Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 23

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The current Nier is very obedient. Actually, she’s completely docile and obedient. She used to be absolutely loyal to the empress and revered her. Now, she loves me, in a weird way. Nier doesn’t know what love is. Nier’s idea of love is pieced together information she receives combined with her own introspection.

From Nier’s perspective, love is absolute loyalty and dependence, as well as being more important than anything. Since we got together, Nier has even ignored the empress’ orders. As a matter of fact, she just shows her a form of respect, now. For the sake of being with me, she was willing to follow any order the empress gave her.

The empress couldn’t say anything, either because Nier rejected her for me.

While the empress didn’t like it, she was happy about that one thing nonetheless since Nier’s loyalty is meaningless to her. There are lots of Valkyries. However, Nier’s loyalty to me was of utmost importance.

But… Nier is far too loyal to me.

She holds my orders in high regards, to an excessive degree, so… naturally, she views my commands with absolute importance.

The command I happened to give her was, “Teach my guard unit swordsmanship.”

Naturally, Nier accepted the job with fervent joy. But… Nier is the Valkyries’ instructor. She was very well versed in training Valkyries. The issue was, they were my guard unit… not Valkyries…

Most importantly, Nier trained them like crazy to try and make me happy…

And so, I was looking at a soldier with a stab wound in his lower abdomen, which he nearly died from.

I held his hand tightly. He looked at me with his pale and terrified look.

You’re right, it’s him; that cute soldier, who looks like a girl. If I hadn’t asked Vyvyan to come and use healing magic, he’d be dead.

Nier stood to one side, holding her sword with unease. She looked at me and explained, “Your Majesty… this wound was caused during training, due to carelessness…”

“Come with me.” I sighed, then grabbed Nier’s hand and pulled her out of the medical room.

I pressed her up against the wall.

Nier had her head down and she was shaking, completely different to how she used to be. Nier cautiously raised her head up to look at me.

In her frightened and shaky soft voice, she said, “Your Majesty… it… it really was an accident… Sorry… Sorry… Please, don’t be angry with me… Please, don’t be angry with me… You can punish me however you like… Just don’t be angry with me…”

I let out a heavy sigh. I then stroked her face and said, “I’m not angry… It’s my fault for not being clear. Nier, they are different to Valkyries. There are lots of Valkyries in the reserve, so it’s no big deal if they get injured, or die in training.”

“However, these are my only men. I can’t replace them if they die. There is nothing I can do if they die in battle, as it would be considered a normal trade-off. But it tugs at my heartstrings if they die. So, please, don’t let them get injured in training. I understand that training with real swords produces great results, but they can’t afford to. As such, I think you should use wooden swords or blunt swords.”

“But… but…” Nier looked up with an expression like she wanted to say something, but didn’t dare.

I could detect a tinge of fear in her green eyes.

I held her hand and said, “Just say what you want. Didn’t I say I wouldn’t get angry?”

“Uhm…” Nier held my hand. She looked up at me and in a serious tone explained, “But, Your Majesty, that is your guard unit, the guard unit that is responsible for keeping you safe from harm. If the results of their training aren’t guaranteed, the one who will be in danger is you, Your Majesty… So… so… I… I…”

I smiled, stroked her face, and kissed her lips.

“It’s alright, Nier. It’s alright. My safety isn’t in just their hands, but with you… As long as you’re around, I believe that I will surely be safe, so you don’t need to be afraid, Nier. Please train them with normal methods.” I said.

I was actually a little worried since I wasn’t sure if the impression I left on them was worth their blood and sweat.

I gave them the best treatment possible and did everything to satisfy their needs. I wrote strict training and discipline requirements based on the infantry manual I recalled from memory. I was afraid they might not be able to handle such strict demands. Now there’s been an injury as well. I can’t do anything if they want to quit and leave.

This was my first time training a team and my own army. Without them, I’ll have to rely on imperial guards and Valkyries.

I really need them, so I need to ensure they can’t leave.

“Alright…” Nier nodded shyly and then grabbed hold of my hand.

We returned to the medical room, and then I held that young-girl-looking soldier’s hand…

‘How is his hand smoother than Nier’s? Young man, this is dangerous…’

I looked at his eyes in agony and softly said, “I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry, umm…”

“Philes… Your Majesty… Philes Romeas…”

“Alright. I shall call you Philes… I’m very sorry, Philes. I’m sorry about the training accident. I will provide you with adequate compensation and care. I will arrange for people to take care of your body and meals during this time, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Th-… there is no need, Your Majesty…” He struggled to sit up.

Because it affected the wound at his lower abdomen, his entire body jerked from the pain.

I quickly helped him lie back down and then said, “Just relax. Just relax. Just say what you want to.”

“Your Majesty… this is our… training with the instructor… We… we have already prepared ourselves mentally for this…”

I noticed trails of sweat run down his forehead as he looked at me. Even though he looked pretty and gentle, his gaze was filled with determination right now.

He looked at me and continued from the bottom of his heart, “We made up our minds… long ago… You respect us, Your Majesty… you helped us… Your Majesty, you asked your own wife to instruct us… so we… so we have resolved to give our all for you… About our training… it is okay… We… we are training for your safety… it is okay…”

I took in a deep breath and looked at his face in silence for a long time.

He closed his eyes as the anaesthetics he had taken before started to take effect. The agonised expression from the intense pain and terror ,slowly calmed down.

I sat by his side and waited for him to slowly fall asleep. I just looked at his face for a long time in silence.

From behind, Nier tugged on my cape and called out to me in a soft voice, “Your Majesty…”

“Nier…” I turned around and looked at her.

Letting go of his hand, I stood up. I walked to the door and then sincerely said, “I will do my best. I’ll definitely do my best. I will become a master that is worth their blood and sweat. I will work even harder, for their sake.”

Nier chuckled softly. She then made a small bow and said, “Your Majesty, you already are.”


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