Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 27

While Freya spread a thick layer of jam on her bread, she looked at me and said: “That is very normal, onii-sama. Her majesty and her highness will not back down when it comes to you. Indeed, if one party were to try to become friendly with the other then their enmity could be resolved. However, the party that initiates it would be acknowledging they are not your true mother. We already have the result of the war for their son ten years ago. They would rather destroy their own empire than see that happen.”

I let out a heavy sigh and then said: “That leaves me in a very awkward position. I don’t have the lofty goal of world peace. I just want to have a stable business. Why do I feel that I’m the reason the world isn’t at peace?”

“You ignited a war that almost destroyed the continent ten years ago, so of course you have to carry the burden of the continent not being at peace.” Freya took a bite of her bread. Some jam and cream got on her mouth. She likes sweet stuff since she’s a kid. Luna smiled. She picked up a napkin and helped her wipe her mouth. She then swallowed the bread in her mouth and went on, “However, you do not need to feel guilty about anything. The entire matter had nothing to do with you. In my opinion, it would be more correct to say you are the victim. The war ten years ago shook the Earth and heavens, so ten years is not enough to erase the pain of it either. Consequently, we should focus on the present and not occupy ourselves with how to get your two mothers to get along, am I right?”


My moms would never back down when it comes to me both in the past and now in the present. It looks like though they can have afternoon tea together and have a friendly chat, there are important things they still can’t accept.

If I stay with one side longer than the other, the other will get angry.

“Your highness!!”

A lazy voice suddenly called out to me from behind and before I could turn my head around, a petite body leapt at me and hugged me around my waist from behind before sliding onto the ground, and finally resting her head on my thigh. Man, I was so shocked I tossed the small pie I picked up onto the plate. Nier snorted with displeasure. She cut her bread in front of her aggressively as if the bread was Lucia’s neck.

I stroked Lucia’s small head and greeted her with a smile: “Good morning, Lucia.”

Lucia’s bedtime is a little different to mine. If I sleep with Lucia at night, I usually get awakened when I sense someone watching me. When I wake up, I find Lucia looking straight at me…… Lucia used to work at night and then come back to sleep for a few hours at dawn. I strongly suspect that Lucia’s usual lazy look is because she isn’t fully awake yet!

Being used to operating at night, she definitely can’t sleep at night, plus she doesn’t have the buffs provided by wind elves so she only trains in swordsmanship and archery right now. She also learns to use firearms under my supervision. Without the buffs provided by the wind elves, Lucia has become a lot weaker. As a result, she’s become my full-time wife and rarely wears her combat attire now.

“Ah… good morning, your highness… I want some too! I want some too!”

After seeing the meat-juice flow out of the small pie I cut up, Lucia started a ruckus on my thighs. I smiled hopelessly and then cut it up into a smaller piece to feed Lucia. Lucia looked like a puppy asking for food on my thigh. She was so cute.

I stroked Lucia’s head and asked: “Are you still not used to sleeping at night?”

“Yeah… I still can’t sleep at night… and even more so when I sleep with you… I can only get a little bit of sleep when the sun is about to come up…… I feel really tired recently and I don’t have much of an appetite……”

Lucia twisted her body and then looked at Nier in a disgruntled way and said: “Cows are just cows. Don’t they feel tired even if they sleep with his majesty all night? Uhm, that’s a barbarian for you. I admire that barbaric energy, except, you’re stuck being a cow.”

Nier scoffed and then stabbed her fork aggressively into the sausage in front of her as if the sausage was Lucia’s heart. Annoyed, she fired back: “I manage to gain energy from his majesty each time. How could I be tired doing what I enjoy with his majesty? If you’re so tired next to his majesty, you must be sick of him, huh? Animals are animals after all, huh? They’ll wag their tail for anyone.”

“What did you say?! It’s not a human’s place to be questioning my love for his highness!! I’ve loved his highness for ten years. Three months ago, you were still being cold toward his highness. Do you know how much you hurt him during that time? And now you’re here trying to ask for his highness’s love. Do you know how much you’ve hurt his highness?!”

“You shut up!”

Lucia hit Nier’s weak-spot and Nier hit Lucia’s weak-spot. The two of them glared at each other angrily. The quiet dinner table was about to get flipped over.


I never expected Lucia to be defeated. Lucia covered her mouth and sprawled out on my leg like she was in pain. I held her with concern and said: “What’s wrong, Lucia? Are you feeling sick? If you’re not well, I’ll call her highness to take a look at you……”

“No need. I’m already here.”

Why is Vyvyan able to appear oddly wherever she’s needed?

Vyvyan entered the door from outside. She looked at us before smiling and said: “Good morning, son. Mommy heard you did something with Elizabeth in the room last night. Mommy can’t pretend mommy didn’t see anything. Mommy is very angry, you know……? You shouldn’t be sharing a room with a woman before notifying mommy. Mommy can’t support what you did, you know……? It’s soon to be a full-moon night. For your safety, you must stay with mommy a day before and a day after it.”

“Is there a need to?!”

Hey, hey, hey, you just said something very strange! What do you mean Elizabeth and I did something in the room? We were just discussing our nation and our people! We didn’t do anything! And she’s my mom, what would I do?! UUp until now, the only thing Elizabeth did that crossed the line was trying to pull my pants down in her drunken stupor. She does a lot better job of controlling herself than you, and you’re suspecting her?!

“Of course.”

There was an aggressive hint of “do not question me” in Vyvyan’s eyes…… I immediately cowered and didn’t dare to say a word……

Vyvyan hugged Lucia. She looked at Lucia’s eyes and painful expression. She then reached her hand out to feel Lucia’s tummy and chest. A tinge of happiness suddenly crept into her eyes. She then pressed her hand on Lucia’s tummy and quietly chanted something. A seemingly colourless gold light entered Lucia’s body and Lucia coughed intensely. But then her complexion returned to a healthy pink.

“Alright… you’re fine now.”

Vyvyan hugged Lucia who was a little weak. She then looked at me with a serious look and a smile she couldn’t hide and said: “Sorry, son, but you will need to separate with Lucia for the meantime. After you two get married, Lucia will need to return to the elven imperial capital to look after herself, since… a pregnant elf is better suited to living in the elven lands.”


Everyone froze in place. Nier’s fork which she stabbed in mid-way stopped there and she looked at Lucia with utter astonishment. I knocked my chair over as well. I looked at Lucia and my entire body shook.

Vyvyan couldn’t hide the smile on her face. She shook as she said: “It looks like it was right for you to sleep together on the full-moon night. Your mana was at its peak at the time so Lucia was able to smoothly get pregnant. Congratulations, son, you will soon be a father.”

Lucia stared at her tummy blankly as she rubbed it. She wore a look of complete disbelief as she stuttered: “R-R-Really? … His highness’s child……”

Leaning on the table, I almost fell over. The sudden joyous news made me light-headed. Everything before my eyes went pitch-black. Luna came up to support me. I looked at Lucia blankly. My entire mind was blank. I had no idea what to do to celebrate.

Nier slammed her hand on the table, clenched her teeth aggressively and thundered at me: “I don’t believe it!! I don’t believe it!! Clearly! Clearly his majesty and I did it more! How come she’s pregnant first?! Your majesty! We have to continue tonight! It looks like we did it too few times! I want more!!”

You want more? Sure. But I only have so much!! Could you please consider if it’s objectively possible?!


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