Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 46

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“Your Majesty, what happened between you and Miss Lucia yesterday…? I told you not to engage in any strenuous activities as your body is very weak right now, and see? You are sick now.”

“They said… they said elves didn’t get sick…”

I desperately struggled while my face was red. However, I couldn’t escape Luna’s tight restraint in my weakened state.

She was holding the soup Elizabeth made for me, yes, the rubber-soup that scarred me for life… Please allow me to refer to it as so because it totally tasted like rubber! Burnt rubber!

“That… is probably because of your human lineage, I guess… I still cannot believe it… but since Her Highness has acknowledged it as well, it looks like you qualify as the prince.” Luna chuckled and sat on my thigh while continuing to come closer. She held the spoon before my mouth and the smell of burnt rubber went right up my nose, almost knocking me out. I desperately struggled, but Luna wouldn’t let me move.

“I just have a cold! A cold! I’ll be fine after a nap! I’ll be fine after I get some sleep!!”

“Is that right? But Miss Nier did not let you sleep last night…”

Now that you mention it… Nier was honestly too damn scary last night. Nier didn’t say anything when I returned holding Lucia’s hand. But when night came, Nier jumped through my window and into my bed. Before I could even react, she had already pulled my pants down and mounted me…

Nier then entered madness and stripped me completely before doing it in all sorts of positions, causing me to sweat profusely all over. Nier was all over me until sunrise. It felt great initially because Nier’s body is seriously soft and bouncy, and my hands loved the sensation of her body. While she was a bit of an amateur, repeatedly thrusting into her sent me to heaven…

But there’s a limit to everything… Nier was feeling it more and more, and got more and more excited, but I was getting more and more drained.

I had just treated Nier before, then I did it with Lucia on the grass right after that, and then I had to go for more rounds at night. I didn’t get any rest… I pleaded Nier to spare me, but she didn’t stop…

My sweaty body was exposed to the cold winds for a long time and I caught my first cold after coming to this world.

After Vyvyan found out I caught a cold, she kicked the door down to come in shoving Elizabeth, who was also trying to come in, aside and then sealed the door with magic. She left Elizabeth outside to shout on her own and completely ignored her. Vyvyan ignored my powerless attempts to resist, stripped me naked and then earnestly stroked my body…

The important part was… I still had Nier’s sweat and uhh… on me…

Vyvyan then looked at me with a strange gaze and asked that I spend tonight with Lucia…

My vision went dark. I just wanted to slam my head on the wall and be done with it. I thought my business for this month was over. My ladies could finally get along. The church’s headquarters had been destroyed. But! God forbid I would’ve known that I’d end up dying in the arms of my most beloved Nier and Lucia…

After Vyvyan left, Elizabeth came in. First, she stroked my head. Then she said she wanted to make me that miraculous soup. She too ignored my powerless resistance and left to go do as she pleased.

Next, Luna carried that terrifying soup in with a smile.

I could see it in her eyes. She was the grim reaper here for my soul.

“Luna, please… I’ll do anything… but please do not make me drink this bowl of soup. I beg you… I’ll be fine if I don’t drink it, but if I do I’ll absolutely, positively die! I really will die! I really will!!”

“That is impossible. This is the soup Her Majesty personally made. The Valkyries were looking on eagerly! How could there be a problem with it? Of course, medicine does not taste good. Your Majesty, Her Majesty gave the order, you know? She said you must finish it. So, come, open up, Your Majesty…”

Luna brought the spoon close to my mouth with a smile.

I groaned with terror and despair as soon as my lips touched it. I desperately tried to back off, but I was already up against the wall.

Luna sat on my thigh and locked my arms behind me tightly.

Who taught her this move?!

“I’m not drinking it! Over my dead body! Luna! Luna! You must know that this thing is excessively bitter. This thing isn’t medicine. I don’t even know what it is…”

“That will not do, Your Majesty. Everyone is worried about your health! So you must finish it. I am worried about you too, so I will not back down!”

“Can you please show your loyalty to me in another way?!”




“Ah, Miss Luna. Onii-sama. What are you two doing?” Freya knocked on the door and came in. Seeing the way I looked, she paused and then said, “Miss Luna, you really will get killed by Miss Nier and Miss Lucia if you do that. Hmm… It doesn’t look like you two are doing ‘that’… But onii-sama, if you want to do that next time, please ask Miss Nier to quieten down a little. I could hear it all.”

I blushed and then apologised, “I’m sorry…”

“I was joking. I did not hear it. But you just confessed without being pressed. It sounds like Miss Nier didn’t obey Her Majesty and went to see you last night.”

Freya giggled mischievously. She then wore her serious expression and said, “Your Majesty, if you are now free, let us discuss how to acquire the church’s right to preach. I must say that it is late for us to take action now. However, we can still make it in time.”

Luna dallied and then got off me. She stood to one side and listened to our discussion.

When I heard “church”, I straightened up and got serious. Honestly speaking, I almost forgot about the church. I only remember destroying the church, and I think I reduced the castle at the centre of the lake to rubble.

I imagine the pope inside got crushed to death. I don’t know what became of the people inside. I really didn’t want to do that. I wanted to save them. However, the knights had already evacuated the people inside back there so they should be okay, right…?

Those people were innocent. I didn’t want them to get dragged into it because of our fight.

“Your Majesty, what exactly happened that day? You must have used magic, right? Your magic is so powerful. All the villagers woke up to your magic. You destroyed the entire forest and half of the lake. They thought they saw a miracle… The incident got spread around before we did anything and became viewed as God’s fury.”

Freya giggled softly and then said, “God destroyed the church. That is impossible. Further, you walked out from the centre of the destruction, which proves that God did not punish you. Why did God not punish you? That is because of the royal family. The Rosvenor household is the true incarnate of God, the will of God. The church is but just a fake, so they were punished by heaven.”

“Would anyone believe such a weird and incomprehensible explanation?”

“Onii-sama, whether or not they believe it is their business… What is important is what we claim. Further, is religion not a mysterious and incomprehensible thing? You did use magic, but the people see that as a miracle. When you came out, I had already arranged for people in the palace to dress up as missionaries to rush there. Perhaps the church will very soon be abandoned by the people. What point is there of a church without the people as its foundation?” Freya made a deep bow and then said with a smile, “Congratulations, Your Majesty. You have destroyed that church. They have lost everything, and we can say that you have avenged my father. You have done what you promised me. Therefore, I shall now offer you my body, my soul and my loyalty. Thank you very much, onii-sama!”

“Uhm, you’re my sister, so doing things for you is my responsibility.”

“So… please drink the medicine now!”

“No!! Not over my dead body!!! Ahhh! Pfft! L(u)-…”


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