Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 00 (Prologue)

After many things happened, things around me finally settled down. Winter finally came as it was scheduled to. I also changed into my thick winter clothing and returned to humanity’s royal capital. Vyvyan left with Lucia when we left the palace. As for our wedding date, we were told we would be notified at another time so I didn’t rush them. Since I don’t have to travel between the two places, I can freely go on intimate strolls with Nier in humanity’s empire and then return to the palace and attend to the jobs I need to attend to. Nier also finally started becoming strongly curious of various things like a girl. However, based on the indifferent attitude she had for merchants and others, it looks as though her innate nature hasn’t changed. She just happens to treat me as a special case.

The orphanage was pretty much the same as always, except that the living quarters of the children had been renovated with the money. They also brought more people on board to help look after the children as well as teachers. Nier really likes that place and she even proudly announced she was now the princess. The dean and everyone at the orphanage gave their blessings, while I continued to watch Nier play with the children from above.

I wonder how much longer it’ll be. Maybe Nier is already pregnant with our child.

“You are here, your majesty.”

Just as Nier and I entered the palace, Castell walked in and bowed to us. I nodded and asked: “I’ve been back for some time now. I haven’t seen you for a while, Castell. Where did you go?”

Castell stood back up, blinked his sly eyes a few times and replied: “Your majesty, I went to the border of the elves and humanity to check up on the progress of the building there. My, elven magic truly is miraculous. Our heavy machines look silly and powerless before their magic.”

“Don’t worry about it. I believe that our heavy machinery will one day be able to do what magic does.”

I was full of confidence since I’ve seen the day humanity’s science made huge leaps. Castell nodded with a smile and then said: “I shall consider your words good luck then, your majesty. Ah, I also heard about your marriage with Miss Gilliante. Congratulations to both of you. Congratulations on finding your loved one, your majesty, and congratulations to you Miss Gilliante for becoming the princess from today.”

“Thank you, Castell.”

Nier said that with her expressionless look. She interacts with Castell with a poker face and is much colder to others. Castell straightened up his torso again and said: “Your majesty, when do you intend to hold your wedding? Will it be in winter or do you want to wait until spring? Ah….. I would think winter.”

“Why do you say so? Are your in charge of my wedding perchance?”

“Or would you have another candidate, your majesty?”

I choked on my words. I do actually have a better candidate, and that’s Freya. I trust Freya more than Castell now because Castell is the empress’s advisor, while Freya is my sister. I trust Freya more than an outsider, and I trust that Freya can smoothly organise a wedding with her intelligence.

But I do want to give Freya a chance to rest since she has always been by my side recently whether it was for the church’s matters or the menial matters that we had to sort out afterwards. Freya who had been by my side coming up with ideas and strategies was tired and so I want to let her rest a bit more.

“I don’t have any opinion. I just want to know where my wedding is going to be held.”

“Oh, have I not told you?”

Castell paused. He then smiled and continued, “Did I not say that I went to go and take a look at the building at the border? That is a newly constructed city. I think you will be holding your wedding there. My, my, I have seen cities rise because of business and due to war, but this is my first time seeing a city constructed for a wedding. I think that the city must be a domain that her majesty is giving you.”

I froze up. I know about ancient Europe granting a prince territory but I’ve never had a domain of my own. But it makes sense as to why I don’t have my own domain since I have to travel between the two nations. However, I don’t know what I should do if mom suddenly grants me a piece of land.

I’m guessing the city is being built after my moms reached an agreement. Forget a city, I’ve never even been a captain in practice. How am I going to manage a city?

I need the almighty Freya……

“My, you’ve met each other, huh? How coincidental. Oh right, your majesty, her majesty asked you to come to the inner court. She said there is something very important she wants speak to you about.”

Just as we were talking, a small silhouette appeared before us. The loli Alice fanned herself and walked over with a smile. Nier froze up when she saw her, but then quickly bowed her head and saluted her loudly: “Captain!”

“Ah… don’t, don’t, don’t. Don’t do this. I can’t accept it. I can’t accept it!” Alice was so frightened she nearly tossed her fan. She smiled hopelessly and said, “Nier, you should have gotten used to your identity now, right? You are now a princess, and will soon take the Rosvenor surname, so it should be me that salutes you now.”

“I dare not. I am a Valkyrie.”

“Of course you aren’t a Valkyrie. You are the princess.” Alice cut her off and then turned to face me and say: “Your majesty, I must congratulate you. No matter if it is appearances or culinary skills, Nier is the best among the Valkyries. Of course, she is also a dutiful guard.”

“Nier, you can cook?!”

I dawdled for a moment before looking at Nier. I honestly never thought Nier could cook. Nier shouldn’t be able to do anything except be a Valkyrie who hacks people! Why does Nier know how to cook?! Nier nodded and then coyly replied: “I can, but my dishes are crude……”

“I want to try them!”

I looked at Nier with excitement. Nier was startled at first, but then revealed a blissful smile and said: “Alright, your majesty. Once you return to the outer court, I shall personally cook for you as long as you don’t think poorly of my cooking……”

“Of course I won’t! I’m eager to try it! I’m going to go and see m(om)-… ah, her majesty now.”

Nier and I split up. I went with Alice to the inner court.

“Ah, son, you’re here.”

When I entered mom’s room, I found her looking at a building blueprint. She revealed a joyful smile when she saw me enter. She pulled me over to the table and said: “Come, come, come. Son, take a look. This is the blueprint of the city we’ve prepared for you. See if there’s anything you’d like to add. Mommy thinks that it’s better to build you a city than a castle. This city sits on the border of humanity and the elven lands. It’s a very rich place. Mommy intends to make it your domain so that you and your wives can live there. Mommy can go and visit you. That way, you won’t have to travel all over the place.”

Mommy spoke cheerfully while I looked at the blueprint. It was a very normal city. The site chosen to build the city on was very good. It was a plain with a river and a mine nearby. It also connected to the elven forests.

“Mom… I don’t know how to manage a city……”

“That’s alright. Mommy didn’t know how to initially either, but isn’t mommy managing this massive empire now? You don’t have to worry son. If there’s any major matter, mommy will stand up for you. You just need to enjoy life freely there. Mommy won’t interfere with your life. However, you mustn’t go to the elven lands. Mommy and Vyvyan discussed it already. You mustn’t go due to your condition. Just focus on the city.”

“My condition?”

“To put it simply, your body cannot come into contact with mana.” Mom pulled me into her arms and affectionately stroked my head as she continued, “In any case, this city is my wedding gift to you. Mommy wants to test you too… as a ruler. I want to see if you have what it takes to run a nation… Son, don’t disappoint mommy……”

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