Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 20

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While the snow on the roads wasn’t so deep, there was a lot of snow in the fields.

Freya and I dismounted to walk into the fields. We used our hands to remove the layers of snow, revealing black soil underneath.

‘This is very rarely seen black soil. I’ve only seen it in Northeast China. Logically speaking, this black soil should be a natural occurrence. The reason the people in the Northeast produce food is precisely because they have land with black soil. Plant anything there and it’ll grow.’

‘Of course, perhaps my common sense there doesn’t apply here since this is a different world, which is why I can’t be certain. This might be a sign that the land is poor for all I know.’

I grabbed a handful of soil. The ice-cold soil slid through my hand.

Freya watched me from my side and then asked, “Have you figured out something, Onii-sama?”

“No, nothing…”

I shook my head with a helpless smile. This has got nothing to do with my major. I’ve never farmed. I don’t even know if this land is good or not if you asked me.

“Your Highness, if you can’t figure anything out, let’s head back… this place is freezing…”

Lucia sat atop the horse with her arms folded as she shivered. She was probably ready to glue her entire body to the horse to warm up.

‘The temperature isn’t actually that low, but it seems elves really can’t stand the cold. But why does it feel like Lucia is flirting…? If you really can’t stand the cold like this, how did you survive in the north of the elven lands?’

I picked up a small spade, dug up two holes and put the soil into two flowerpots we had brought along.

I then said, “After we get back, I’ll let Nier and Lucia grow flowers. I want to know if it’s the land that is poor, or something else… I’ve heard that food doesn’t grow well in certain soils but I have never heard that it was a problem for other stuff… I need to think about this properly.”

“Uhm, there is no need to plant anything right now, in winter. We just need to find out what the problem is before sowing seeds.” Freya stood next to me and walked up to the horses on the side. She said, “We need to go and check out the factory next, right? … Ah, I really look forward to seeing it since I designed it.”

‘While humans currently have a concept of concentration of production, they don’t have a complete factory. This is the first factory.’

‘This sort of out-dated production method requires time and manpower. Steam-engines? We don’t have them here. But it looks like somebody is thinking of it.’

‘Human society is currently facing a type of change, and that is the contradiction between the production methods and what they want in terms of goods.’

‘Perhaps a machine will appear soon… I can’t say for certain if it’ll be a steam engine, since this world and my world are different in certain ways.’

‘The current factory doesn’t really match the description of a factory; a factory needs to rely on machines for production. The current machines there are large water-powered machines. The main bulk of the work still relies on manpower. However, I designed an assembly line production system to significantly increase production rates and speeds.’

Lucia didn’t seem interested in the factory.

We rode to the factory by the edge of the city walls. It was right next to the river, so the metal hole-punching machines and presses were water operated. The ammunition couldn’t compare to the standard in the modern day… Of course, I wasn’t trying to create modern bullets.

After discussing it with Lorana, we decided that we would make rounds like shotgun shells, except that we’re changing the end of the bullets to a rounded shape.

After combining black powder with smokeless gunpowder and setting the ratios, we can create metal bullets despite them being simple.

‘The factory is still very new.’ We went into the factory, and the guards made way. ‘There are two departments in the factory. One department handles ammunition production, while the other manages gun production… Ideally, there would be two separate factories, but I don’t have any other space right now…’

The factory needed to be next to the river since the water-powered machines needed to be within its vicinity.

We saw Lorana as soon as we arrived at the factory entrance. She was holding a long gun in her hand and measuring something.

When she saw us, she placed the gun down with a smile and greeted us, “Hey, you’re here.”

“Uhm. We came to take a look.” I walked over and looked at the weapon she held.

This is a Spencer rifle. Lorana had already made a gun like it and it doesn’t look bad. Seeing this ancient weapon be revived in my hands didn’t feel too bad.

She looked at me with satisfaction as I fiddled with the gun and said, “The design for this rifle sure is unique. I’ve thought about repeat firing rifles, but my concept failed. Your designs are better, after all, Your Majesty.”

I smiled helplessly.

This doesn’t prove anything.

The difficulty of replicating something versus inventing something is completely different. I just recreated a gun that I know of, and while I had blueprints she was inventing on her own.

I admire her production skills more than my own.

“The factory isn’t in complete operation yet. We are still learning how to operate some machines. Once we learn how to use them we will begin full-scale production, which should be around spring.” Lorana looked at the factory behind her with a sense of pride and continued, “This is the first time I’ve seen this sort of production method. Everyone is responsible for an individual part, which is then assembled together. This is truly a simple and pragmatic method. Plus, there are so many people here working on producing them. If they could be replaced with machines, I presume the production rate would be even higher.”

“That’s the point of a factory. If we had machines, the factory could continue to produce the needed goods without end.” I nodded. I then looked at the rifle in her hand and said, “We need to hurry and produce guns and ammunition. I don’t ask that everyone in the militia has a gun.,Though, but I at least want to ensure that all of my personal guards have a rifle each, as well as the weapons and bullets they use for practice.”

“That won’t be a problem.” Lorana nodded.

She then stretched out her back and said, “This is truly an interesting place. If I could have more machines, how powerful would this place be? This must be humanity’s strongest place.”

I looked up at the tall and sturdy building. In a serious tone, I said, “This place will definitely become so. It definitely will.”

By the time we finished checking out the factory, it had started to get dark already.

‘It looks like my business for today has come to an end. I now need to head back and join the banquet.’

I rode to the palace and returned to my room to get changed.

“Ah, Your Majesty, you are back.”

Luna welcomed me with a bright smile. She took my cape and then said, “Miss Nier has not returned from the camp yet. Your Majesty, you need to prepare for the banquet that is starting right away. Your clothes have been prepared. Let me help you get changed.”

“Ah, all right…”

I took off my clothes I wore out, sighed, and then picked up the clothes on the bed.

Luna lingered behind me and then hugged me from the back.

I was caught by surprise, “Luna?!”

“It’s nothing. It’s nothing… it is just… just… I feel that you are too tired… Your Majesty… you look very tired… very worn-out. Your Majesty… have a break for now… seeing you so tired, all of our hearts ache for you…”

From behind, Luna softly uttered, “Do not force yourself. Do not force yourself, Your Majesty… if you are tired… just say it.”

“I know. I know.” I touched Luna’s hands on the front of my waist.

Luna giggled and then said, “Your Majesty, Her Majesty came before and invited you to go to the hot-springs tomorrow…”

“Wha-? Wha-?What?! What hot-spring?!”

‘What sort of development is this?! Do we have hot-spring play here too?! So I get to experience this one-hundred-percent fan-service-guaranteed plot?! And I get to bathe together with my moms in a justified way!’

‘I’m blessed! I’m excited!!’


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