Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 02

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A moment later, the maids watched Vyvyan walk out of the room radiantly as if her blood had been replenished after massive blood-loss.

Behind her, I came out rubbing my lower back and wiping my mouth, looking like I was in a trance. As to what happened… don’t ask me, I don’t want to talk about it.

Mom stopped and waited for me. She then grabbed my hand and said with a giggle, “Son, you took too long to come back, don’t you think? Mommy was worried that you got into an accident.”

“Sorry, Mom. It was snowing heavily on the way, so we were slightly delayed.”

“In that case, you have to stay here for a few more days. We need to ensure you spend an entire month here. We can’t miss a single day after all.” Mom winked and her blue eyes moved mischievously. She then looked at me with a strange smile and asked, “But son, I have a question. I want to ask you. Who is Nier Gilliante?”


“Seeing as you’re flustered, I guess it must be true then.”

Mom turned around with a friendly smile and cupped my face. She stared at me with her with her blood-red eyes, causing me to almost drop to my knees and beg for mercy.

Mom licked her lips and softly said, “Son, please know where you stand. Your father is the elven king and your mother is the elven king’s younger sister. At the end of the day, the elven blood runs in your body. Mommy can grudgingly accept you and Lucia, but mommy cannot accept you and a human. There will never be a good ending if humans are involved. Elves can’t accept mixed-bloods, even if it’s their king. If you stubbornly proceed, I may just stout my heart and lock you up, you know.”

“No! I don’t intend to! I don’t intend to go there with Nier, so please don’t get angry mom!”

“Good boy!”

Mom bent down, kissed me on my lips, and bit down hard on them. She looked down with her blue eyes and wrapped her arm around mine before saying, “It’s unfortunate that Lucia hasn’t completed her mission. But, I got news from Lucia yesterday. Things sound grim in the north. Maybe mommy has to personally make a trip up there.”

“How’s Lucia?”

“Lucia is well. She isn’t hurt. But I don’t think they can hold out for much longer since elves can’t stand extremely cold weather.” Mom nodded. She then looked at me and asked, “So prepare to travel, Son. Oh, right, how is your physical strength?”

“My physical strength?”

I spaced out. I couldn’t figure out what the connection between me preparing my stuff and my physical strength was. Am I going to have to carry my own gear? I don’t have a problem with that. All those times we got roll-called in the middle of the damned night gave me the ability to be quick.

“Yes.” Mommy jogged over toward me. She excitedly opened her arms and said, “Come, see if you can carry mommy, because if mommy can’t enter those really cold places in the north, Mommy will need you to carry mommy tightly to warm mommy up. You’re a mixed-blood so you’re not worried about the cold after all.”

“You’re scared of the cold mom?! You’re a demi-god mom!”

“Of course! No matter how powerful mommy is, mommy’s body is still an elven body. So come on, try. Try. See if you can carry mommy.” Mom wasn’t paying any attention to what I was saying and glued herself to me.

I truly suspect that mom isn’t afraid of the cold at all and that this was just an excuse to get me to hold her. But mom’s eyes were filled with assurance and what she said made sense. So I had no choice but to reach my arms out, hold mom’s beautiful shoulders with one arm, and hold her legs with my other arm. I carried mom up and she screeched excitedly.


Let’s leave mom’s happy blushing and her infatuated expression aside for now. She was really light, unlike Elizabeth… Their bodies look pretty similar, and mom is one size bigger, yet she’s so light…

I strongly suspect she used magic.

“That’s the way! Hold mommy like this! Let’s go now, son!”

Mom leaned on my chest like a happy bird as she pointed towards the dining hall heroically.

“Can you not treat me like a mantis shrimp?!”

“What shrimp?”

“Sorry, pretend I never said anything.”

I hopelessly carried mom. It looks like she doesn’t intend to get off until we arrive there. Seeing mom’s happy smile, I sighed to myself. I knew my wedding was going to be fraught with dangers. It might even be the fuse for a second war since these two moms can’t accept their daughter-in-law being from another race.

If I was asked if I loved Lucia, I’d slap you in your face and say, “Isn’t that freaking obvious?”

If you asked me if I loved Nier, I would slap you in the face too and then say, “Are you trying to get me killed?! Lucia can hear you”.

I admit that I quite like Nier. If I didn’t fall for Lucia first, I would happily marry Nier. To be fair, there’s nothing bad about Nier. She’s got the body, the pretty face, and she can fight on top of everything else, so I can walk around like a boss with her at my side.

But I will never forget what Lucia did that month.

I think that if my two moms don’t discuss this, then a second war really will break out. Therefore, I think it’s best to find an opportunity for them to meet up and discuss this…

When others get married, the parents from both parties discuss it. But in my case, it’s my own moms discussing it…

Most importantly though, I can’t go to the North with mom. I really want to go to the north to find Lucia, but I have something more important to do, and that is the case of elf-trafficking. It’s pointless for me to go to the north. I personally saw the elves that got killed in that underground space. I will never forgive the church for that. I also need to find out the reason for why the elves are being sold to the church.

Not even my demi-god mom doesn’t know of this. I believe that there isn’t anyone my mom is unwilling to go after here in the elven lands. If mom were to find out about the matter, there’s a likely chance that mom will personally go on a rampage to get to the bottom of it. But those elves died in front of my eyes. I want to take revenge for them. It’s what I should do.

I really miss Nier at times like this. I’d dare to go if I had a Nier, but where is Nier right now…?


“Your Excellency, this is a letter from Her Majesty to you.”

Nier got up from the ground, bent over at her torso, and handed up the letter. The Pope, who was in a red and gold robe, dragged his fat body over to take the letter.

He read the words on the letter and scanned Nier with interest. Nier felt uncomfortable having him sweep his almost filthy eyes over her, but in order to maintain the character of an envoy sent by the empress, she didn’t move.

“Alright, I’ve received it. However, I hope you can stay for a few days, esteemed Valkyrie.” She was surprised to hear him speak courteously. He looked at Nier and with a smile asked, “Would it be alright to have you wait for me to write a reply for you to take back?”

“Alright.” Nier nodded and then continued, “I hope you can make it quick, as I do not want to stay for too long.”

“I know, I know. Please grant me the honour of attending tonight’s banquet. Consider it a welcoming banquet for our esteemed envoy.”

“Alright. Thank you for the invitation, Your Excellency.”


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