My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 01 Ch. 04

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“Although I’m the Demon King’s daughter, Father actually has countless other kids. I’m just a daughter born from him and a succubus. Among demons, succubi have very low intelligence… so nobody paid us any attention. After that, my mother passed away, and I was locked in the palace. I didn’t dare to leave… My brothers and sisters killed each other without any hesitation for the throne. I was no exception. I don’t have any combat power so I was very scared… no one looked after me and no one protected me… I was all alone until Father was killed…”

The curtain that could block out the light couldn’t block out the cold that was emitted from the ground. At the coldest point at night, the floor that had stored up coldness for so long slowly seeped out and made our little prison room indescribably cold. We didn’t have any warm clothes let alone blankets. My only option was to hug her tightly and keep her warm with my body heat.

I was so cold I shivered, but the warmth of the young girl kept my chest warm.

This young girl from the demon race seems to have a higher body temperature than normal people. They say that a daughter is her father’s wadded jacket. I see that it’s true now. However, I’m not her father but close enough right now.

The two of us snuggled up tightly. The girl softly recounted her past for me in my arms. I was surprised to discover that the Demon King’s daughter didn’t receive much love from the Demon King. She was basically an abandoned pawn. Her life in the Demon King’s city and here is nearly the same. She’s still being discriminated against and abused.

I looked at the young girl curled up in my arms. I couldn’t help but hold her tighter.

How did she get into my arms? I abducted my upper arm for her to squeeze her head and body through.

She sobbed gently, “No one has ever protected me like this before… No one has ever cared about me… As a matter of fact, nobody has ever been willing to speak to me… I used to watch the flying birds from inside the palace and hoped that there would finally come a day I could leave…”

The young girl leaned her head gently on my chest and sighed a breath of relief like she was at complete peace of mind. She clung to me tightly.

She closed her eyes in peace and gently murmured, “You… are just like my father… just like the father in my dreams… protecting me, looking after me, and letting me depend on you… Your chest is very, very warm. I don’t feel as if I have to worry no matter how scary the world outside is as long as I’m here… If possible… can I call you, Papa?”

I hugged the girl in front of me and my throat felt like something was stuck in it. I knew the girl was being serious but as a single man, I don’t know how to respond to the way of addressing me that’s been suggested all of a sudden. I’ve never even had a girlfriend, so suddenly having a daughter is a little… over the top, wouldn’t you agree…?

Before I could reply, the girl in my arms suddenly wriggled upwards and came right up to my lips. Before I knew it, she had kissed my lips again. I lingered for a moment, and my tongue was wrapped up by hers once again. However, the pleasure didn’t last long as she quickly let go of me.

She smiled and kissed me on my forehead and softly said, “I’m a succubus… so… I can’t help it… Papa… No matter what you think, I can’t turn back now. Please allow me to stay by your side… Papa… My name is Leah. Please… allow me to call you ‘Papa’ from now…”

I didn’t give her a direct answer. Instead, I stroked her head, and she understood my intent behind it. Our lips interlocked again. She gently gripped my clothes at my chest with her hands and then slowly shut her eyes.

I stroked her head and then next to her ear softly said, “Sleep, Leah.”


Leah responded like a cat meowing and I stroked her head.

What she went through today is honestly too cruel for a girl. She still had bruises on her.

‘I don’t get it. Why must both Queen Sisi and Veirya treat her so cruelly when she’s just a young girl that’s not a threat? She clearly didn’t do anything wrong. Does she have to face such cruel punishment just because of her origins? It doesn’t matter what one’s race is. They should be punished for the things they did and not because of their race.’

That’s my personal stance. Humanity is now doing what they resented most.

Both Leah in my arms and myself have endured all sorts of hardships today. I got dragged around as a spoil of war as soon as I got here, then face-planted three times, and then I had to play a dog. I almost lost my dignity as a human, too. Then I got tossed into here. I never expected I’d be able to bear through it all as a modern person. I feel that I can get through anything in the future, now.

‘I can’t get sick. I really will die if I get sick and no one looks after me. Plus, I need to take care of the daughter I just got myself. We need to support each other from now on because we’re now a family.’

‘I’ve never been a father, and I don’t know if I can do a good job, but I want to give it a try.’

In a state of haziness, I slowly fell into a dream.

Honestly, I didn’t enter deep sleep. I woke up every now and then from fright and would then fall asleep again. I didn’t know how much time had passed. My body felt heavy and really hot.

Logically speaking, how could it be so warm in this prison that is cold as a freezer? Moreover, even if I had Leah in my arms, she’s just a little kid. There’s no way she could be this heavy. I feel like I’m suffocating, too. Something seems to be blocking my nose. Every time I tried to breathe, my breath got stuck.

What is this?

I felt something at the corner of my mouth. It was incomparably warm and soft.


There seems to be something a little hard, too. But not like hard-hard. I could feel the soft object rubbing against my mouth distinctively. I couldn’t resist extending my tongue out and having a lick. It felt warm and luscious.

What is this?

