Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 03

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Mom’s meals are still as tasty as ever. We were the only two in the dining hall. Mom was in a really good mood, because I carried her to the dining hall.

I’m not sure if Luna’s scent on me has disappeared, but Luna swore that it had already disappeared and that no one would be able to smell. I was still worried, nevertheless.

“Son, I can see that you’re thinking about two other girls.” Mom looked at me with an expression like she was smiling and yet not, “Son, don’t think that you can hide anything from mommy~. Mommy knows whatever you’re thinking~.” Boy, I was so scared I was about to kneel down and beg for mercy. I dropped my fork and mom looked at me with a smile.

She interlocked her fingers and continued, “Son, although males will develop feelings for other girls, letting Lucia find out about your playboy adventures will incur very serious consequences, you know? Mommy won’t help you when that happens.”

“No, no, no, that’s not how it is.”

I quickly told mom about everything. While I felt that she couldn’t accept everything that happened with me during the one month I wasn’t with her, I thought it was best to be honest since she had found out.

After mom had heard everything, she revealed an utmost friendly smile and said, “I see. So son, where are those two girls now? I was wondering why that woman sounded so arrogant, turns out there’s an elven traitor. How dare a filthy bitch like that sully my son?! Even I haven’t used that method yet! Since that’s the case, I’ll use that method this month if you like son.”

“No! That would be a big problem, wouldn’t it?! Luna can, but you can’t mom!” “Why not?! You’re my son! Every body part you have was given to you by me!” Mom looked at me as her body quivered. She then said, “So where are those two girls now?! Do I have to order the imperial guards to search for them?!”

“Mom! They didn’t do anything wrong! And one of them is my adopted-sister!”

“The next elven king in line’s adopted-sister is a human?! Even if you disregard the rules, there should be a limit to what you do! Son, don’t forget who you are. You’re an elf!” Mom looked at me and sternly said, “A human becoming the adopted-sister of an elf and the existence of a traitorous elf is holding a candle to the devil. Both of them deserve to be executed!”


I stood up and literally pleaded her, “Mom, don’t be like this, alright? I care about the two of them. They’re guests here at the end of the day, and one of them also happens to be an elf! Do you not care about those elves?! They were sold off illegally! And it happened right in our territory! As the elven prince, I can’t accept it!”

My voice became more and more steadfast as I continued. Mom looked me and nodded. She replied, “Son, sit down. Mommy will definitely get to the bottom of it. Mommy certainly can’t accept it. It’s a serious diplomatic matter. I can’t believe that bitch knew about it, yet didn’t tell me about it, and even wanted to arrange my son’s marriage. How shameless!”

I sat back down somewhat awkwardly. I really wanted to say something on Elizabeth’s behalf, but I knew that if I did Vyvyan would definitely switch to her insane-red-eyed mode. So, I decided to pretend I didn’t hear anything for the sake of my chastity, and my freedom. It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve been hostile to each other…

“Yeah, so… Mom, I need to make a trip to Galle Village. Sorry, but I can’t go with you to the north.” I looked at mom and continued, “Galle Village is my birthplace after all, so I want to go and take a look. Also, to find out what exactly happened.”

This time, it was mom’s turn to slam her hand on the table and get up. She looked back and terrifyingly exclaimed, “What did you say?! What did you say son?! You’re leaving mommy?! You’re leaving?!”

“No! I’m not! I’m not!” I desperately retreated with terror.

I almost fell off my chair.

I desperately explained, “I didn’t say I wanted to abandon you, mom. I just can’t go with you to the north this time. I want to make a trip to Galle Village. I’ll accompany you until I leave!”

“No!” Mom rejected resolutely. She grabbed her blonde hair with frustration and exclaimed, “Son, what are you going to that sort of place for? If you want gold, Mommy has gold here. There’s no point of you going there at all. Leave the matter to mommy! There’s no need for you to go!!”

“But I want to go and take a look. That’s my birthplace!” “You were born in the palace! If you want to see the bed you were born on, you can go see it right now!” “I’m talking about the first time I was born……” I hopelessly placed my hand on my forehead.

Explaining this makes me speechless too, since I always have to mention the precise birth I refer to when speaking to my moms. Thank heavens I was only born twice. What would I do if I was born a third, fourth or fifth time…?

You know what? I think it’s a better idea to just return this body to Troy.

Mom looked at me and angrily bit down on her lip “So it was for that traitorous elf after all, huh?! It must be that traitor that made my son leave me! Mommy is going to go and kill that bitch that lied to you now! It’s just one girl right?! I’ll find her right away!”  she exclaimed. I jumped up and blocked the door.

I looked at mom and exclaimed, “No! Mom, I’m not worried about Luna. I’m worried about the other young elven girls.”

I looked at mom and earnestly said, “Mom, don’t be impulsive! It’s not about Luna, but something more serious. I must personally investigate such a serious matter!”

“You don’t have to worry about this sort of stuff, son. There are people more professional than you who will take care of it! You just need to come with mommy to the north!”


I looked and mom and pleaded, “Mom, just let me investigate it. I saw them die before my eyes. Their blood had yet to dry when I found them. Some of them didn’t even die with their eyes closed. I can’t stop others from handling it, but I can’t just ignore it!”

Mom took in a deep breath, twirled her hair in a frustrated manner, then held my hand. “If you still mind what happened last night, Mommy will apologise to you. Mommy won’t ever do that again, so please, son, please… don’t leave mommy… don’t leave mommy… Mommy… Mommy won’t ever do that sort of thing again…” she said softly.

Mom raised her head up with tears in her eyes, like a child that made a mistake, and held my hands.

I looked at mom, sighed gently, and cupped mom’s face. I wiped her tears away before gently hugging her.

“Mom, I’m not angry, nor will I get angry. I understand how you feel. It’s not your problem,​ mom. It’s just that I want to go and investigate this, that’s all. Mom, I’m the elf-prince. I have a responsibility to go and look into this matter,” I said.

“My son… you’re my son…”

“That’s why I’m the elven prince.”

I gently patted mom’s trembling back and softly added, “Don’t worry, mom. I’ll definitely keep myself safe. I’ll definitely make sure you get to see me, so please let me go.”

Mom sobbed gently as she held me tightly. A moment later, Mom patted me gently on my back and in a soft voice said, “You must… you must… return…”

“I know… Mom, I love you… I won’t leave you, I promise.”


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