Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 04

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When I woke up the next day, I found that I slept on my own, which is extremely rare. That’s right, such a normal thing was actually a very rare thing when I was with the elves.

Lucia wasn’t here, and mom seemed to have taken what happened last time to heart, so it made sense that she was worried last night. It looks like mom is reflecting on herself too.

I sat up, got dressed, and then walked to the window.

It was lush green outside, but the one always watching me was still in the north, unfortunately. I wonder how Lucia is doing. I don’t think she’s doing well if there is a large group of enemies around her. But I can only depend on mom to look after her now.

And just as I thought, mom was able to live in freezing north without me. She can easily create a cage around the entire elven zone to create an area which sustains warmth. However, it seemed that the loss of mana in the north was very serious. Hence, mom needed to rush up to see what exactly happened.

After negotiating with mom, I obtained the rights to go to Galle Village. At the same time, I managed to acquire the rights to command the best bodyguard unit. The Shadow Squad, which is Lucia’s squad.

The Shadow Squad operates from the shadows and basically nobody recognises them as the Shadow Squad. I already ordered them to travel through the night to set up surveillance and contact in Galle Village. They are elites at those sorts of tasks, and they were very loyal to me, thanks to their relationship with Lucia.

I noticed that they ate, got changed, and lived together; so, I decided to get rid of all of the males. Lucia is my wife after all, so I can’t let others see her nude.

I accompanied mom for a stroll inside the palace in the morning. Mom now cherishes the time with me more because I was only able to spend a week with mom even though I was here last time before separating. I could consequently understand mom’s feelings. I’ve never left mom before, after all. It wasn’t easy for me to return to this side, so if I didn’t spend time with her this time I would feel guilty too.

And so, I decided to be tolerant of the little things mom did. Yeah, tolerance, tolerance.



While mom hugged my neck with a smile, she tilted her head to look at me.

While I called it a stroll, it would be more accurate to say that it was a princess-carry stroll. With me doing the carrying. I think mom got addicted to being carried after I carried her last time, so she kept asking me to carry her in all sorts of situations. I decided to be generous and tolerant, so I carried her as we walked around the gardens.

Even though mom isn’t heavy, it’s still weird for me to carry her, isn’t it?! If mom was in old age, I wouldn’t hesitate to carry her, but right now it only gives off an ambiguous romantic atmosphere. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to call her my wife at this point.

No wonder why Lucia sometimes got jealous. If this continues, she really will get jealous.

Seeing mom lean on my chest so blissfully makes me think that mom and Dad must’ve been like this in the past too.

“Mom, is Lucia’s wedding dress ready?”

“Lucia’s wedding dress? Soon. I think we will get it in less than a month. If it’s delayed, it’ll be ready next time you come back. And you can get married, too. Mommy honestly doesn’t want for you to get married so soon, but that woman arranged a woman for you that I have no way of accepting. So mommy wants for you to get married with Lucia before your happiness is stolen from you. That way, nobody will say anything. But it’s best if you could get Lucia pregnant soon too.”

Mom giggled as she looked at me and continued, “But, if she does, then won’t I become a grandma? I’d feel like I became old in the blink of an eye. I would be very happy as your mom, though. I think a parent has finished teaching their child all they can once they see their child establish their own family. Looking at you now makes mommy think back to when you were young. You were just little Troy back then, and yet you’re now such a tall and dependable man.”

Mom drew on my chest with her hand.

I did my best to resist looking down because I would see her jiggling breasts if I did and would therefore have a biological reaction. If I get a hard-on, I won’t even be able to walk. Moreover, based on what mom said, mom would know for sure if I had those thoughts…

Although mom wouldn’t mind, it would go on to encourage her behaviour during full-moon nights. I therefore decided to calm myself and reserve affectionate behaviours for Lucia.

I went outside in the afternoon. I needed to tell the two of them how they went through life and death last night. My intuition told me that mom was dead-serious.

I only had an hour, so I had to be quick.

I subconsciously stopped at the tea-house when I passed by it. Realising what I was searching for, I smiled helplessly. Man, why can’t I forget it after it’s been so long? Furthermore, I hadn’t completely resolved this matter in humanity’s empire, and had to come back. So I had the feeling of a sacrifice being made, triumph having yet to be achieved, when I initiated the plan. The result left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Upon arriving at the inn, I knocked on the door.

Luna opened the door and greeted me with a smile. She let me in by saying, “Please come in, your highness.”

I sat down on the chair to the side and joked, “Come to think of it, it’s surprising that you can accept a mixed-blood like me as your prince.”

“No, it looks like you must be pure-blooded. There is definitely a problem with your ears.” Luna firmly continued, “You must be pure-blooded since you are the prince.”

“… Alright, I don’t want to explain it either.”

I smiled helplessly and then waited for a bit.

Freya returned with a few letters. She revealed an odd smile when she looked at me.

She then handed me the letters and said, “Brother, this is what you asked for. One of them is Castor’s original letter. Just so you know, it is the draft version. The other one is the church’s privately smuggled salt and weapons invoices. Though there are only a few pages, it is enough.”

“Did you arrange for someone to deliver it here?”

“Yes, since we already decided to continue pursuing it.” Freya proudly puffed her chest out.

Freya has the smallest breasts among all the females around me, but… maybe they’ll get bigger in the future. They will… right…?

I solemnly took the two letters.

Freya’s sowing-discord plan was very sinister but very effective. Two people selling each other out without hesitation for their own sakes. I could understand why Castor is doing it. A mother would be willing to betray anything for the sake of protecting her child, but the church is doing it just to save their own sorry lives.

I frown upon the church more than ever.

When I return, I’ll make sure to destroy them. Just the elf-trafficking alone is more than enough reason for me to annihilate them.

“So, what plans do you have, brother?”

“Hmm, I plan to go back to Galle Village.” I looked at Luna and continued, “First, I want to look into the elf-trafficking matter and second, I want to take Luna home.”

“Go home?” Luna reacted surprised. She then shook her head as she looked at me and said, “Your highness, I cannot return home anymore. My body… And I am happier by your side, so please let me stay. If I do anything wrong, you can scold me as you see fit, but please do not throw me away!”

I looked at Luna and said, “No, I’m not throwing you away. Don’t you think it’s good to go home, though? Whatever, let’s wait for you to get home first, and then talk about it later. If you want to stay after going home, stay, and if you want to still be my personal servant, then come with me. I won’t force you since my definition of happiness may not be your definition of happiness.”

Luna nodded.

I picked up the letters, stood up and said, “Let’s go with that then. We’ll set out in a week. You two have fun in the city for the next two days… Oh, right, here’s some money.”

I placed my wallet on the table and then smiled as I said, “Enjoy what the elven capital has to offer. You are my esteemed personal servant and sister after all.


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