I opened my eyes but it was pitch-black. That’s not right. It wasn’t dark, but something was in front of my eyes. Some soft thing was squashing my face. It was vague, but I seemed to see an outline…

My heart stopped. No way. No way. How could this happen to me? I’m hugging my daughter, right? My daughter is only nine years old based on humanity’s age standards. There’s no way she could develop.

Who’s this on my face?!

I reached my hand out and pressed it on the ball on my face. It was just as I thought. Is this the classic novel booby-face-wash?!

I touched the very sensitive tip. My body reacted to the soft and somewhat hard tip. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching my hand out and continuing to feel it. This was my first time I touched the real thing!!

“Ahh… Mm…”

A very seductive voice moaned near my ear. My body went limp, and I realised something was wrong. No. No. Not even a virgin would have such an intense reaction, right? I got a boner so fast…

I could feel two ample legs clinging to my abdomen like a spider and I could feel them gently rubbing against my back.

All my blood went to my head. I felt a strong urge to press myself down on top of the person on top of me. My hands grabbed those heavy meat-balls tightly and pinched and rubbed them in all sorts of ways.

“Papa… Papa… what are you doing? … Papa… don’t rub me… I don’t like this feeling…” A coquettish voice spoke out to me again, and my body froze.

I looked at the beauty in front of me blankly. My lust vanished in an instant. I grabbed her shoulders tightly and sat up.

The woman in front of me rubbed her eyes with puzzlement and looked at me hazily. She had short-silver hair with a few strands stuck to her face. She was nude, but her buxom body emitted a faint light. Her boobs, which were a size I’d never seen before, jiggled intensely as she rubbed her eyes. My hand-prints were still left on them. She didn’t have a belly button. Instead, she had a black heart-shaped tattoo-like black mark there which stretched all the way down…

The big-boobed woman in front of me asked me in a tired voice while rubbed her eyes, “Papa… what’s wrong?”

I looked at her blankly, shocked and lost for words.

She tilted her head and raised her arms overhead to pull them over my head to lazily hug my head again. She smashed her body back against mine and my head was, once again, buried in her breasts. She closed her eyes and clicked her mouth with satisfaction.

She murmured, “If nothing’s the matter, I want to sleep some more… Your body is so warm and smells so nice, Papa… I want to sleep some more… But can you not rub me like that, Papa…? Leah feels a little hot…”




She’s a succubus…

Based on what I know about the settings in this world, succubi usually seduce human males and then extract something from them, right? But Leah seems fine. Leah didn’t leap at me and do anything. Is there a reason? Is it because she knows I’m her father? Or has she not fully awakened to her succubus nature? Her current actions are just instinctive. But she doesn’t know what she is doing, right…?

But do succubi transform at night?

However, I felt like I lost all sense of rationality when I was suffocating from her booby face wash. There was a stunner right in front of me but I can’t do anything. Of course, I won’t do anything.

This is a girl that calls me her Papa. She’s just a child. A child that’s only around nine years old! I can’t violate a girl, especially one that calls me her Papa!!!

That’s the bottom line!

I closed my eyes tightly but the feeling of our body contact won’t disappear for sure. I clenched my fist and hammered the ground to tell myself to “control yourself” with the pain. However, every breath I took brought Leah’s seductive scent into my nose. Every time she breathed, those tips that could drive a man crazy would swing past my face.

That realistic feeling wanted to make me die. I really, really wanted to do that, but I really can’t!!

I sat up once again and shook Leah who was in front of me. Leah looked at me somewhat angry this time. I looked at her face and seriously said, “Listen to me, Leah. I don’t know if you’ve realised but for your sake and mine, I don’t think we can sleep in this position. Let’s do this. We’ll split up. You sleep here, and I’ll sleep there.”

“Papa… did Leah do something wrong?”

Leah pouted and grabbed my chest as she sobbed. Her body quivered as she said, “Papa… please don’t abandon Leah… please… don’t abandon Leah… Leah… Leah… Leah won’t annoy you… Please… Please don’t drive Leah away…”

“Ah… That’s not what I meant… erm… hmm… mm… L-let’s change positions…”

I really couldn’t handle my daughter’s tears. I’m not sure if I was powerless against my daughter’s tears because I was now overflowing with fatherly love or if it was because of the seductive power of her succubus nature.

I lay back down and reached my hand out to pull her down. I placed her head on my chest and then draped my arm around her. Now I won’t have a booby face wash…

Alright, I give up. Leah wrapped me up tightly with her arms  very naturally, as if it was a habit. Leah was very happy in this position. She giggled and then snuggled up in my arms. She softly said, “Why is it so warm in your arms, Papa? We only met for the first time, yet I feel completely at peace by your side… I feel like I won’t be afraid of anything…”

“Maybe it’s because we were fated to become father and daughter…” I stroked her head and my excited emotions calmed down a little.

Stroking her head was a lot more calming than touching her boobs. I can’t do that sort of thing. No way in hell. This girl has called me her Papa, so I definitely can’t do that sort of thing!

Things started to become hazy, and I fell asleep once again. Perhaps I slept particularly well this time because it was warm in my arms…


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