My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 01 Ch. 03

Queen Sisi didn’t look angry after the banquet. She left with her arrogant smile as she came, but I didn’t get to walk next to the queen like a powerful figure. Instead, I was pulled around by Veirya who killed the demon king.

Veirya didn’t kindly remove my dog-collar like I thought she would. She loyally carried out the queen’s thoughts, and that was to treat me like a dog or a slave. Therefore, my predicament didn’t change for the better. She was different to the impression I had of a warrior or hero. Aren’t warriors in legends meant to stand up like Lucia and save everyone like a hero? Why is the warrior in front of me someone who could cut a young girl down without any hesitation and someone who could treat someone as a dog or slave? Veirya also didn’t let down her guard around a prisoner of war which I imagine can be attributed to her coming from excellent army traditions. She ensured that I couldn’t escape and even tied my hands up.

Are you… really a hero?

Veirya led me up to a tent on one side and pulled the curtain-entrance open. She pointed inside then looked at me and said: “You look after her.”


I didn’t get an answer. I was tossed into the tent just like that. I’ve face-planted three times today! This time was different to the last two times too. I at least landed on a carpet the last two times. This time, I got totally intimate with the floor. I felt the pain of sand graze my face hard. My hands and feet were restrained so I could only struggle on the ground like an insect. I turned my head around to see Veirya heartlessly close the door. It looks like this tent isn’t a tent with a curtain, but a prison!

It was totally pitch-black inside. The thick tent kept the cold and moon completely blocked out outside. I crawled on the ground and desperately twisted my body to try and sit up. Such a simple mane our felt excruciatingly difficult with my hands and feet restrained. I blinked my eyes as much as I could to try and see in the dark. Veirya did tell me to take care of the young girl, but I don’t even hear a sound in here.

My eyes adjusted and could eventually see the things inside the dark. This place really was like a prison room. There was an iron cage inside, and there appeared to be a tiny silhouette lying inside of it.

I slowly wiggled my body to desperately crawl over. The young girl should be locked inside that iron cage. As a young girl, she must have broken down after being dragged back by Veirya and then abused by the queen. I don’t know what wrongs she did, but she’s just a young girl. Even if she is the demon king’s daughter, so what? She wasn’t the one who hurt humans. How is humanity any different to the demon king by doing this? I don’t know what the demon king did, but at least I know that the things humanity does are absolutely appalling.

Honestly, I could just leave the girl up to her own device now since she’s I’m in the same position as her. By that I mean, we’re just praying for our own behinds at this stage. How am I going to take care of her now? But I really wanted to be with her right now. I don’t know why I feel that way, but perhaps it’s because she was the first one to show me kindness since coming to this world.

The demon king is no more now, but humanity is doing the same things demons would do.

I gave it my best to crawl over. Her small body was quivering gently inside. She was curled up in the corner like a wounded dog. The young girl raised her head up a little and looked in my direction. She finally cried out. I don’t think she could see where I was. She just sobbed gently toward me.

“I’m over here.”

I shifted to the side of the cage and pressed myself up against the iron rails. I could feel the cold of the iron and the vengeance from inside come at me. However, I didn’t care. The girl inside had her hands and feet restrained just like me. She desperately wiggled her body to come over to me. I could see her tears brimming in her eyes as they coursed down her face right in front of me in the dark. We could touch our cheeks with each other. We rubbed our cheeks against each other without uttering a word, but we could feel a strange sense of peace and bliss.

I could feel her fear and despair, and to be honest, I was in the same boat. I don’t know what I’m waiting for nor do I know what Veirya will do to us. I really am a disgrace to dimensional travellers. Other people who dimensional travel get big-boobed moms who fight for them, while I got treated like a dog and tossed in here as soon as I arrived, I’ve only got the demon king’s daughter by my side.

“Hungry……” The young girl muttered a single word while sobbing in front of me. I looked around and spotted a plate. On it were a few slices of rye bread. I recognise that type of rye bread. It’s the type modern-day people treat as the so-called healthy rye bread. But I bet the rye bread here is worse than the rye bread I know of.

I crawled over to it and picked it up with my mouth. Have I picked up the wrong thing? Why does this bread feel as hard as a plate? I picked up the rye bread with the posture the queen wanted me to fetch the steak with before but didn’t, except this time, I didn’t feel humiliated.

I placed the bread in front of the girl. She eagerly bit into it but then quickly spat it out and coughed. I realised that asking her to chew on this rye bread was the equivalent of asking her to break the iron bars by biting them and swallowing them. There was water placed to one side, but who’s the damn retard who put the water outside of the bars?!

How were you expecting the girl inside to drink it, lick like a dog? I’ll bet the genius behind this was Queen Sisi. I’ll bet that those around that shameless tyrant lead lives more miserable than death even when they win wars outside! I’ll make you pay in the future!!

I grabbed the bread back up with my mouth and ripped off a peace. This bread is made of porcelain, isn’t it?! I then immediately moved over to the bowl of water, grabbed a mouthful of water, mixed it in with the rye bread in my bread and chewed on it with everything I had. I felt like my teeth were going to break. Chew and chew, and my entire jaw turned numb real soon. However, I continued to chew with all my might. I then leaned over to reach the girl’s mouth and kissed her on her lips.

