Son-con – Vol. 6. Ch. 22

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When I opened my eyes, I could only see a pitch-black sky.

‘No, this isn’t the sky. The sky wouldn’t have a texture.’

This black and scaly texture pressed down on my body. Or rather, it should be some animal’s claw that’s pressed down on my body, legs, and face, leaving me without even a hint of light.

The ground around me felt like it was ablaze. I felt like the heat from the ground and strong smell of charcoal made the air thin.

The oxygen in the air was being depleted by the intense flames, while the thing pressing down on my head cut me off from my source of oxygen. I was on the verge of suffocating. I felt like the oxygen around me was wildly escaping me, not even leaving me with a single ounce.

I reached my hand out and tried to push the claws of the unknown animal in front of me away.

I don’t know why I didn’t fear it at all, despite it squashing me like this. Was it maybe because I knew this was a dream? Or was it because my subconscious didn’t recognise this animal as a threat?

I never thought the claw would feel so surprisingly soft. It was so soft I could manipulate it into any shape I liked. I couldn’t resist the urge to massage and pinch it.

The claw seemed to get a little annoyed and budged. A clear voice from overhead then spoke out, “Son… you sure like taking the initiative…”

I immediately opened my eyes and faced Vyvyan’s playful eyes.

Vyvyan scanned me with curiosity. She had a naughty smile on her face.

In my foggy-minded state, I think I managed to figure out what could give my hand such an odd and yet blissful feeling…

“Oop!” Just as I was about to shout, Vyvyan swiftly covered my mouth with her hand, preventing me from shouting.

I pulled my hand back as if I had been electrocuted and looked at her with terror.

I want to know where Nier and Lucia are. I remember we returned to the palace after leaving the hot-spring. The heat and humidity from the hot-spring left us in no mindset to want sleep, so for some odd reason, we stayed in my room.

We chatted away in the midst of dried meat and strong wine. After experiencing another losing battle at guarding my chastity, I fell asleep after being completely spent.

And we now come to the present…

I turned my head to the side to see Nier on my right sleeping completely in the nude. On my left was Lucia who was clinging to my left arm and deep asleep like an infant. On my leg was a black silhouette which I think was Elizabeth, who was sound asleep while snoring quietly. On the ground next to my bed were Luna and Freya’s petite bodies deep asleep.

And as for Vyvyan… well, she was squashing me from above…

‘No wonder why I had such a weird dream. Turns out this is why…’ I slowly returned to reality from my nightmare and looked at Vyvyan like I was begging her, hoping she’d get off me.

Honestly, I feel that I’m in dire straits right now because when we got high from drinking, Nier launched an attack, and then Lucia. I don’t know if Vyvyan took part or not…

If Vyvyan did participate, I didn’t recall rejecting her…

Whether or not Vyvyan got her way that night is a complete mystery. I never stopped trying to find out from her by testing her after that night.

The others all said they couldn’t remember. Meanwhile, Mommy Vyvyan always wore a frightening smile that made me worry as she shook her head.

Though she denied it, her smile really didn’t help to reassure me.

Vyvyan twisted her body. She then released her hand and said, “Son, did you have a dream? Did you see a burnt forest and a huge animal in your dream?”

I froze up at first, but then I remembered Mom’s magic was mind reading, so it wasn’t hard for her to know what my dream was.

I nodded and then replied, “Mom, does that mean something? Is the dream a prophecy or something?”

“No, Son.” Vyvyan shook her head. She then looked into my eyes.

I noticed a tinge of nostalgia and sadness as she continued, “That wasn’t foresight or an omen. To the contrary, it was an event in the past. That was Mommy’s dream, just now. That is your father’s memory.”

“My father… Inard’s memory? Isn’t he dead? … Didn’t he die…”

“On the way to slay dragons.” Vyvyan cut me off to answer the question first. She then continued uneasily, “Onii-sama transmitted this memory back. I’m not sure what this memory means. I don’t know if Onii-sama died at that time or if he lived for much longer after. I also don’t know what Onii-sama is trying to express through the dream. I was taking care of you, when you were still young, at the time so I didn’t go there. Afterwards, I heard the news that Onii-sama had passed on.”

I noticed Mom’s blue eyes quiver. I lowered my head and softly said, “Sorry, Mom…”

“Silly child. It’s not your fault.”

Vyvyan stroked my face with a smile and then continued, “I think that Onii-sama was very frank and poised when he was faced with death. I don’t know why Onii-sama transmitted the memory into my mind. Perhaps it was for me to locate the place? Or was it for you to locate that place?”


“Yes. This memory should be for you. However, since your mana is berserk, I received it in your place.” Vyvyan looked at me as she continued, “Bloodlines are tied with mana. Family members related by blood can transmit feelings and memories to each other. That said, one requires a very high level of mana purity to be able to accomplish that feat. Normally speaking, only the Galadriel tribe, and a small number of magician families, can use it. Ah, Lucia can, too.”

I looked at Mom and asked the question I wanted an answer to most, “Mom, are we related to dark elves…?”

“Son, we are dark elves.” Vyvyan smiled helplessly as she looked at me and explained, “However, we are successful dark elves. Our Galadriel tribe is a tribe of successful dark elves. Through draining the mana of other elves, we were able to strengthen our mana. We would accumulate enough mana and then give birth to our descendants. The purpose of dark elves is to drain the mana of others. We are just like other elves during the day. Actually, we are normal elves that have the ability to master a forbidden magical skill. In other words, Mommy’s mother, and Mommy’s father, and Mommy’s ancestors drained the power of even more people and gave birth to Mommy.”

Vyyvyan shook her head. She then stroked my face and then elaborated, “Mera and her tribe were unsuccessful elves. They were unable to benefit from magic and instead were cursed, which is why we must kill them. They can’t reveal our secret. We cannot allow others to know that we are dark elves. Do you understand now, Son?”

I nodded, despite understanding but also not understanding.

‘Honestly, if that were the case, I don’t think there’s an issue with Mom being a dark elf. She’s no longer the accumulation of blood she originally was. Further, Mom is wise and farsighted. There shouldn’t be a problem with this sort of dark elf, right? I’ve become numb to my bloodline long ago. As to whether or not I’m a dark elf, I’m not bothered.’

Even if I am, I don’t need to suck blood.

“Th-Then what about my child with Lucia…?”

“He or she will be an ordinary elf, because you didn’t inherit all of our tribe’s blood, Son.” Vyvyan stroked my head with a smile.

She then kissed me on my lips, giggled softly, and said, “Keep sleeping, Son. Mommy wants to watch you like this some more… Mommy wants to watch your sleeping face…”

Vyvyan waved her hand gently, and everything before my eyes went dark. I had more questions after that night.

‘I don’t know what meaning this has, but… but I think I might find out the answer when I don’t want to know…’


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