Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 45

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When I opened my eyes, I saw Lucia’s teary face. I’m such an embarrassment.

I was the one chasing Lucia, yet I slipped and fell backwards, hitting my head on a tree and passing out. When I came to, I was lying with my head on Lucia’s thigh.

Lucia gently stroked my head as she cried and in her throaty voice said, “Why… why… why… why you did chase after me… Don’t you have Nier already? Why are you still looking for me…? Don’t you already have someone you love? I lost the duel. I can’t do anything. I’m just an ordinary elf. Why did you come looking for me?”

I smiled and reached out to grab Lucia’s hand. I sincerely said, “Because I love you, Lucia. That’s all there is to it. I love you. I love you and Nier the same way and equally. I don’t want to lose my loved ones. I don’t want my loved ones to be heartbroken, so I’ll chase you even if I have to chase you to the ends of the world.”

Lucia’s tears landed on my face.

She wiped her tears away and choked on her words, “What am I… Your Highness… what am I to you? … Am I just an elf that you can do with or without? … In what way do I not measure up to Nier…?”

“Of course not… You’re my most beloved Lucia. You are the Lucia I could never abandon. Lucia, you are in no way inferior to Nier. Nier could save me when I was in danger, but you carried me over such a long distance in that forest. You’re stronger than Nier, Lucia. That’s why I love you. I will forever love you, and I won’t let you leave me for such a reason.”

I stretched my hand out to wipe away the tears on her face, but I accidentally touched the bruise on her face, causing her to jerk her body.

She then continued sobbing as she responded, “In other words… I’m not inferior to Nier, is that right? … I can be better than Nier… and I can beat Nier…?”

“I don’t view you two as being superior or inferior. Both of you are irreplaceable to me. You and Nier are not to leave me.”

I think I could somewhat understand what exactly Lucia was angry about now.

She was angry as she felt that she was inferior to Nier in every way. She clearly loves me, yet because she lost the duel, she couldn’t be by my side. She had an inferiority-complex when faced with Nier who excelled more than her, while she was just an ordinary elf and hence ran off.

She thought that she wouldn’t amount to anything and would become an insignificant existence in the future. That I wouldn’t love her any longer. She was afraid I wouldn’t love an ordinary elf who couldn’t do anything.

Lucia has always had an inferiority complex. She had done her absolute best to learn swordsmanship and assassination. She went to obtain the wind-elves’ buffs, just so that she could rightfully stay by my side. But all of that was meaningless before Nier, causing Lucia to feel that she had reverted back to an ordinary elf. That inferiority complex made her feel lost, and thus she ran away.

“Lucia, you aren’t just an ordinary elf. Your strength, your determination, and your love for me are greater than any other’s. You and Nier are both strong girls in my heart. I can’t be without the assistance of either of you. I love you, and I love Nier. My love isn’t determined by superior or inferior skills or your statuses. I love the Lucia who would never leave me. So…”

I sat up, pulled Lucia into my embrace gently. I stroked her back and softly continued, “So please don’t leave me, Lucia… I’m really scared… I’m really scared… I was scared to death. Scared that you will leave me and never return… Please, Lucia… don’t leave me… I really am… I really am afraid…”

My voice started to crack by the time I wrapped up what I had to say. I was honestly afraid. I was afraid that Lucia would never return after leaving. I was afraid that the petite body I could always see would vanish from my side. I was afraid my love would leave just like that. I was afraid that she would sadly leave with despair and sense of betrayal.

That’s far too scary… too scary… I don’t want that… I slowly tried to hold Lucia tighter as though I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go. I wanted for us to never part.

“… Waaahh!!!!”

Lucia slowly tightened her hold on me and slowly began to quiver before finally letting out everything with her wail. She hugged me tightly and I reciprocated it.

We exchanged our concerns, fears and despair. We exchanged the heat of our tired bodies, our love and unrequited feelings for each other. As we held each other tightly, we cried, loved and made an oath. We just wanted to stay locked in each other’s arms, never letting go.

I will never abandon Lucia. Never.

This young girl has given up too much for me, just like Nier. In fact, she has done more and given up more than Nier.

I don’t want this girl’s efforts to go to waste, nor do I want for her to disappear from my side. So I hugged her. I hugged this girl that I love.

Words were now meaningless. The only way we could express our passionate and sincere love was through chest contact.

I gently pushed Lucia back and cupped her face. I carefully wiped her tears away.

When she opened her eyes, the bright moonlight cleared away the foggy layers lighting up our surroundings, just as though God was sending us blessings. Though it wasn’t a full-moon night, the moonlight was still as bright as ever.

I looked at Lucia’s shimmering skin underneath the moonlight.

She gently leaned her face closer to mine and looked at me. She hesitated for a moment and then closed her eyes.

We slowly kissed each other’s lips under the moonlight. Her soft and salty lips, caused by her tears, were gently kissed by me. Our tongues were shy, but at the same time yearned for each other as they gently brushed against each other. We held each other tightly, closed our eyes and felt the warmth of our tongues coming into contact.

“No… Your Highness…”

Lucia pushed me away and slowly stripped before me. Her perfect body shined brighter under the moonlight than before. She picked up her bag and carefully took out her wedding dress. She wore it on in front of me and then sat back down in front of me. She closed her eyes and said, “Please… please kiss me again… I want… to wear my wedding dress this time…”

I smiled and nodded. I said, “Lucia… you look… really beautiful in that dress…”

“Because… I am your Lucia like this…”

I kissed her lips again, and she kissed me back bitterly.

Our lips gently came into contact.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and carefully kissed me while touching me. Her long eyelashes were so close I could virtually hear them batting. She was careful like a butterfly flapping its wings, intoxicating the viewer.

The wedding dress felt like running water. It was cold and smooth. My hand virtually couldn’t grab it.

I gently undid her wedding dress and pressed her down onto the lawn. Lucia extended her arms out to me.

Under the moonlight… Lucia gently moaned and then she pulled me in tightly with her arms and legs. Our lips yearned for each other. They desperately touched each other to celebrate this moment.

This was the moment we had both been waiting for countless times… The moment was very sweet, but at the same time, bitter… However, our fingers were tightly interlocked, and they were never willing to let go again…


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