Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 26

“This is basically the schedule for the next week. Please go over it. If there are no problems, I shall make arrangements according to this schedule. I took the schedule Freya handed to me. I took a look at the things listed, scratched my head, and while wearing a helpless smile said: “It looks like next week’s jobs are all old routines.”

“That is right. There is basically nothing left that requires you to attend to yourself. Most things are now on the right track. With regards to matters that you are relatively more concerned about, people you trust have been delegated to the jobs so you do not need to pay any more attention to them.”

Freya made a small bow and then took the document I signed my name on. She then bowed to the empress who was drinking tea by the side and then said: “I shall take my leave now then, onii-sama, your majesty.”


I was initially somewhat worried that Freya and Elizabeth’s relationship wouldn’t be amicable, because I wasn’t sure if Elizabeth would accept me suddenly taking in a random girl and letting her call herself my sister. But I never expected Elizabeth to say nothing about my decision and didn’t do anything to Freya either. To the contrary, the two of them seemed to have reached an agreement where they just stayed out of each other’s way.

Except that right now……

I looked at Mommy-Elizabeth who was lying on the bench reading a novel and said: “Mom, if you have something to talk to me about, just tell me. You’ve been sitting here for the entire day……”

“That’s because mommy wants to watch you.” Elizabeth placed her book down, shyly tilted her head and with a smile continued, “Mommy feels that you look very cute when you’re focused at work. You resemble your father so much. Mommy likes watching you serious at work, and also feels a little nostalgic……”

Mom walked up behind me and pinched my face a little hard. She continued: “And haven’t you been too attached to that woman recently while neglecting mommy? Mommy saw you walk out of a room with that woman, you know? I’m your mommy and yet you went to look for her and not mommy…?”

“Mom…. I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Mom got angrier and angrier as she spoke as well as pinching me harder and harder. Mommy-Elizabeth’s hands aren’t like Vyvyan’s. Once Mommy-Elizabeth put her strength into it, I felt like my skin was going to peel off……

Elizabeth let go and then walked over to the bench and sat down. She tapped her thighs while looking at me and grumbled: “I’m your true biological mother regardless. Son, you must know how to weigh the importance of things. Since you’ve lain on that woman’s thighs like they were a pillow, mommy wants to do that too. So come here, son.”

I knew that I couldn’t say “no” after seeing and hearing mom’s dead-serious gaze and tone. I looked at the time. It was already night-time so I don’t think anyone will be visiting. I walked over to mom’s side, lied down on the bench and rested my head on mom’s thigh. Elizabeth’s body stiffened up while her hand shook as it floated above my head. I opened my eyes to look at mom. Elizabeth’s face was slightly red with excitement and at the same time, nervousness. She was so nervous she didn’t know where to put her hands.

“What do I do…? I… What do I… umm… do I touch you, son? …… Son… is… is this soothing? …… Do you want to change positions or anything……?”

Elizabeth spoke incoherently. She cautiously placed her palm on my forehead and froze up seemingly not daring to move. Hopeless, I smiled. Elizabeth gets so nervous she doesn’t know what to do as soon as we do anything intimate even though we’re a lot closer now and I’m always by her side.

She was the one who wanted me to rest my head on her thigh and yet she’s the one who’s a nervous-wreck. What a funny mom.

“It’s alright, mom. Just do as you please. It’s comfortable, so you don’t have to mind.”

Elizabeth’s thigh isn’t the same as Vyvyan’s, but it’s still really comfortable nonetheless. They both had different scents yet both could calm me down. I lay on my side and looked at the buttons on Elizabeth’s military attire. I wonder how long she’s worn this for. The colour where the buttons are done up have started to fade.

Military attire holds a special implicit meaning to Elizabeth because she still reminisces the time she spent on the battlefield conquering. She still wears her military attire now, one as habit, and two, to reminisce the past. Of course, it also acted as a warning to neighbouring nations. She hadn’t taken off her military attire yet, so if they thought about rebelling, she could go to battle right away.

“Son… son… son……”

Mom’s breathing sped up. It feels like Elizabeth is extremely excited right now. She cautiously stroked my head. I could see her lower abdomen expanding and deflating easily, clearly showing how intense her breathing was. She stroked my head and then said: “Son… son… do you have anything you need for this city…? If you do… if you do, just let mommy know. Mommy will definitely get you it.”

I hesitated for a moment. It should be okay to bring it up with Elizabeth now, right? Elizabeth isn’t the normal-Elizabeth after all. I actually believe that Elizabeth would be able to satisfy anything I ask for right now. If that’s the case… I really would be able to realise what I want. If I can make it a reality, then this continent will enter a long period of peace.

This is quite ironic. People achieve peace through negotiations at a table and yet I’m doing it lying on two female rulers’ thighs. Why do I feel like I’m a boy-toy……?

“Mom… if possible, I hope… humanity and elves can form an alliance……”

While looking at Elizabeth’s lower abdomen, I tested her by saying, “I think… I think… that if humans and elves can get along, then it would be good for both parties……”

Elizabeth’s hand froze up on my head. Her body froze up completely like the battery in a machine died. I looked up and noticed she looked at me like it was the first time she’d met me. She looked at me with both surprise and indifference like I said something that could be considered treason.



I started to get a little scared so I tested her again. Mom cut me with a murmer and then after a moment of hesitation said: “Son, you should already be aware that elves saved my life and taught me some things, so I personally don’t hate elves……”


“But that was before you were born.”

Elizabeth cut me off once again. She looked at me and in a serious tone explained:  “Son, think about it properly. If it weren’t for Vyvyan, would you suffer in so much pain on full-moon nights? I know that you might not blame Vyvyan, but I won’t forgive her when I see you in pain like that every full-moon night. I won’t forgive Vyvyan. And do you think I can forget the war ten years ago? I can’t. Son, whether it’s Vyvyan or I, neither of us can forget that war ten years ago. Do you know what that war was called? It was the “war for our son”. If I go and shake hands and be friendly with Vyvyan now, that means I’m giving in, which also means I’m letting Vyvyan have you. The agreement we signed ten years ago was a conditional ceasefire, not a victory-agreement. Son, as long as you are still alive, Vyvyan and I won’t start a large-scale war. However, our dignity as mothers will not allow us to bow our head to each other.”

“Mom! That was ten years ago! And I’m by your sides now! Can’t you just get along?!”

“That’s impossible, son.”

Mom pressed her arms against my arm firmly and sternly continued, “Son, there can only be one mom. Wives are a different story. You can only have one mom. I love you, my son. Vyvyan does too. And so, we won’t back down, ever.”


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