Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 40

Explosion in the Snow. There are Curveballs in Life.

Fu Xiang lay sprawled on the ground completely lifeless. I now need to concern myself with the sleeping beauty in my arms. I looked down at Shen Yiren in her lazy slumber. She was sound asleep like she hadn’t slept for several nights but at the same time like a kid afraid of losing her doting parents. She grabbed onto my collar tightly and wouldn’t let go. Shen Yiren usually spoke and behaved carelessly and sounded rougher than a guy when she started using profanity. But she was particularly lovable in her quiet state right now.

I couldn’t help but stroke her smooth beautiful face with my hand. Her skin was shockingly supple like you could squeeze water out by pinching it.

Boss takes care of her skin really……

The beauty in my arms moaned.

Frightened, I pulled my hand back quickly! Dear magistrate, I’m innocent!

But Boss Shen didn’t look like she was going to wake up. It seemed to be a reaction from her dream. Only then could I calm down.

She murmured something indistinct. I had to mould energy to hear what she was murmuring clearly. Boss Shen’s usual firm voice was nowhere to be heard. Instead, she sounded cute and gentle: “…… Big brother.”

When a beauty that’s always pointing in your face and ordering you around is lying in your arms, and you can feel the warmth and gentleness of her body plastered to your body, what… will you do?

I think I’ve got a… boner.

But then I came back to my senses. Big brother?

Who’s she calling?

I was carrying Shen Yiren who seemed half-woke half-asleep. Her eyes were barely open but I could see her beauty and hazy eyes. It was clear she was exhausted. She seemed to be able to see me but wasn’t surprised. Her pleasant surprise appeared in her strong-spirited eyes. Her eyebrows and the corner of her mouth curled up. She was beaming like she was drunk as she said: “Big brother, you’re here…… I missed you.”


Big brother? Could that be the nickname Boss Shen gave me?

That can’t be right. Besides calling me Feizhen, Boss Shen only ever calls me “moron”, “idiot”, “retard” and aggressively calling me by my full name “Ming Feizhen! You must be tired of living!” and the sort. It can’t be another nickname.

“…… Big brother… how come you have hair now?”

I really want to know who she’s calling out to!!

This “big brother” has no hair!!

A strong baldy?!

“Yiren has been trying really hard all these years……”  Shen Yiren suddenly smiled like a young girl who was waiting for the brother she liked to praise her. Her eyes were smiling and she looked at me with her hazy smiling face. Her voice sounded adenoidal and clingy because she wasn’t awake which was so seductive.

“Big brother… Yiren is getting married……” Her voice sounded slightly sad when she said that. Perhaps this was the secret in her heart. All of her own personal thoughts were overshadowed by her strong exterior as Liu Shan Men’s vice-captain. If she wasn’t in the situation she is in now, I doubt she would’ve mentioned it.

“But I don’t like him……”

My condolences Brother Bastard!

And please forgive me for laughing, pfff……

Though that’s already basically an open secret that couldn’t be any more obvious, hearing her say it herself was different after all.

This is obviously funnier! Puhahahahaha!!

I then heard Shen Yiren continue speaking, but her voice was faintly full of sadness: “He doesn’t love me either. He can help me get revenge though so I must do this.”

Shen Yiren leaned onto me sadly and her breaths were nice as orchids. The warmth she passed onto my chest made my heartbeat speed up on its own.

“Big brother, why aren’t you speaking to me……? You’re mad at me, aren’t you……?”

I was scared she’d suddenly wake up and silence me. I don’t know what that big brother’s voice is like either. But he’s bald…… I tried to imitate the Shaolin abbot’s voice: “Uhm…… This monk understands now.”

Fuck! I slipped up because I was tense!!

Shen Yiren smiled sweetly though and replied in a pleased tone: “Great……”

Huh? I’m safe? Oi, oi, Miss Shen, your big brother is a monk?!

“You know I don’t like him, don’t you…? I’ve always wanted to see you…… I want to tell you……”

Shen Yiren’s eyes shut once again. She was obviously falling asleep. But then in her hazy voice right before passing out, she threw me a bomb: “Big brother, Yiren only likes you……”


She’s completely asleep.


I just saved you once and stumbled open a huge secret!!

Brother Bastard, get over here! Hurry! I can barely hold this together!! I’m trying to rip the green grass off your head to feed the cow but it can’t eat it in time even!

