

“That’s not it… Your Majesty, it’s not just because I’m afraid you’ll leave me. The most important reason is… I’m honestly jealous… I want to become a mother. I want my own child… I like children, so I want to have my own child.”

“Still, don’t go consuming those weird drugs. I’ll ask Mom for the reason because it might be my problem. I’m half-blooded, so it could be that my mana makes it hard for a human to get pregnant. But there’s no chance you won’t get pregnant because my father is an elf while my mother is the empress. So you’ll definitely get pregnant. Don’t rush, Nier.”

I’m seriously panicked now. I must persuade Nier. I’m not worried about her doing something, but something happening to me! I’m honestly scared. I’ll be completely dead if Nier tries any harder. I can’t let my fighting spirit dim down because of this. Though, honestly speaking, it does feel great…

“Ah! You two are cheating behind my back again!” Lucia’s voice separated us.

Nier snorted angrily and exclaimed, “I’m his main wife! Don’t you forget that you lost our duel!”

“Your child? Where?”

“You lost the duel! And my body is better than yours!”

“Your child? Where?”

“I… I… Can we stop talking about children?”

“You don’t even have a child and you call yourself a wife?!”

“I’ll have one! I definitely will!”

‘Please, Lucia, don’t provoke Nier. Nier will be fine, but not me. I’ll die!! I’ll be the one who suffers!!’


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