The young girl’s lips were soft, fragrant and sweet. She was still just a kid, but her lips were so soft and ample. She should be a very pretty girl in future. With our lips tightly glued together, I tried my best to pass the bread in my mouth into hers using my tongue. She too did her best to suck it over into her mouth. The tips of our tongues were tangled with each other. Our saliva mixed in with the bread and ran down our mouths where they made contact.

“Mm… mm… oom……”

The young girls body gently twisted. She closed her eyes like she was enjoying it. Not only was the tip of her tongue eating, she seemed to start taking the initiative to wrap her tongue around mine and my lips. She’s just a child and yet she’s so good at kissing.

But this is no time to be enjoying yourself!! I’m saving your life right now!

In the end, a string of saliva hung between us as we pulled away from each other. If I wasn’t aware of what I was doing I’d get sent straight to prison for ten years for that. The young girl’s face was completely red due to shyness as well as shortness of breath. I on the other hand was spinning due the ecstatic feeling of getting my first kiss.

“I… I want more……”

The young girl seemed to be a little fazed. She leaned in toward my mouth and kissed me on my lips again. Her tongue gently teased the tip of my tongue. She went left, right, and did circles. I initially wanted to back off but she bit down on my lips gently leaving me with no way of breaking away. Not only was she teasing my tongue, she was also sucking the air in my mouth and my saliva into hers. I felt myself weakening. The slight shortness-of-breath sensation made my brain go blank, so I subconsciously went along with her movements.

This first kiss of ours was just a pure kiss. I don’t know if she wants to kiss or if she wants food. But whatever the case, I ended up kissing a kid!!

But this girl has got to be too skilled man. Why does it feel like there are papillae on her tongue like a cat’s tongue? When she wraps her tongue around mine, I feel like my entire mouth is being teased. The ticklish feeling is hard to resist. It gives me the urge to want to be wrapped up by her forever and kiss her forever.

She finally let go of my mouth and we sat back completely exhausted. Her body lifelessly smashed onto the iron bars in front and the door of the cage creaked. It slowly opened as we watched utterly stunned……

What the hell?! They didn’t lock the door!!

Current time in Queen Sisi’s military camp.

“Veirya, can you guarantee that the demon king’s daughter won’t leave?”

Veirya gently pinched her hand. She then looked at the queen and answered in a serious tone: “She has been locked up.”

Queen Sisi smiled and then said: “I’ll leave the girl in your hands. Veirya, if you want her to die, you must make sure she suffers from torture before letting her die.”


Veirya nodded. Queen Sisi nodded with satisfaction. She then turned her head around to look at the map on the table and said: “I need to give my warrior a reward now. Veirya, this is the current map of humanity. You can have any region that’s drawn here. Of course, leave my imperial city for me. I’m someone who keeps old friendship in mind. So choose. Where are you going to choose to go next?”

Veirya looked up at the map. Just a kind gesture from Queen Sisi was enough to give Veirya a region to rule. That was better than any reward. Money wouldn’t be a concern if she chose the richest land. Due to the nature of being the lord of region, Veirya’s descendants could continue inheriting that place forever.

For a hero who ended an era, she certainly was worthy of unparalleled glory and honour.

However, Veirya reached her hand out and pointed at the most northern spot, the region furthest away.

“You want that place?!”

Clearly Queen Sisi was caught with surprise. She looked at Veirya with shock and explained, “That’s not a rich place, Veirya. That place is a small village we just got the rights of ownership too. The people there are all heretics. It’s on the border. It was the demon race’s territory before. What do you want to go there for?”

“Did you not tell me to choose the most appropriate place? I am a soldier, so naturally I must choose the border to protect you.”

Veirya looked at the queen before her nonchalantly and earnestly continued, “Wealth is not something we need. We only need honour.”

Queen Sisi scanned Veirya seriously while Veirya looked back at her with a serious look. A moment later, Queen Sisi let out a hopeless sigh, smiled helplessly and said: “I give up on you, Veirya. I feel very proud whenever I see you, but as your friend, I feel that you’re too bright. Being too perfect sometimes will bring you trouble. But since you’ve made your decision, I shall agree. However, Veirya, you must understand that I won’t be looking to see you manage a camp, but to looking to see you develop a region. That is a lord of a region’s job. You must remember, you are now not a warrior or a knight, but a lord.”

“I will not let you down, your majesty.”

“Good then. This is the gold jewellery the elves gave you. This is the strong-wine the elves gave you. Honestly, I don’t know which gift suits your tastes more. Take your comrades presents with you to your domain. Oh, right. Don’t forget to bring your slave and prisoner of war. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what happens between you three! Hehehe……”

Queen Sisi revealed a happy smile. Veirya nodded gently before saluting Queen Sisi and leaving the tent.

“Your majesty.”

“What is it?”

Quen Sisi looked at the man behind her as she giggled softly and went on, “It looks like Veirya isn’t a threat.”

“Yes. At present, it does not look like Veirya has any ideas. You know, I heard this from a friend: discharge a worthy person when he has served his purpose.”

Queen Sisi looked at the map in front of her, chuckled softly and continued, “What use does Veirya serve now? One who has the power to kill the demon king also has the power to slaughter their way into the imperial palace and take my head. The demon king is dead. The warrior has lost her purpose too. The era of the warriors is over. I shall eliminate these useless powers one by one. It is your time that has come. My merchants, hurry and fill up my national treasury that was emptied to due to warfare to the brim!”

“As you command! I shall not disappoint you, your majesty!”


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