Shen Yiren fell deep asleep in my arms. Only then was I relieved. I can’t stay here with her forever.

I still have business to attend to…… I have to reveal myself to defeat the enemies I have to put away in a bit.

They’re really strong. Fu Xiang is an example. I can’t take him out with a melon seed from far away. Oh fine…… I’ll spend some effort on you. I need to go into the harem to grab borrow something.

But then I realised a problem…… She was nude right now.

The warrior-robe she was originally wearing was generously revealing to begin with. But the result of that is it was still very tight on her body even after being torn. There wasn’t much material covering her body left. You couldn’t cover her important parts by stitching together the remaining material.

She was covered with my outer-coat for now to keep her warm, but it’s only a temporary solution.

It’s fine when I’m not paying attention, but when I do pay attention, I can feel her smooth skin on her jade back. Boss Shen’s lower body was virtually completely bared. She only had her underwear left. Carrying such a beauty in my arm, I suddenly had an odd feeling well up inside me.

No! Stop! She’s your superior!

I shook my head a little too hard causing my outer-coat on her to slip a bit.. One look downwards and your breath will be taken away. Shen Yiren’s underwear was black and it couldn’t cover her huge jade-melons completely. Her underwear looked like it was incapable of covering the area where they rose.

From this angle, I could see the gods at the peak! I could faintly see her veins on her white skin gently running along her body. Her body is a divine weapon that could melt any man’s mind!

Stop! Stop! I can’t look down or I’m going to be in trouble!

But her clothes……



Not long after, Long Zaitian arrived with his fiery team and noticed traces of a battle here, hence immediately commencing a search.

I hid on the palace wall not too far away and camouflaged myself with the darkness, and controlled my breathing so that they wouldn’t detect me.

One of the Qilin Guards shouted: “Vice-captain, I have a discovery!”

When they entered the flower garden, they first found Boss Shen lying on snow snoring gently in her sleep.

Long Zaitian shouted: “Eh? Vice-captain Shen, are you alright…? Aren’t you sound asleep.” He looked carefully and found that she was wearing black clothes like that of the intruders in the palace.

Of course, I went out my way to find those clothes.

Who helped her wear it on?


Mm, don’t ask…… Ah, shit, my nose is bleeding……

“Send Vice-captain Shen back. Hey fuck off, don’t touch her with your filthy hands! Call a few strong maids here to pick her up.”

As Long Zaitian was bewildered as to why Shen Yiren was here, his eyes caught sight of Fu Xiang not too far away. He immediately headed over to check him out and the others soon came over.

One of them exclaimed: “This is Fu Xiang…… Is he dead? Vice-captain Shen sure is incredible!”

Long Zaitian shook his head and frowned: “No, he’s not dead yet. But it looks like he suffered severe internal injuries. It looks like qi deviation actually. That’s unlike Miss Shen’s ways. My guess is he suffered qi deviation due to a reason on his end.”

Long Zaitian examined Fu Xiang’s entire body meticulously which further confirmed his guess.

Well, since he’s taken in Fu Xiang and arranged for Boss Shen to be looked after, I should get going too.

Just as I was about to take my leave, I suddenly heard a Qilin Guard ask: “Vice-captain, with Fu Xiang’s strength, what sort of situation would cause him to suffer qi deviation? Please forgive me for being ignorant, but I cannot figure it out.”

“Hmm, that is strange indeed. Let me have a think……”

I’m surprised they’ve started trying to figure out the truth behind why Fu Xiang went down. But since I was so discreet, I don’t think I’ll be revealed… right?

“Hm?! Oh yeah!” Long Zaitian seemed to have figured something out. His eyes lit up with intelligence: “It was Ming Feizhen!”

I was standing atop one of the palace walls. I held my breath. In my hand was a melon seed. I locked my sights on Long Zaitian and in my heart I tried to figure out where I went wrong.

That old brute hasn’t displayed his attention to detail and composure just once. Could he have seen through something? How the heck did he know it was me?

I then heard Long Zaitian exclaim at the top of his voice: “Fuck me! That plague Ming Feizhen managed to kill even after being defeated. I now believe there are curveballs in life!”

I almost fell off the wall because of what he blurted.

Go fuck yourself!

Fuck do you mean curveballs in life?!



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